Before the end of the month

November 29, 2007 by  

It is beginning to at least feel a lot like December.  The wind is a bit calmer tonight.  Haven’t had the lights blow off the roof yet.  Not sure how they have stayed up there, but so far so good. 

Some people are really organized (my sister).  Her Christmas box came today.  Not me.   I have really barely started shopping, and since Wendy and family and Ryan and family will not be coming here for Christmas, I guess I had better get in gear soon.  This will be the first Christmas in forever that Ryan will not be at home.  I am learning to share, but it still will be wierd. 

Ryan is putting a web camera in the new baby’s room so we will be able to see her when she is in the room if we log on, only one problem, my computer is blocking the web cam for some reason, but I will just have to use Steve’s I guess unless the computer guru’s can figure out why this is happening.  It’s beyond me that’s for sure. 

Nathan won his first dual match of the wrestling season at his high school.  That is a good start for him.  Keegan has been wrestling for a couple of weeks now and is doing really well also.  Mike has started his new job and seems to be liking it really well.  That is a good thing. 

Well I think I will not write much more as if things continue as they have the last few days with this computer, not sure if it will post anyway, so here goes.  Going to try anyway. 

Good night…. 

Happy Thanksgiving

November 19, 2007 by  

 Getting ready for the Holidays…Stressful?  Not really  that is if you give yourself some time each day to do that and dont try to push it all onto one week end.  With the exception of the big tree and the fireplace mantle, I am pretty well decorated already this year.  I have been considering putting mom’s village in my beanie hutches, but that would take a lot of work both now getting the beanies out of it, and after Christmas putting them back in, sooooo  Well maybe not this year. 

Thanksgiving is when the families from out of town will be here this year.  Ryan, Rebecca, Spencer and Hoover got here on Saturday.  Wendy, Tony and some or all the kids should be here Wednesday night or Thursday morning, depending on schedules of work, practices, and weather.  Christmas this year will be the Casper family only as this is the year for the other families to have Christmas with the kids.  Gotta share.  Dad will be going to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with Betty’s family this year. 

We plan to try to go to Colorado the week end before Keegan’s birthday and will try to Christmas shop there so we wont have to ship things. 

The dogs are really doing well with Hoover here.  They bark at him a bit, but it doesnt seem to bother any of them much.  He is used to small dogs being around, but they had never seen one the size of him, but he is such a sweetie.  That small body climbed up on the couch to sit on Ryan’s lap last night because he saw that Maggie and Sophie did that.  (Hoover jealous)?? Never.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone.


Nothin’ going on…

November 13, 2007 by  

So just finished dinner dishes, Spencer is upstairs finishing a project for English, Ryan’s in his office practicing the guitar and I’m well…blogging.  Spencer had a small meltdown down tonight…he needs Microsoft PowerPoint to finish his project.  I guess gone are the days of doing it the old fashion way, typewriter, encylopedia, library and hard work.  Ryan is such a sweeite, he installed Microsoft Office on Spencer’s computer so I wouldn’t have to take him to my office to do the project…AND so he would quit whinning:-).
Carol and Shelly had a baby shower a couple of weeks ago for me.  The first one I ever had, it was a lot of fun.  We received all kinds a really cute stuff.  Vickie came in from Casper for the weekend.  It was nice hanging out with her.  Braelyn Grace Elledge’s (BGE) room is almost done.  We have to finish the bedding, hang a light, get a glidder and clean it and then it will be ready for her to move in.  Can’t believe we have less than 2 months now,time is flying by.  Ryan I think has pics of the baby’s room on his website.
We are making a trek to Casper for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I think we are leaving sometime Friday or Saturday.  We are taking Hoover with us on the 13 hour journey across lovely Nebraska…or I think that is the way we are going.  I think we are driving at night.  Not much to see on the way, and Spencer may sleep most of the way.  Although I am goin to have to stop for breaks I’m sure.
Well, it’s off to help Spencer with home work…have a great night!

I had a great week-end

November 5, 2007 by  

Well I made it home about noon today from a quick but fun trip to Overland Park.  A couple of Rebecca’s friends had a baby shower for her on Sunday and I was invited to go.  Since I had not seen them in about 6 months I decided to make the trip for the shower.  Glad I went.  We had a nice week end, I got to see the changes to the babies room, and see Hoover, Spencer, and Sophie as well as Ryan and Rebecca. 

The shower was really nice, but let me tell you about baby registries from Target.  I do not think they remove items from the lists when they are purchased as Rebecca got 5 of one of the items on her list from Target.  4 of them were exactly the same and one was green instead of pink.  Unreal.  Now she can exchange several of them and maybe get the car seat or something else they need.

The baby’s room is coming together great.  I think they have decided on a name for the baby, infact I am sure of it, but it will have to come from them, not from me.  I like the name they have selected and her initials will be BGE..  That is funny because that is what Rebecca has been calling her for some time now short for baby girl Elledge. 

My girls (four legged ones) here were a bit put out at me for being gone, but they are ok now.  I have been home a few hours and have since fed them.  I think I have been forgiven at least temporarily.  Well I have lots to do to get caught up here after being gone for a few days so that’s it for now.   Tata….