My Special Dog

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It’s Springtime, Finally.

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Now that we’re getting some decent weather, we can spend a little time outside. Today, I replaced the two post lights in the backyard, bought some new hose and hose-hiding-bowls, a couple of urns or whatever you want to call them for the front steps, some stain to restain the kids playhouse in the backyard, and got my Escalade all prettied-up.

While testing the new hose, Hoover had a springtime flashback. And, as you can see below, he got hosed!

Hopefully Uneventful

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We are looking forward to doing absolutely nothing constructive this weekend. We have been soooo busy lately that we find ourselves walking out the door as soon as we enter it. I think if people really stopped to think about the real purpose of owning a home they would find that it is merely a place to store your stuff. It doesn’t seem like we have put in very much time here lately. A storage shed might be cheaper!

Ashley danced at the Calvary Game again tonight. We left at halftime after she was done because the Cavs were winning 76 to 6. The news just reported that the score was 97 to 12 with a minute left in the game. Watching the people at the games is the part I enjoy most. I think the whole thing seems to be staged anyway.

Mike just completed his first week of the day shift. It was weird to have to cook dinner again and to have him around. He really likes it but says it is so much busier then the night shift.

Stephen’s teacher went to New York for a few days. He really misses her. She seems to really like him too. She always sends me the nicest e-mails about him. He learned how to do a flying side kick in Tae Kwon Do this week. He thinks it is the best kick ever. He also got his swords in this week to practice sword fighting for the next competition. Don’t worry mom, they are padded poles with handles. He and Mike go after it nightly.

Tally just hangs out. She loves waffles. Every morning when I put mine in the toaster she sits and waits for them to pop up. If we are not standing there when they pop up she comes running to get us. It is really funny. We try to hide but she still comes and finds us. Of course, we have to share with her. She loves whipped cream on hers! (Random information you probably did not want to know but read anyway!)

New Computer

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We got new computers yesterday.  Well I did..  The other one is on order, expected Monday or Tuesday.  I am not too good with this keyboard, but I am learning.  When you are my age the learning curve is not what it used to be.  This one has a web cam so that will come in handy to visit with Braelyn when we can, and maybe she will see us enough that we wont scare her to death when we see her again some day. 

Spring time in Wyoming… Cold today and snow is in the forecast.  I will be ready for the warm California sunshine next week. 

Dad (my dad) is having a few more problems lately.  He has given up driving in the last week.  Not that that is a bad thing, but is is sad for him.  He is just really struggling and his disease has progressed very rapidly in the last month.  Very sad.  It hurts us to see just how fragile he is.  We are thankful for the care he is getting from Betty.  Sometimes I cry out to God to help us through this.  I just have faith that He is in control.  Sister Lynda will be coming here in the next few weeks.  She will be really surprised at how much he has changed in the last several months. 

Steve is on a corporate trip with the Mc Murray’s tonight to Denver for an open house for a big company down there.  They will be flying on the Mc Murray plane home yet tonight.  I hope he has a great time.  There are some fun perks for his long hours. 

Well…about it for me here.  Love ~~VE

omg…it is snowing

Braelyn Grace Moment

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Billary, Billary

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Thanks to Mike Septon for sending me this gem! Keep the HC out of the WH!

Taken on: Wednesday, April 23. 2008

A Celebration of Life

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Death seems to come in bundles. Up until Rebecca’s grandfather died a month or so ago, death has been pretty absent from my family. However, in the past month I have been to two funerals: Rebecca’s grandfather and today Gabe’s grandfather, T Harold Craig. The two funerals were both touted as celebrations of life. And each of them, in their own ways, was just that. The funerals were also on two different ends of the spectrum, as far as I am concerned. One was a Catholic funeral; the other a Southern Baptist. Both were very special in remembering the life of the deceased. The Catholic funeral was very structured and ceremonial. The Southern Baptist funeral was much more “noisy” and full of audience participation. Neither one was “better” than the other… that is not my point at all. It is just interesting to see two different perspectives on the final celebration of life.

I did not know Gabe’s grandfather very well… I had met him on several occasions. I don’t know if he would have known my name had he stumbled across me in the street. But after the service today, I realized how truly special the guy was and it is awesome to be a part of his extended family. Gabe’s mom, Debbie, and one of his aunts, Becky, both spoke wonderfully at the service. I am truly impressed with their ability to tell such wonderful, loving and inspirational stories in a time like this. No matter how hard we want to call a funeral a celebration of life, it is also a goodbye. And that is difficult. Gabe’s grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister. He performed the service for one of his four daughters when she passed after a tragic accident. Now, how difficult would that have been for someone to do?

One of the really neat things about the funeral today was all of the people who spoke. They basically opened the floor to anyone who wanted to say something. And people did a wonderful job of memorializing T Harold Craig’s nearly 80 years on this earth. A touching story was when the subject of one of Debbie’s comments spoke. Debbie commented about her sister Valerie (the one who passed) and how when she was getting married she had an African American in her wedding party. This was protested by several church goers. Pastor Craig let those protestors know that they would be much happier in another church. The friend of Valerie, whose name escapes me, spoke during the open session. It was moving.

Events like the Celebration of T Harold Craig’s life today move me and remind me that it is time for me once again to visit my relationship with God. I say it’s there, but I don’t demonstrate it near enough. I could certainly never be a T Harold Craig, but I do know that when people gather to celebrate my life someday (I hope at least a few will show up!) I want them to know where I am… and if I were to pass today, not even I am sure that I would be where I want to be.

Two special people to my family and friends have passed in the last month or so, and each had a wonderful celebration of life. Neither one did I know very well. But one day, hopefully, we’ll meet again and become more acquainted.


Snow Day in the Spring

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So, Natrona County School District, in all of its infinite wisdom, designated April 21, 2008 as a “make up” snow day.  School hasn’t been canceled all winter so we are off today.  Seems kind of strange to be off for no reason.  Seems like they could have made us go to school today and not made us come back the day after Memorial Day.  But we will, for just one day.  I wonder how many students I will  have show up on that day.  Mike started day shift today and we are all home.  Funny!

Federal Income Tax Simplified!

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My Mom showed me an explanation of Federal Income Tax today that even I can understand.

Know what "the IRS" stands for don’t you?  Just run the two words together:  "the irs" = "theirs"!  So simple.


The Dad

Sunday morning – for lack of a better title.

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B finally made it!  Good to hear from you Brandon.  Hope to see more in the future.

     Vickie said it was a little breezy here yesterday in her post …. well – it sounds like it is a little "more" breezy out there this morning.  I’m glad we got the garage "sort of" done yesterday.  "Sort of" means I didn’t do anything with my workbench – in fact I may have piled one or two more things on it.  But the floor is clean!

     Sushi was good.  I had some Sashimi first – then an Avocodo-Eel Roll.  Doesn’t it sound yummy?  Well it sure was – I really enjoyed it.  Wouldn’t do it every day however ….it’s a little spendy.  We did the new Asian place with a friend who was in town earlier in the week and then the new Sushi Restaurant last night.  I’m probably ready now for a hamburger or a steak.

     Time to get ready to go to Ma’s and take a look at the bills.  Got her some groceries yesterday and I think she went to dinner with Steph, Mike, & Stevie last night so probably won’t have a whole lot to do over there today.

     Heard a new rumor this past week that our Gov might actually "test" the term limit statute and run for a third term.  Some Legislators did a few years ago and it worked for them …. got a judge to say it was unconstitutional.  Anyway, my point is it sure is incredible how jaded and full of themselves these folks must get to go "counter" to what the Public voted on – regardless of whether there is a loophole or not.   Comforting to know how much more they know than we know.  Shows you that many of those "representing" us are pretty much forcng their own agenda on us.  I wonder if anybody would get reelected to anything if the voting public actually paid attention and looked closer at what they said and compared it to what they did?  Just a thought.  Seems to me like most of the National candidates this year think we are mighty stoopid and will buy just about anything they feel like saying that day – forgetting what they said or did yesterday.  I hope the majority won’t – but I’m not betting anything on it.  In fact – when I look at the "slate" – I think the majority of us already bought a huge book of fairytales!  Of course – there’s always the fact that we weren’t presented with much in the way of intelligent options to start with.  But guess what folks – the proverbial "Buck Stops Here".  We the people elected these folks in the first place.  Weird eh?  It always amazed me when President Clinton won a second term – still amazes me – because I STILL don’t know if I have ever talked to anyone who VOTED for him! 🙂  kind of like the War in Iraq actually – somehow in our system of checks and balances the evil President Bush and his sneaky sidekick Cheney managed to engage us in some serious conflict – and Congress apparently managed to oppose it and not bless it?  Now how did those kids do that?  How did they move us in to this situation without Congressional approval?  They are really good! LOL  Me thinks a whole bunch of congresspersons "forgot" their votes eh?  Or changed their minds?  Maybe lost them?

     I gotta shut up.

The Dad

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