Baby – wind – flying – oh my!

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Just had the opportunity, with Vickie and her sister Lynda, to see Braelyn on the Overland Park Elledge’s webcam.  What a beauty!  Can’t tell for sure because she still looks really small but I think she is noticeably bigger than when we left!  Sure is an alert little girl, although I’m pretty sure she was bored with the camera time because she produces quite a few yawns.  By the way —-her Mom looked pretty good on there too!  Okay – you too Ryan>

     The wind is about to drive me up the wall.  It is really howling and hammering – I would say "again" but I think by now the proper word is "still"……it is still blowing, it is not still!  Confused?  Me too!

     I fly at 10:10 AM tomorrow morning for Las Vegas – I certainly hope the wind decides to take a little break tomorrow morning or I’m guessing that will be a flight to remember – if it flies!  I don’t know if it is bad enough wind to cancel flights but it must be close!  Not really excited to go anyway – found out I’m going to miss Lynda’s Jewelry Party here at the house! 🙂  LOL  I’m guessing they will do pretty well without me.

     Going to try to do my daily "quote" post while I am gone because I know you all get up every morning and run to the computer to see the latest.  If I miss – not to worry – I’ll double up when I resume!

     Love to all.

The Dad 

Thursday 1-31

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"When praying, don’t give God instructions – – just report for duty."

One for Midweek!

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"Plan ahead — It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark"

Have a great Wednesday.

January 29

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Good Tuesday morning.  Just getting ready to hit the road.  Pick up a guy in Douglas then we shoot up to Gillette for a meeting.  Back this afternoon.  Still blowing out there but not as bad …. and the anticipated snow that I was counting on to cancel todays road trip didn’t materialize …. never around when I need it! LOL  Guess there is always the chance that I will run in to it to the North and have to turn back.

All is well here.  After today I have a couple of days in my office to get a little bit caught up — then I fly to Las Vegas on Friday – back next Tuesday (or Wednesday … need to check).

Not much else to say so I’ll shut up and boogie!

The Dad

Have a good Tuesday!

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" Read the Bible — it will scare the hell out of you!"

nice little play on words.

Monday’s Goodie!

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" We don’t change God’s message – His message changes us"

This is a test

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Think I fixed it Mike…. I am testing now..  Hope it works.;-)

Cruise time

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Just looking at the Royal caribbean page and we only have 41 days to go…can’t wait…and on top of that only 30 days of swing shift to go until we depart…just thought I would try out this blog thing. I have read alot of them and just laugh…there are some great ones… Mike

Sunday and we’re still here!

January 27, 2008 by  

In spite of Mother Nature’s attempts – we did not blow away last night and are still here on the same corner!  Another one of those wild nights.  Anyway, we are still here.

My dry skin has really been acting up so I journeyed to the Doc on Friday and came home with all kinds of cream & perscriptions.  I’m now on a steroid for 5 days and it is incredible how good the combo of steroid and "expensive" creme has worked already.  Doing much better.  (I wonder if all of those baseball players and I have something in common we need steroids for?)I also went down and got the water softener back on line yesterday – apparently had been on vacation since a power outage sometime ago.  Alot of salt crusted and caked in the bottom that I have been chipping away at.  Kind of weird the things that don’t come to mind until you really need them.

Speaking of baseball — I think I did somewhere — Vic & I went out for dinner at a new Asian restaurant Friday evening and ran into Josh Kalinowski, an ex Colorado Rockie and one of the son’s old players – a pretty good lefty.  Nice young man – selling real estate – he and wife just enjoyed birth of their first.  A little boy – Josh says he has his right hand taped down so he only uses his left one.  🙂  The baby is about 9 weeks old now so the age is about right – just gotta figure out how to introduce Braelyn to him in a few years. 🙂  Anyway – all is good with Josh – said to tell Ryan hello and congrats on BGE – so Ryan "Hello from Josh and congrats on BGE".

Time to go to Mom’s and do the books – my Sunday morning gig.  Actually Vic & I did some grocery shopping for her yesterday too as she didn’t really want to brave the winds to go with Steph or I.  Good thinking Mom!

Happy Sunday!

The Dad

GOOD ONE FOR SUNDAY ….(actually for all days)

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"Man’s way leads to a hopeless end — God’s way leads to an endless hope."

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