Bouncin’ With Braelyn – A Braelyn Grace Moment

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Hoover Woodrow got busy tonight and took some video footage I shot of Braelyn tonight and put together the latest Braelyn Grace Moment : Bouncin’ with Braelyn.  Enjoy!


My house

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     Hey it has been a while since i have done this so ya. Im sitting here at my house with my mom and dad watching wipeout. It is so funny, it is this game show that have people try to complete theese stunts that look really hard lol. Keegan is with Shane his friend since pre school. Brandon is at work. And Nate…OH ya he is in gilette working with Dave. He is making some good money $13 a hour. That is some good money. Well today in softball my dad got this email from my old coach talking about how well i did at this camp. So it looks like i will be saying good bye to the bucks and hello to the NC Xplosion. Purple and black are there colors. I do have to say i like bucks colors better but oh well im still going to try out for the bucks. well im gonna go watch wipeout so good night and love you all!!

                      Love, Courtney

P.S. Cant wait to see you all at great grandpas birthday!!

Quiet Sunday After a Busy Saturday

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It’s been a very quiet and relaxing Sunday.  I’ve made no plans today, and I can still say that it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and I still have no plans for the afternoon and evening.  Yesterday, we celebrated my mom’s 60th Birthday.  Her actual birthday is Juy 31.  We had a surprise party for her yesterday, and I can say we pulled it off successfuly; she had no clue.  We had approximately 35 people at our house yesterday afternoon.  Everyone showed up before Noon, just as planned.  Mom, Dad, Chris, Sandy and the boys showed up a few minutes after 12:30.  Mom and Dad were the last to walk in…everyone yelled "SURPIRSE", mom was shocked, you could tell on the look on her face.
Ryan, my wonderful hubby cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill in the 95+ heat, he is such an amazing man, I’m lucky.  Ryan also put together this very cool DVD of pictures of mom and our family.  We all watched it yesterday after lunch.  I caught several people with tears in their eyes, including my mom and my dad…tears in his eyes.  He was truly touched with all that we did for mom.  All in all the day for mom was wonderful.  I think she loved every minute of it and enjoyed seeing her family, some that she hasn’t seen since my grandpa’s funeral.
Last night, I went to my friend Patty’s bachelorette party.  It was a fun and crazy time.  Lots of dancing, lots of shots, and one of the girls had a lot to drink…the bride to be.  The sidewalk outside of IHOP will never look the same, if you know what I mean.
Well, I need to probably get up and help Ryan get ready to go to Chicago. He’s gone tonight through Wednesday at a Hosting Conference.  He gets home Wed night and the we leave Thursday afternoon for Casper.  We are celebrating his Grandpa Emmett’s 80th and Grandma Hotshot’s 90th Birthday’s.  Lots of great milestones this summer…let’s keep them coming.

Love ya all!

The End of Summer, already…

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I finish my three week stint of teaching summer school on Friday. Other then the heat of the classroom it has been really fun. I have enjoyed most of the time with the kiddos. I will have a challenging little girl this year but I can’t think of a year where I haven’t had at least one. It has really been fun having Stephen in class. He really is a bright little man and absorbs all information like a little sponge. Our PE teacher has been teaching Stephen how to play golf and now he wants a hundred dollar bill and golf lessons for his birthday. (Thanks Kalen!)

Ashley co-taught a ballet dance camp last week and has just been hanging at home this week. She must have been bored because she did the dishes one day and even mopped the kitchen floor without being asked. Next week she will beyond busy with the arrival of family and her mentoring responsibilities at the junior high orientations. Ashley’s newest venture is the Miss Teen Wyoming Pageant. She was picked as a contestant and is now working on getting everything together for the pageant in September. She is still in need of sponsorships if anyone is interested. I didn’t realize what a process the whole pageant thing is. There are a lot of neat prizes for the person who wins including scholarships to college. This pageant is at the state level of the Miss America Pageants run by the Donald Trump organization. This should be a fun experience for her. I hope she does well!

Talladega has been injury and illness free since our return from California. Yea!

Mike’s dad checked out of the nursing home last Friday. It was against his doctor’s advice but he was afraid he would lose his house if he had to start paying for the nursing home. I feel for the man. Mike says he sounds happier now that he is home. Mike is working the early shift this week and next. It is good to be able to count on him in the evenings again. Oh yea…he turned 41 last week also. We didn’t get to celebrate because of his work schedule. We went out Friday with mom and dad and then Mike and I went to see "Step Brothers" on Sunday. Pretty low key.


Fort Collins City Champs

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Steve and I had the excitement of driving to Ft Collins Sunday after church to witness the 12 and under city baseball championship. Yep,, Tony and Nate the coaches coached their team to the city championship. Keegan pitched the last 3 innings and basically shut the other team down. I am not sure just how many he struck out in 3 innings, but I know it was most of the batters. Great little baseball player and a pitcher. Congrats Boys. I know I had a great time. Haven’t seen any baseball this summer and I miss it. We have watched a few tball (coach pitch) with Stevie playing and a couple of Ashley’s softball, so we have not been totally deprived.
We have a whole bunch of family members coming in this week and the next for a couple of special birthdays. All my family, but one nephew will be here. Josh could not come, but his daughter Karlie is coming with grandma and grandpa. Little Joshie will be missing also. Not sure if he would like being in a car for 2 days each way. Hard on 4 year olds. Our kids are all going to be here also. LOVE IT. Steve’s cousin from Tennessee is coming and also neice Heidi and Kids and nephew Paul. Lots of festivities.
Happy Birthday also to Rebecca’s mom. She has the big 60 in a day or two. Also if memory serves me right (and it often doesnt), I think this summer was Tony’s mom’s 60 as well as sister Lynda. Wow we are getting a bit older arent we…. NOT.
Have a safe trip all of you. Cant wait for you all to get here and for the Moore’s and Rocks to get out of the area of the earthquake today.
All for now from ME…


Windy Cities, Here I Come!

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In just over an hour, my week+ long journeys to the Windy Cities begins. At 5:15 pm Central today, I am off to the airport to fly to the first windy city, Chicago. I will be attending HostingCon tomorrow through Wednesday. This is a convention geared around web hosting, the industry I work in. While I hope it will be much better than the past two years, I have my doubts. The sessions presented are never very good…they are generally companies trying to see you their products. iNET Interactive, the company I used to be an owner of and was the President and CEO of until we sold it in 2006, has recently acquired the event (their ownership begins the day after the convention ends this year). I hope they will do a much better job with the event than its current owners.

I will get back to the OP on Wednesday evening. Less than 24 hours later, Rebecca, Spencer, Braelyn and I will depart for the other windy city, Casper. We have some birthday parties to attend… my grandfather’s 80th and my grandmother’s 90th. Will be great to see a lot of the family, and I am sure everyone will be really happy to see us… well, at least Braelyn!

Speaking of family… yesterday we hosted a surprise 60th birthday party for Rebecca’s mom. Her actual birthday is July 31, but the party was yesterday. We succeeded in surprising her. Hoover and I put together a video with pictures, old and new, and this brough tears to her eyes. About 30 members of Rebecca’s family were here, and it was a good time.

Well, I suppose I should go pack my stuff and get ready for journey #1. Braelyn is blocking my office door, hanging in her indoor swing. She is having a ball. I suppose I can sneak around her. I have to pack under cover, as the Hoov doen’t like suitcases… he knows that means I am leaving. Oh well, he will be happy to see me when I get back home.

Talk to you all later. Put on your BO-repellant. The election is coming up!


New website

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I am being the trying the new site to see if I can confuse it. Easy for me to do

Thanks Hoover!

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Tell the Son to give you an extra treat today!

Use BO-derant.


The Dad

The Dad Asks… And The Hoover Delivers

July 24, 2008 by  

By popular (is my dad popular?) request, Hoover whipped together the latest installment of the Braelyn Grace Moments. Braelyn spent her first 4th of July at the Lake of the Ozarks, and the following video shows some clips of the Murphys playing with Braelyn, and then Braelyn on the boat with her mom prior to the 4th of July Fireworks display.

No BO.


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