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All the grandkids are done with the current school year.  Great year for them.  Wendy said yesterday that she now has one in each level.  College, High School, Junior High and last year of Grade School.  Keegan had all A’s on his report card.  So did Ashley.  No one else has told me yet, but I know that Courtney and Stevie usually have mostly A’s.  Guess we will assume they will check in later.  Brandon graduated a week ago, Nate and Abbey graduate next year and Spencer will be in High School.  Ashley opted to stay in Jr. High.  She still has that option for next year anyway. 

My brother turned 50 this week.  That seems impossible to me.. but I guess that if I have to get older so does everyone else.  As my dear friend Virginia Lathrop used to say, "the alternative is not acceptable".. At this point I agree. 

I got my outdoor flowers planted this week.  Sure I know..  cause for snow right?  Hope not anyway.  Seems later that usual, but we have had such strange weather, I hope they survive.  Looked like hail coming in late yesterday, but it just rained a bit.  Lucky for the petunias I guess. 

Well, I need to go to the money store to have some cash to pay the lawn mowing kids when they show up today or tomorrow.  Grocery shopping for a few things.  Grocery bill is down a bit as Steve has been gone out of town most of every week day.  Will be gone again this week also.  I think he is a bit busier than even he likes it.  Not bad for his job, but he likes a little down time occasionally and he hasnt had that for a while. 

Gotta run…  love to all

The mom

TGIF – where is everybody?

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Another Friday is here and it it beautiful outside.  I’ve been on the road – got back last night – played with my man Stephen for a couple of hours and had a quiet evening and a good rest.  Decided to see what was up on the website and —-low & behold — nothing!  Not a single blog or comment that I can see since last I posted!  Busy lives I guess!

     I imagine the son and crew will be boating this weekend —- probably a good bet that the Lecher crew will also do some of that unless calendars are too crowded with softball & baseball.  I’m a little envious though I have been told by folks through the years that the second happiest day in a life is the day you buy your boat —- the happiest is the day you sell it!  That’s supposed to be a joke folks so no letters and phone calls necessary.  And no motorhome comments necessary either!

     I have a few chores in mind for the weekend but I am not going to write them down here because I might change my mind – so I will keep them to myself! heh heh

     Well – time to go to the office.  All 3 girls are snoring away in the other room right now – wish I had a recorder to share with you all.  Have a great day and a great weekend.

The Dad

What a great 48! B’s the Man!

May 26, 2008 by  

Memorial Day Monday morning – raining and dreary in Casper, Wyoming.  However, the previous 48 hours were absolutely as rewarding as anything I have experienced.

     Drove to Fort Collins Friday afternoon (in wind and rain) with Rebecca, BGE, and Ryan.  Had a nice visit on the way down and thoroighly enjoyed getting a little time with them.  And as you might expect, BGE is awesome.

     Upon arrival we drove directly to Fossil Ridge High School for an event I was not familiar wirh called a "capping ceremony".  Each grad picked someone (non-parent) to honor with a short piece about how influential that person had been on their life – they then simply "capped" them, placed their graduation cap on the student in a brief ceremony.  Well, B picked a natural – he and I share that influential person and that is one thing nobody will ever be able to take away from us.  B honored his Grandma Vickie.  There is not a soul more deserving.  That is one caring, loving, dedicated, Christian woman and members of our family and friends are truly blessed with her.  B – you sure got that one right my man!

     Saturday was awesome – beautiful morning – 8 AM sharp the ceremony started.  Second one across the stage was the Senior Class Vice president, the B!  The B also had the honor of leading his class in moving the tassel and in pronouncing them Grads – followed by the long awaited tossing of the caps!  You did us all proud and you da’ man B!

     The remainder of Saturday was remarkable.  Wendy & Tony hosted family and friends at a picnic – open house type affair at their home.  In addition to the Lecher family and a host of friends Vickie and I had the absolute joy of seeing all of our children and all of their children(except Spencer, Megan, & Abbey) in the same place.  It was so neat.    And yeah, I had tears in my eyes half the weekend – tears of pride and joy.  Quite a crew.  It’s really something to experience and I definitely hope we can do it more often – even though it is really difficult to bring that many individual lives to the same point at the same time.  Leave it to B – he generates that much love no problemo.

     We then drove back early yesterday afternoon – had great weather coming back but it was getting cloudy when we got here and it has rained all night long.  The other nice thing that happened while we were there is that my Fathers Day gift from the Pugs kicked in and my lawn got mowed while i was there.  That was truly a welcome sight and it is nice not to have to sit here this morning wondering how long it will be until it quits raining and gets dry enough for me to bail the stuff.

     Well – Nate is next!  Then we get a break of a year or two and then it’s Ashley & Spencer!  Maybe we will have a few of these opportunities in the next few years.

     Anyway – an outstanding weekend spent with all my children and practically all of my grandchildren!  A true phenom!  God has blessed us and that’s a fact.  And the B is a young man with a huge world at his doorstep.  It will be exciting to see where he carves his niche.  There is not much that isn’t open to him – GO GET ‘EM B ….. YOU DA’ MAN!

The Dad

As The World Turns

May 21, 2008 by  

Summer is almost here. School is almost out. Memorial Day Weekend has nearly (and finally) arrived, and with it, we have been getting much nicer weather.

Tomorrow, Rebecca, Braelyn and I are flying to Denver, where we will then drive to Casper to see the Grandma and the Grandpa. They have yet to meet Miss Braelyn Grace, and since they won’t be able to make it to Fort Collins for Brandon’s graduation, we decided we wouild drive up and introduce the new one to them. Can’t wait for them to meet the newest member of their blood lines.

We are exploring selling our house. Market sucks right now, so probably won’t have much success, but we have decided we want to live a little more free than we currently are so we are at least going to explore downsizing. I really hate the thought of it, as I love my house. And the yard. I really doubt we will get someone to take it at the price I would need to sell it at, but nonetheless, we’re going to list it for awhile and see what happens. If it sells, we’ll find us a nice new place a little smaller (less expensive). If not, well, we’ll stay put.

The Lechers will get to meet Miss Braelyn for the first time on Friday. Pretty exciting stuff!

On Saturday, we’ll witness Big B walking the stage and flipping his tassle. Holy cow. Big B will be a graduate and off to college. My sister Wendy sure is getting O L D !

Ok, my work computer just rebooted. Time for me to get back to work.



Emotions Running High

May 21, 2008 by  

Graduation day is quickly approaching for Mr. Brandon.  He is a special person, raised (so far) by 2 special parents.  I hardly seems possible that it was almost 19 years ago in September that we wandered around the birthing center waiting for his appearance.  There had been no ultra sound, so only God knew that baby was to be a boy.  We were all so thrilled.  He warmed the hearts of everyone who saw him.  My mom (grandma cookie) came to check out what was going on and was unable to leave the room before the doctor came in and the baby was born.  She talked about that often. 

This little one waited one day to be born so he and I did not have to share our birthday.. Thanks B.  Although I really would not have minded.  He has been an awesome big brother to Nathan, Courtney, and Keegan.  He has been an outstanding camp councelor. A special nephew and cousin.  Beloved grandson.  He has been a workhorse in student council at his school.  A swing manager at his job at only 18. 

Life holds an uncertain future for each of us, but Brandon will make the best of his life.  We all know that.  We are all so excited to be there on Saturday.  And you will get to meet the newest family member. 

Congratulations to Brandon, to Tony and Wendy.  God bless you all


May 16, 2008 by  

     Beautiful morning here in Casper, WY.  About our turn for one I would say.  According to the forecasters it’s supposed to be a great weekend.

     Got the grass cut for the first time this year last evening.  Twas a 3 hour chore and I expect there are 10 or so 40 gallon bags of grass out there for Monday pick-up.  Problem is I had to set the blades quite a bit higher than usual just to get through it so I expect it will be ready to cut again in a couple of days.  Alot of damage from wind and the construction site across the street this winter.  Looks like I will be digging up and extending at least half of my sprinklers.  I must have at least 2 inches of new buildup out there.  The joys of property ownership I guess – maybe the American Dream of home ownership is part nightmare?

     Going to the barber this morning – get slicked up for my trip – leaving Sunday morning early.  He will likely chew me out because the last haircut I had was from a Russian guy on the cruise ship!  Yah – I know – doesn’t grow very fast – or very much!

     A grand weekend to all and to all a good day!

The Dad


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Look what showed up at my house tonight… can you believe it? More in the gallery. Holy cow. Wow.

Taken on: Monday, May 12. 2008

Three In A Row… This One’s For You, Mom

May 11, 2008 by  

It’s a trifecta. Two days ago was Braelyn’s 4 month birthday. Yesterday, Jacob Murphy turned 5. Today, it’s all about the Moms. As I sit here, listening to Braelyn talk to me while playing in her bouncy toy, I am reminded just how great she has it. She’s got a pretty good mom in Rebecca. Rebecca is actually out right now, headed to pick up Spencer from the SD. Rebecca spends her waking moments at work and taking care of Braelyn, Spencer, the dogs, and yes, I suppose me. I guess it’s not just Braelyn who has it good.

Of course, I am also fortunate enough to have the world’s greatest mom of my own. It’s awesome on days like this to be able to reflect on the countless, selflessness things that my mom has done for me and the rest of my family. I won’t mention on here, yet, what I got my mom for Mothers’ Day because I don’t think she has seen it yet and I don’t want to ruin it. But, I bet she’ll love it. Of course, one of the things about being the world’s greatest mom is that even if she doesn’t love it, she will make me believe she does.

I have a mom who is so genuinely concerned for everyone above herself. The true definition of putting others before self is what my mom is. She hurts when we hurt; she’s happy when we’re happy. She loves each of her three children unconditionally. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

I can’t tell my mom enough how much I love her and how thankful I am for all that she has done for me. I am truly blessed to have the WGM!

And she doesn’t even like the HC!

–The Son


May 11, 2008 by  

This time of the year is so unbelievably busy! I have 11 days of school left. Report cards to do, awards ceremony and last blast activities to plan, class promotion lists to prepare, track days to attend, first grade conferences, school supply lists for next year, final choir concerts, 2 Tae Kwon Do tournments (one in Green River, one here), one more dance competition, three days of dance recitals, eoy parties to attend, American Idol winner will be announced, the Bachelor picks his new woman and B’s graduation all within those 11 days! Summer vacation here I come! No wonder I want to sleep for the first week. Can’t though…I am writing math curriculum for the district, pays very well, but it is during the entire first week of summer break.

Braelyn is 4 (months old) Today!

May 9, 2008 by  

It’s May 9. What does that mean to you? To us, it is the 4 month birthday/anniversary/whatever you want to call it for Miss Braelyn Grace. Hard to believe she has been with us that long now. Or is 4 months really that long? In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it’s not a real long time. It is fun watching her go through her development. She is really a curious and happy baby. She watches everyone and everything intently. And she laughs and gawks, or as I like to call it talks, to you. She is such a cutie. Still bald. Bald and Beautiful. She has had a bit of a rash around her mouth… we thought from all her drooling… and it seemed to go away, but tonight I noticed it back again. She goes to the doctor this coming week, so hopefully they can tell us how to get it to go away. I want to take some new pictures of her, but want the rash gone.

She is now at the point where, when in her swing or chair, she will cry a bit and hold her arms up and out when she wants to be picked up which is really cute. And now, she loves her little toys… especially ones textured that can go into her mouth. She likes her fingers, or whole fist, in her mouth. It’s so dang cute.

Anyway, the baby girl is growing up. Still a baby, but almost time for cereal. Almost time for the 6+ month toys. Actually, I guess, time is flying by.

I am back in Gabe’s car on the way to the lake. One night/day of condo preps left, with some more furniture being delivered in the morning between 7 and 9. Then, back to the OP where we’ll go to Jacob’s 5th birthday celebration. It will be at the bowling alley, where Jacob wants to play mini golf. Should be a good time.

Happy mom’s day to the mom of my life. Hope you enjoy your gift when you get back to Casper. Hope you enjoyed your trip to California. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the family in a few weeks as we watch Big B walk the graudation stage.

Take care all, and thanks for helping almost assure the HC won’t be in the White House!


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