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It’s Sunday night and I am definitely dreading starting the week.  Tomorrow will be filled with meetings from 9 -5:30.  Guess that means I’ll be a day behind going into the week…awesome…NOT!

So Ryan was in San Diego and San Jose this weekend.  He and Gabe went and saw DMB two nights in a row.  I think that they had a good time.  Ryan said the first night’s concert was pretty mellow, but still good.  Spencer was at his dad’s this weekend which meant, you guessed it, it was just me and the dogs.  I hung out with Stephanie and the kids on Friday night.  I went to lunch with Beverly on Saturday.  I picked out the crib and changing table that I like for BGE’s (Baby Girl Elledge) room.  I found it at USA Baby, and it was on sale.  Just need to get Ryan’s thoughts.  Guess we need to move quick, it takes 8-12 weeks to get it in.  Saturday night I went to my friend Kathie King’s 50th Birthday party.  It was nice, I saw a few people that I haven’t seen in a year.  Brought back ol’ Eclipys memories…
Today, I finished decorating the house for Halloween.  I worked on it all weekend long, but finished it up today.  We need to still decorate outside, that shouldn’t take as long.  Halloween Bash is on October 19th – currently we have 44 people coming.  Should be better than last year.

This is the week we start on BGE’s room.  Hardwood’s will go in on Tuesday and should be finished by Friday.  I hope that we can get the paint finished the following week and then the rest will be easy.  Key word is "hope".  I think as of now the baby shower is scheduled for Sunday, Nov 4th.  I need to finish registering, I didn’t realize how overwhelming it was.  There are so many things to choose from…where do you start?  I didn’t have a baby shower when I was pregnant with Spencer, so this is definitely kind of new to me. 

Well, I am done for the night.  Going to bed early…tomorrow is MONDAY…UGH!

Album Uploads

September 25, 2007 by  

I have been busy trying to upload some of my 1000’s of pictures.  Ryan suggested putting them in the photo gallery incase I have another hard drive crash (God forbid) like I did a few months ago.  I am doing some of that gradually.  I am trying to do the fun travel ones first, as soon as I can organize them all.  That will be a time consuming task.  Next I think I will go to the wedding photos.  I have some really good ones.  Keep checking back to see lots of fun times in our family albums. 

Motorhome update and other things

September 23, 2007 by  

The motor home (beast) was returned to Casper on Friday on the back of a truck.  Should know tomorrow what needs to be done to return it to running order.  Interesting lessons we have learned.  Not sure just what we will do with it, but first get it fixed.  God willing it is not as major as we first heard. 

I just spent the week-end at a Women of Faith conference in Denver..  Oh my what an awesome experience.  This was my first conference, but I certainly hope it will not be the last.  The speakers were so awesome and exciting.  To see what God has done in the lives of these remarkable women.  Many of the speakers have experienced the love of God through some pretty rough times.  For them to be able to open up and share their lives with 18,000 women to me was truely amazing.  God is awesome.  I am His friend.  That is unbelieveable to me.  The worship was uplifting.  There were women of all ages, from all churches and from about 8 states there.  I can not wait to go again.  The preconference speaker was Beth Moore.  Although I have seen her before and done several of her Bible studies, she always has such a powerful message and new teachings that just overwhelm me.  God has truely gifted her to witness to women and men.  

Women of Faith has started a series of conferences for teen age girls which has been very well received all over this country.  There were 8000 girls at a conference in Dallas last week-end while we were in Denver.  It is my prayer that those girls truely experienced the love of God for them in this very exciting new ministry. 

Guess I have blogged enough for a while.  Oh yes….  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashley, we all love you.  🙂

Is it always going to be this crazy…

September 21, 2007 by  

So, it’s Friday…TGIF!  What a crazy week it has been.  Monday started out like any normal Monday…crazy.  But, what was a crazy Monday turned out to be an even crazier Monday.  Our company went through some organizational changes.  Our CEO retired, they laid off three employees and asked me to go from full-time to part-time.  Part-time was to be 20 hours a week.  By the time I got home on Monday night I received a call from my boss and he asked me to stay on at full-time.  Not only full-time, but take on the responsibilities of one of the gals that was let go and three more accounts….AGGGHHH!  I am fortunate to have a job, and am blessed to be getting a paycheck work will never be the same.  I don’t know where the week has gone.  My days are definitely crazier and busier than ever.  Only 4 months till the little one comes and secretly I wish it were January and she was here now.  I think having a baby will be a nice break from the craziness that I call a career!

On to other things…I think we have the baby’s room nailed down.  We received a quote regarding ripping up the carpet and laying hardwood floor down.  A guy will come over on next Wednesday (I think) to give us a quote on paint.  I hope to have the room complete by the first week of December…fingers crossed!  My friend Shelly owns her own business, she makes super cute baby accessories.  She told me that she will make anything that we need or want.  I have some super cute ideas for her…can’t wait.

I started a new class this week.  It’s called "Parenting Your Teenager"  I feel like it’s more of a support group than a class.  There are about 40 of us in the class.  Jeff and Shelly are a "table leader".  It’s actually filled with a lot of good information and gives you a sense of what your teen is going through and feels. 

Spencer’s team played their 2nd game against Leawood Middle School yesterday.  Ryan and I both were able to make it to the game.  Spencer played well, they lost though.  Check out the pics on Ryan’s website under Gallery – Spencer – Football.

Tonight we are going to the Plaza Art Fair and then to dinner with Gabe and Stephanie. Tomorrow we don’t have anything planned.  I need to catch up on laundry and I’m planning on hitting the gym early in the morning.  Sunday, I think we are headed to the Chiefs game.  Maybe they’ll win…come on I said maybe…it’s the Home Opener, they should at least win that one!

Well enough blogging for now…oh yeah…remember that last big deal I was working on this month.  You know the one for 112K, well I closed it yesterday.  I have another 60K deal that I just sent a proposal out for today…fingers crossed it’ll come in too.

Till later…R.

Ryan’s Back

September 17, 2007 by  

Yes it’s true…Ryan is home from his European adventure.  If you haven’t checked out his gallery on his website you need to do so.  There are quite a few pics from Rome and Bulgaria.  I don’t think he was in London long enough to do any site seeing.  He arrived home late last night bearing gifts for all three of us.  Yes, all three of us, even Baby Girl Elledge received her first gift from her daddy.  Ryan picked up a pink bootie ornament from Harrod’s.  It’ll go nicely on the Christmas tree this year.  Spencer received a soccer and a rugby jersey which he loves.  I think he wore the soccer jersey to school today.  Ryan picked me up a bottle of Juicy Couture parfume and a gorgeous key chain from Harrod’s.  Thanks Sweetie…we love it all!

I think Hoov’s was very happy to have his wrestling buddy back.  Sophie even missed Ryan, seriosly she did. We are all very glad to have him back!  I don’t think he has any other trips coming up anytime soon.

We had Amber Gardner come over this afternoon.  Amber is the designer who had a hand in designing Gabe and Stephanie’s house.  She came over to give us some ideas for the baby’s room.  I think we have the design down.  We just need to bring it to life.  We have a painter coming over next week to give us a quote and I have called a flooring guy to come get measurements.  As soon as the room is finished we’ll get pictures on Ryan’s Gallery page.  I can’t wait…we have a little less than 4 months until our baby comes into our lives.

Spencer has another game this Thursday.  I hope that he does as well as he did last week.  Ryan will be in town for this game, and Spencer is excited to have him there. 

I need to finish laundry and then its off to bed.  I have an early morning meeting downtown.

Now that was exciting

September 17, 2007 by  

Well, the 2nd trip in the motorhome went pretty much uneventful…  well sort of.  We went to Fort Collins on Friday.  Courtney played a softball game which we got to see.  She plays on the 7th/8th grade varsity team.  They won in 11 innings.  She spent 2 nights with us in the motor home. 

On Saturday we went to Keegan’s 1st football game.  He is a real hustler, plays on both defense and offense and is the kicker.  They did not win, lost 6-0 so it was a good game.  We had  a nice visit with the Lecher’s and went to dinner at Hibachi grill for Brandon’s 18th birthday. That boy loves his sea food.  Calamari and Salmon and sushi. Nate and friends went to the mountain paintballing on Sunday. 

Happy Birthday today to our oldest.  I wont even mention that just how old she is, but her baby boy says she is over 40.  Sorry Steph 🙂  Ashley will be 14 next Monday.  She caught up with Spencer pretty quickly. 

We went shopping in Ft Collins, and our new baby grand daughter got a couple of new outfits..  thanks to her aunt Wendy and her grandma.  We had fun.  Old Navy loved us. 

Now to the not so exciting part of the motor home.  The beast is in Wheatland Wyoming and we had to have son-in-law Mike come and get us.  Seems there was smoke and fire coming out from under it.  Transmission fluid, hot manifold, and lots of other mechanic terms that meant we were not driving it back to Casper.  It is in a Ford place in Wheatland and the dogs and us are safely back in Casper.  Expensive toys.  wow and we still have not heard from the repair place what the problem is and when it will be fixed.  Probably get it back in time to winterize it and put it in the storage lot for the winter.  No not going to spend a long time south this winter yet. 

Enough rambling.  Glad the son made it back to the USA  yesterday.  Hello everyone in KS.

Too Much To Say…

September 11, 2007 by  

Wow…what a crazy week it has been and it’s only Tuesday.  I was kind of dreading the week beginning on Sunday night.  Too many things going on at work, meetings, projects you name it and I am doing it.  I closed another deal today, sold another eCommercial to one of my financial clients downtown.  That brings my total for Q3 to a little over 104k.  I am hoping for another 112k by the end of the month.  We’ll see if it happens.  Funny thing is, my job isn’t sales, it’s client management.  I don’t have a sales person assigned to my territory so I am wearing two, three no four hats right now.  It means a lot of long days.  Oh well, I love my job and really enjoy doing it. I’ve been leaving right at 5 this week so I can be home when Spencer gets home from football practice.  I’ve done pretty good at meeting my goal.

Spencer is playing 8th grade football this year at Harmony Middle School.  He is a tight end, and from what I understand he’s pretty fast.  Tomorrow is the first game against Overland Trail Middle School.  I’m packing things up from work at 3:20 and heading to the game at 3:30…nothing is going to stop me!  Their quarterback, Levi, sprained his wrist last week in practice and pulled some of the ligaments.  He’s out tomorrow, but Spencer assured me that he will play next week…Middle School drama!
Hoover and Sophie have both been really good this week.  Speaking of Hoover, he is laying next to me in the kitchen…he has gas.  He must have eaten something bad, or something crawled up inside him and died!  Wow…I may have to move outside.  Ryan has been traveling for fun for five days and the next three days I think will be work.  Bulgaria starting tomorrow, which I hear is pretty dirty and dingy.  Miss you Ryan!

I’m ready to get out of town…and get away from work.  I’d like to do it before the baby comes, not sure if that will happen or not.  I’m trying to plan a trip to Boston in October to visit my friend Anna.  Although she mentioned that she doesn’t think Oct will work for her now and Nov is out of the question.  A couple of my friends want to head to Vegas, but being in Vegas and preggers doesn’t sound to appealing to me.  I don’t think a pregnant lady would fit in at the clubs or lounging by the pool.  Maybe next year a girls trip to Vegas will be in order…once my body is back to what it looked like in 2003 and 2004.  Those were the days…running every day, eating…well if you called it eating, but I was skinny and looked great!  I also had a cush job so I could run 5 miles at lunch every day with Shelly…long are the days of the cush job and running at lunch. Shelly is now a stay at home mom and small business owner (HCIT if you need any super cute baby stuff, had to pimp her biz) Oh well…running at home and the gym will have to do.  Maybe me and Baby Girl Elledge (yeah we still need to figure out a name) can get a cool jogging stroller and hit the trails in the spring.  Speaking of working out…I need to go for a walk and get away from this hideous smell that is seeping out of Hoover’s butt! 

JoDee Messina concert on Saturday night.  Shelly and I are headed out, just like old times.  No partying for me this time…I’ll be the DD.  Spencer is at his dad’s this weekend.  I’m going to hang out with some friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  Thought about painting Spencer’s room…okay thought about it…decided not to do it :-).

Ryan will be happy, I’ve called a repair man for the ice-maker (it’s not working), Pulled all the weeds in our beds.  I was able to get Amber rescheduled to come out to give us ideas on BGE’s room (Baby Girl Elledge). I am taking the Hummer to get an estimate on Thursday and…I had the A/C guy come to the house yesterday.  I actually did everything he’s asked me to, or so I think?!?!  AND I did this all while…being busy (that’s my excuse for not getting to things in a timely manner).  Not a bad job if I do say so myself.  Still working on that whole sit, set, sat thing…

At any rate…I’m off to walk before it gets too dark…AND Big Brother is on tonight…Danielle or Dick had better not when POV!!!  Sorry about all the rambling…guess that is what is so great about a blog.


Baby Update

September 10, 2007 by  

I went and had another ultrasound done this morning.  Our baby is definitely a girl, I had the doctor look again, and she’s definitely going to squat to pee :-).  The last ultrasound we had done the doctor couldn’t get a clear look at the heart.  This time Baby Elledge was cooperating fully and she was definitely active today.  We were able to get about 20 new pictures of our very active baby.  The heart looked great, the heart beat was 142 which is right in the middle of where it should be.  We actually had a few 3D pictures taken and it’s amazing how well defined the baby is.  I’ll give those Ryan to upload into his gallery when he gets home.  Ryan is in Italy and Bulgaria this week so he wasn’t able to be there.  My mom came up and was able to view her first ultrasound of her fourth grandchild, and first grandaughter.  I think it was a pretty amazing experience for her.

We need to start thinking about the baby’s room.  We have a designer coming out next week to give us some ideas.  Hopefully we’ll have that done before the holidays…fingers crossed!


September 8, 2007 by  

We ventured to the city of Laramie today and watched the University of Wyoming beat the Utah State Aggies.  Great game, good day to be outside.  The attendance was close to 20,000.  Laramie is pretty this time of the year before winter sets in.  We had not been to a game in years, and this  one was really nice. 

Next week we plan to take the motorhome to Ft Collins to see the grandkids and kids.  Hard to believe that Brandon will have his 18th birthday this week.  He has had his senior pictures taken and I can not wait to see them.  He is starting to work on the 17th at a new job at a bank there.  Nate and Keegan are playing football, Courtney is playing softball, made the varsity team in 7th grade. 

Ashley is back to dancing several nights a week after school, and Stevie is in Karate.  School has started and everyone is busy busy busy.

We dont get to see the grandkids in Kansas and Missouri very often, but I am assuming they are busy also.  Megan is in college in St Louis, Abby  is a junior in high school also in St Louis.  Spencer is in Overland Park, and he is playing football also at his middle school. 

Take care all..

New pictures in the Gallery

September 5, 2007 by  

January of 2006 I got to travel to Hawaii with my sister.  That was my Christmas present and it was fun.  Brother-in-law Fred had to work so the 2 of us played Hawaiian tourist.  Lynda had never been there before and it had been a while for me also, but we saw everything we wanted to and had a great time. 

I covinced Steve that he needed to go back to where we spent 3 years a long time ago.  Steve was stationed at Pearl Harbor while in the Navy.  Our daughter Wendy was born there.  So after a bit of effort on my part (haha) we returned for a visit.  This visit though was to the other islands besides Oahu, and we were on a cruise ship.  We found this to be a fun way to see lots of things.  Beautiful volcanos, lots of whales, beautiful scenery all of the other islands and we did not have to repack the clothes. 

We did spend a day on Oahu before and after the cruise.  Went to see our old places where we lived and had lunch on the North shore at a fun little resturant where we had eaten many years before.  A highlight of the trip for Steve was the water message beds.  He loved them.  We also fell in love with an area of the island called Ko Olina.  Almost bought a time share there.  Maybe someday.  Oops.. forgot, we just bought the motor home so probably no time share any time soon.

Pictures from both Hawaiian trips have been uploaded.  Enjoy.  Enough rambling by me tonight. 

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