A New Braelyn Grace Moment: Swingin’ with Braelyn

June 30, 2008 by  

Yesterday evening was beautiful here in the OP. As we were sitting on the patio with Braelyn, we decided to put her new swing up on the swingset and see if she was old enough for it. Well, I’m not sure if she liked it, was afraid, or maybe some combination of the two. You can be the judge in this latest Braelyn Grace Moment.

Do you miss me Braelyn???

June 30, 2008 by  

I am home in Casper after spending 3 days and nights with baby B.  I had a great time, and I think her baby-sitter will not love me today.  I got to spend lots of time with her and I think she knows me now.  I am sure she was happy to see her mommy last night also.  Uploaded some pictures of the few days there under the album Ryan’s family.  I think Hoover and Sophie were glad to see me also.  I know Braelyn was really a good girl for her daddy and me.  She loves to giggle and smile and to hear her voice as she "talks" her baby language. 

Now to get ready for a trip to California for Ashley to dance in Nationals at the Disneyland Hotel.  We will drive there on Thursday and be gone a week.  Stephen has to test for Karate on Saturday so we will leave after the final event for Ashley and come back so Stevie can test for his purple belt. 

Steve went to watch Courtney play softball yesterday.  He says she is an awesome softball player.  Keegan (coached by his dad and brother) did not have a game for grandpa to see, but Steve asked him who his favorite coach is and he said he really could not answer that.  Diplomat huh.  Brandon says he is coming here about the 20th of August for his new job and classes at Casper College.  I need to get started on the basement cleaning project.

Maggie and Sophie were glad to see me when I came home.  Maggie did not even chew me out too badly. 

Summer must really be here.  Our back yard seems to have LOTS of weeds.  Need to go spend some time out there also.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with the social security people.  (Yes I am that old lol).  Might as well get the benefit of all that money I paid to them over the last years. 

Everyone have a great day…. a wonderful 4th and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nate on the 2nd.

The mom

RLE vs “Officer” J. Sheperd Update

June 27, 2008 by  

Today, I plead NOT GUILTY to the bogus charge against me for failing to wear my seatbelt. My trial is scheduled for 3:00 pm on August 6, 2008 at the Overland Park Municipal Court. I was able to enter my plea via telephone… the lady rudely chuckled when she said pleaing not guilty means I would have to go to trial, to which I said, “Yeah, I know.” Apparently this lady believes I will be wasting time and money fighting a $30 ticket. We’ll see!

RLE vs “Officer” J. Sheperd Update

June 27, 2008 by  

Today, I plead NOT GUILTY to the bogus charge against me for failing to wear my seatbelt. My trial is scheduled for 3:00 pm on August 6, 2008 at the Overland Park Municipal Court. I was able to enter my plea via telephone… the lady rudely chuckled when she said pleaing not guilty means I would have to go to trial, to which I said, “Yeah, I know.” Apparently this lady believes I will be wasting time and money fighting a $30 ticket. We’ll see!

Dear Hoover:

June 26, 2008 by  


     You do such great work on your videos I wonder if you take requests?  I would really like to see a video tour of the Elledge Yacht.  I always like to inspect my future homes before I move in to make sure they are adequate and up to standard. 

     A great video tour would help immeasureably. 

     By the way – in return I am sending your Grandma your way for the weekend.  Take care of her and enjoy!

Your G-Paw (The Dad)

Lauren and Gracey – A Day at the Lake

June 25, 2008 by  

Thanks to Hoover Woodrow Productions, it’s time for another video. This one is of Lauren Murphy and her friend Gracey while they were at the lake last weekend.

Remember, you can watch in High Quality by going to youtube.com and clicking on the Watch in High Quality — the link is right below the video under the Views #.

Peace… and vote Republican.

Sunday Evening on the Patio

June 22, 2008 by  

We got back from the lake this afternoon about 3:30 pm. After picking up the one and only Hoover D Dover from being boarded, I have spent all but an hour or so out back on the patio. It is an absolutely beautiful evening, despite the nagging nats. Hoover is laying down about 5 feet from me… he has really not strayed far from my side since we got back. He helped me grill a ka-bob for me (and as it turns out, for him) and some fish for Rebecca. Braelyn dined on some sweet potatoes for the first time tonight… she seemed to enjoy them. I imagine they will be the same color and substanance when they come back out. Lucky Rebecca.

Hoover and I had a water fight this afternoon. I won. Well, at least the hose won. Hoover still loves playing with the water hose. He loves water so much… yet he is petrified of the Murphy’s pool, and the lake was a bit intimidating for him last summer. He will venture back to the lake in a week-and-a-half for a few days over the 4th of July. I wanted to take him this weekend, but my Escalade is out-of-commission right now due to a blown tire. Should be fixed this week… it will be an expensive trip to the repair shop. The entire wheel and tire must be replaced, along with some plastic flap in the wheel-well. Note to self: Escalades and landscaping rocks don’t go together. Enough said on that.

I’ve been practicing the guitar for several hours today on the patio. I’m sure our neighbors are really impressed… they probably haven’t heard anything this bad in a long time. Now, I’m just sitting out here relaxing and typing away.

The lake was very relaxing. Great weather… not too hot, and the lake water felt great. My shoulders are beyond burnt right now. Aloe vera…. words of the night. Braelyn went on a few boat rides, but mostly napped in the air conditioned cabin of the boat while the Murphys, Rebecca and I had some fun relaxing and swimming. I really enjoy going to the lake. I do wish it were a bit closer… it’s about 2:30 drive each way. But once we’re there, it’s a blast. Gabe and I jumped on the tube and Stephanie captained the Murphy’s Cobalt boat for the first time. I bet Gabe she wouldn’t be able to get us out of the wake. Boy, was I wrong. She put the pedal to floor, so-to-speak… we had quite the venture. My neck and back are still feeling the wrath of her first time driving the boat with tubers behind.

Mom is coming out on Thursday evening and staying through Sunday to help me with Braelyn, as Rebecca will be joining Stephanie and 3 of their friends down at the lake for a “Ladies Weekend.” I’m sure they will have a blast, and I am very appreciative of my mom’s willingness to come help me with Braelyn. Yes, I am one of “those dads”… the ones who panic at the thought of having to fly solo with a 5.5 month old baby! I know Braelyn will be better off having her grandma here to help out. I don’t think her little butt could handle three days of dumpy diapers not being changed! Yes, I admit… me and dirty diapers do not go hand-in-hand.

When mom comes, she is bringing dad’s Fathers’ Day gift that we got him so I can see it. It is a 30 page book full of pictures of Braelyn and pretty much our entire family. I am anxious to see how well it turned out. Dad and mom both say it is very good. I want to see for myself, as I may just have to get another one made to keep around the house here.

Braelyn is growing up fast. She became tickleish this past week. It is so much fun to watch her giggle and laugh hysterically. I know I am biased, but she is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. She is very talkative now. Fortunately for us, she remains a happy baby. She rarely cries, except when she is really tired or hungry. She also cries in the evening hours, from 5-7 or so whenever she isn’t being held. She just seems to want to cuddle in the evenings. That’s ok by Rebecca and I… we love to hold her. Rebecca is in giving her the last bit of food for the night, then off to bed she goes.

Work has been pretty stressful of late. We have recently been migrating nearly all of our off-shore functions to the United States, and it has been quite a challenge. Anytime you rebuild functions with all new people, you take some lumps. I am proud of our staff and how far we have come. I am also proud that we’re bucking the trend of off-shoring and out-sourcing. In this day and age, more and more companies are doing the opposite of what we are doing. The shrinking value of the dollar and the inflation in Bulgaria made it a no-brainer almost for us.

Last week Rebecca and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Time has really gone by fast. It doesn’t seem that long ago that our family and friends all gathered for our wedding. Now, two years later, we’re still going strong and have a little one to show for it. And, we’re thinking about when we want to try for number two. Rebecca’s doctor told her that she would prefer Rebecca wait until Braelyn is 9 months old (October) but as long as she is 6 months (July) we can have at it. She does want Rebecca to be pregnant before she turns 35, which is in December, so we don’t have a real big window of time. I figure the sooner the better! Time to try for a baby brother (or sister, I suppose) for Braelyn and Spencer.

At the same time, we talked this weekend about possibly getting another dog. I sense Hoover is lonely during the days. We keep Sophie locked up in her kennel as she tends to pee and crap all over the house when she roams free. But, adding a 3rd dog is a financial and travel constraint. As much as I would love to have a playmate for Hoover, I figure we will probably hold off on that. Heck, we can’t even figure out what type of dog we would get. I would love to have another Mastiff… but that would double the drooling and high food bill! We would also love to have a bulldog… but I don’t know if that would be the ideal playmate for Hoover. Ah, it probably doesn’t matter since it would not be the best idea for us to get another four-legged child right now.

Spencer is at the S.D.’s house until early July. Well, I guess he will be spending a week in Colorado seeing his grandparents (S.D.’s parents), then will spend the 4th of July weekend with Rebecca’s folks. That’s a tradition for him. We’ll get him back after that. Surprisingly, S.D. let Spencer go to his friend Collin’s birthday party this weekend. I can’t tell you how surprising that is. S.D. would normally do anything but what Spencer wants. Maybe it’s a new and improved S.D. Heh, yeah, right.

The political world is pretty depressing right now. Bush’s approval rating is deeper in the toilet, which is amazing. I don’t know if it will reach single digits before he vacates office, but I think it might get close. And that is only going to hurt McCain’s chances. The taxing Obama is sitting pretty well right now, I think. And the H.C. is going to start actively campaigning for him later this week. I think it’s the beginning of the Obama-Clinton ticket. H.C. will be President one-way-or-another. If it takes being the Veep and waiting for one of Bill’s cronies to take action, that’s what she’ll probably do.

A friend of mine, who is an entrepreneur in Chicago (owns a competing web hosting company) shows his support for the taxing Obama on his facebook.com profile. I commented on his page this weekend about how it is odd for an entrepreneur to support a presidential candidate who will inevitibly take more of his hard earned money away in the form of higher taxes. His response was:

You get what you pay for :) (And, I’d happily pay more for a functional government… Ya know, so I wouldn’t have to pretend to be Canadian when I visit Europe =/

That is sad, that an American would pretend to be a Canadian when he travels. I guess the world-wide media has impacted people’s beliefs abroad as much as it has here in the States. I do laugh, though, about the Canadian comment. Afterall, in Canada where they have Universal Healthcare, Canadians desire to come to the US for treatment because the system is so screwed up there, yet that is what Obama and HC want for our country. I guess my friend Dan would still be able to be “Canadian” when he gets his medical healthcare in the United States. But wait, it will be the same problemed healthcare that Canada has. I guess we’ll have to go to Mexico for doctors of choice.

I guess there is plenty of time for McCain to make a run and pull ahead in the polls. ElectionProjection.com shows Obama lightly winning Florida and Missouri. McCain needs to campaign hard and get those states Red. Without them, Obama is gonna be the Prez.

Oh, while I was down at the lake I received a call from a detective in the Overland Park Professional Standards division of the OP Police Department. He told me I had a very well-written and very thorough complaint, and that he didn’t really have any questions for me since it was all pretty-well spelled out. Said while I would never hear about what disciplinary actions would be taken (if any) against “Officer” Sheperd, he did say I would receive a written response from the department after the investigation was over. He did pretty well tell me that the court system will determine my innocence or guilt, but that “Officer” Sheperd and his partner will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt my guilt. Well, as I have said before, unless the video tape shows me wearing my seatbelt clearly, it will be my word against that of two “sworn officers of the law” and I can pretty well imagine how that will turn out. He says my lawyer should know how to subpoena the tapes. Guess I better get on finding an attorney. I have to plead next week. Oh, the detective did inform me that “Officer” Sheperd’s partner was his Field Training Officer… “Officer” Sheperd is a new police man and is being trained. His partner (FTO) didn’t ever approach the vehicle as he was merely observing “Officer” Sheperd. Surprise, surprise… I got a bogus ticket from a rookie officer. Hopefully in court the idiot will merely indicate that he was mistaken. I doubt he would do such a thing… unless the tape does show me wearing my seatbelt. The detective did indicate he had reviewed the tape, and that the tape could not be altered in anyway by the “Officer”. He didn’t, however, tell me what he saw on the tape. I guess I’ll find out soon enough what the tape shows. My prediction: it shows a black Honda Accord with dark tinted windows and no visibility inside. That won’t bare well for me, I suspect.

Checked in this weekend on American Legion and “Casper Baseball” this weekend. The Torrington Tigers held an alumnae game against members of the 1997-1998-1999 state champion players. As I was the manager in 1997 when the Tigers won their first “AA” Legion State Title, I was invited, but was not able to make arrangements to get back there for the event. I wish I could have, to see the guys I coached over ten years ago! My how time has flown by. I also see that the Casper Hurricanes aren’t doing too well… or playing very many games… this year. Casper Baseball is in a sad state right now. Very sad to see them not playing Legion anymore. Oh well… I am now experiencing “life after baseball.”

Well, I guess that’s a good enough update from here in the OP… enough ramblin’.

Take care, be safe, and vote Republican. Keep the BO and HC out of the WH come January!


June 20, 2008 by  

I’m home again ….. and for the foreseeable future too.  The past 8 – 10 weeks have been incredibly packed with travel.  Yah …. that comes with my job but usually it is "day travel" and I make it back in the evenings.  Hasn’t been alot of that recently – most has been for extended periods.  Anyway – for now things are good again – I do not currently have an overnight trip on my calendar for the next few weeks.  I know one or two will come up – they always do – but right now …… they arent there and it really feels good to be home again.  I think I slept better last night than I have in a couple of months!

     Got the big grant I was after for Glenrock yesterday.  Feels really good to be able to help out small communities like that.  Got them $1.5 million for assistance with constructing a new building and underground ballistics testing range for a rifle manufacturer that will now relocate to Glenrock.  More jobs – diverse jobs – hey …. that’s what I am supposed to be doing.  Gotta love it when a plan comes together.

     Also had my annual personnel evaluation yesterday in Cheyenne.  Did good and will receive a little pay bump on July 1.  Also had a pretty good week in California so all in all – not a bad way to end my congested "travel season".

     Roofers finished the roof while I was gone.  It looks really nice – and a little weird.  It is a darker brown than previously and after 31 years with the lighter one it will take a few days to get used to it.  WOW – Vic & I have lived in the same house for 31 years!  Who would have thought that would have happened!  Well – it’s not a house anymore – it is definitely "Home" and would be quite a change if we ever moved on.  I have days where I really want to move on (particularly windy ones) but there are a few days (this looks like one of them) when it is absolutely beautiful here and I wonder why I ever think about leaving.  Unfortunately – the "wanna move on" days certainly seem to outnumber the "content to stay" days.  Oh well – if you don’t have dreams and plans where would you be?  Probably running for President or eh!  That’s a whole separate issue and I think I will leave that one alone for today. 

     Suffice it to say that O’Reilly commented last night that Michelle Obama has accomplished an incredible "media makeover"!  Sheesh!  Then he shows a clip of her appearing on a show called "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg!!  WHEW!  I KNOW I FEEL BETTER ABOUT HER NOW!  We are in for some serious consequences folks …. this can’t be good if O’Reilly considers that POSITIVE!  What channel do I watch now??????

     Not alot on the calendar for this weekend.  I expect I will dig a little more – yard is looking a little bit better.  I still have to "edge" 21st street side of the yard and i should probably start on the rock bed next to the driveway (sometime this summer :-)).  I also need to decide if I want to paint some trim on the house or hire it done.  I know I want to hire it done but I’m thinking it will be pretty expensive and might be hard to get painters booked this late into the season.

     Well …. Peace & Love.  It’s good to be home!  I think the B is headed up here this coming week to do the college interview and to interview with the local McDonald’s group.  Hope that works out for him – would be fun to have him living in the basement this fall.  The bad news is I’ll have to clean it so he will fit.  The good news is I should have cleaned it a few years ago anyway.  All I need is motivation I reckon!


2nd Anniversary

June 19, 2008 by  

Can I just say that I have a pretty amazing husband?!?!  Ryan and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Tuesday.  He surprised me with 4 dozen long stem red roses at work, dinner at the Melting Pot, and hooked us up with a pretty posh ride.  After dinner we walked around the plaza, down by Brush Creek and hit Reverse for a drink and some live music.

All in all, we had a very nice night!

Love you Ryan, thanks for making the last two years wonderful!

Happy Birthday Courtney—Happy Anniversary Ryan & Rebecca

June 16, 2008 by  

June 17th is an eventful day in our family.  The one and only sister of the Lecher family has a birthday.  I cant believe that she is actually an official teen-ager.  Seems impossible.  Happy Birtday Courtney.

Happy Anniversary to Ryan and Rebecca.  2 Years..  that also has gone so fast.  We all love you all so much.  Thanks Ryan for the wonderful family you have added to our growing group.

Sister Lynda left yesterday after spending a few days in Casper.  She feels it is necessary to spend time with dad every few months as his illness continues to change him so much.  I am really thankful for her help and that she comes as often as she can to see dad.  He appreciates it so much also.  We decided that we need to get them a little more help so they are more comfortable in the house.  That house is pretty big and lots of stairs to the basement, so we are looking at getting some one to come in and help with laundry, etc so they dont have to go up and down the stairs and risk a fall. 


Steve is gone again. He has been traveling so much lately that I am not sure he remembers that he doesnt really live in a hotel.  I am not sure I remember him being gone this much ever (well except in the Navy).  The girls and I enjoy his presence on the weekends though.  He missed a group picnic tonight.  That was lots of fun.


Looks like I will get to see my baby granddaughter soon.  Plane tickets for a trip there appeared in my email tonight.  I am sure she will have changed in the month it has been since I last saw her.  Thanks Ryan.  I am looking foward to seeing you all again.


Well I am about to say good night here.  Did not sleep well last night listening for dad incase he needed anything or got up wandering around.  It is my prayer that all of the super scientists and doctors in this world someday find a cure for Alzheimers as it is really a wicked disease.  God bless.


Good night..love to all and again Happy BD Sis and Happy Anniv.  R&R

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