This is so confusing to me…

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Ok, so here we have a President with historic low approval ratings. According to, President Bush’s approval rating average for 9/19-9/24 is 28.0.

Scroll down on that page and you see that the congressional approval rating average is 17.8.

Isn’t congress under Democrat control? I think so! Yet they carry a 10% lower approval rating.

Isn’t congress the branch that creates and passes legislation? And it is controlled by the Dems? So how are all of the messes we are in the fault of Bush and the Republicans? Is it because of his power of veto? Or are the Dems just unable/unwilling to fix Washington like they propose?

The Pageant and Blue Belt

September 26, 2008 by  

The Miss Teen Wyoming Pageant is finally here. Ashley has been getting ready in her mind for this event since June when she decided she wanted to try it out. We have had a hectic week getting ready. She has to have four different wardrobes just for the pageant. She is very excited and very apprehensive. It should be fun to watch. The new competition dance season is also in full swing. She is up to 12 dances for competition so far this year. Oh yeah…she got her Learner’s Permit. It is very scary. I have let her drive to school which hasn’t been too bad yet. Tonight however, I let her drive from Stephen’s school to Tae Kwon Do. I should have used better judgement because rush hour and a new driver don’t mix. I so wanted to visit the bar after that little trip. So far… we are all still alive.  Ashley also found out today that she made the dance team at Kelly Walsh High School.  I would have been very worried if she didn’t.  Freshmen can only be on the JV team but hey, she will get her JV letter in dance before actually attending the school.  I’m not sure when she will have time for this added committment but she usually makes it work.  Thank goodness the gas prices have dropped a little bit.

We found out yesterday that Stephen made the testing list for his blue belt in TaeKwon Do. We were really surprised because he just tested for his purple belt in July. It usually takes 3 to 4 months to demonstrate the compentency to move up a level. Testing is next Saturday. I can’t believe that he has moved up so quickly. September 29th was this first test for the yellow belt. If all goes well next weekend Stephen will only be 3 belts away from his black belt.

Talladega is an absolutely wonderful dog. Her second birthday is October 9th. She has really settled down into a big old lovable lap dog. She’s a keeper!


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Happy Birthday Ashley. Went to the dept of transport and she passed to get her learners permit and I mean learner. She talked me into letting her drive home from school to her house….. Well lets just say she has a LOT of learning to do. We made it home ok, but believe me the girl needs drivers training. She thinks her driving lane is the parking lane nearest the sidewalk.

Stevie has a foot ball game here in a few minutes. He likes that football. It is still wonderfully warm so going is fun. I have never been a cold weather sport observer if I did not have to be.

Brandon spent the week-end in Fort Collins. He enjoyed seeing family and friends. He pulled a bone head move though. Went over to his old place of employment and they made him a very lucerative offer to quit school and come back. I told him next time he goes home, invite his friends to sonic for dinner and stay away from the pressure. (hope this time he listens to me).

Had a brief visit with Braelyn on the web cam last night. Seems she is crawling pretty well and has a tooth though. Check out Hoovers videos of the young lady. Pretty good. Spencer’s soccer team is also doing well. Good job Goalie.

Not much news from Colorado. Keegans team won their football game when Brandon was home. Courtney’s school softball team is doing pretty well and Nate’s senior pictures area awesome.

We are back into Bible study full swing. I have a new group of ladies and I think it is going to be really fun. They are very interesting and all very eager to learn more. Our community group is doing well also. So I guess summer is over, fall is here and before long the holidays will be upon us. Oh yes, we must celebrate Steve’s next birthday soon. I catch up with him for a few weeks each year.

Bye for now. Love you all and God Bless

LOOK OUT WORLD…….Get the kiddies off the street!

September 23, 2008 by  

Ashley Elizabeth will be 15 years old in 4.5 hours!
She will be getting her drivers permit!
Happy Birthday Ash! I love you very much. Hard to believe you will be driving – even with supervision.
Just doesn’t seem possible. The big problem with it all is that Ashley and all of the grandkids can’t get older alone. I have to get a year older too …… and I’m ready to stop that nonsense. I’m good right where I am – 62 forever!

Switched our phones to cable today. Also got our converter boxes for the TV’s. Seems like that particular technology is going backward. I remember the old days when we first had cable we had similar boxes. And I am having just as much trouble getting these to work as the old days. Already one conversation with their support personnel only to find out one of the boxes we got today needs to be returned already. Got the other one working with all the channels but cant get the remote programmed correctly. Waiting for the Big B to get home to see if he can help me out. He’s at a church group meeting at Starbuck’s. Hope he meets some folks he can relate to – starting virtually from scratch has gotta be hard for anyone. Relocation is a challenge – even for Big B who is one of the most outgoing and friendly young guys I know.

Guess i will go back and play with the remote some more. Happy Birthday Ashley!

The Dad

I’m A Republican….

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Couldn\'t Have Said It Better Myself

Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…

I’m a Republican because everyone can’t be on welfare.

Rebecca’s Blog Report…I need to do this more!

September 23, 2008 by  

A lot of things have changed since my last blog report.  Spencer made the soccer team and is goalie for BVNW.  Their record is 2-1, they lost last night to a very tough Blue Valley North team.  Braelyn is officially crawling, is able to go from lying down to sitting up and has a tooth!  It’s amazing what a weekend will do to a 8 1/2 month old.
Ryan is busy at work.  He has a board meeting on Wednesday, so he will be working late tonight on his presentation.  We are getting ready for two big events.  Our 3rd Annual Elledge Spook-tacular Halloween Bash and a trip to Maui.  I can’t wait for either one of them, but I am truly ready for our vacation.  It will be nice to get away from work for a week.  I will miss the kids a lot, but I know they will enjoy spending time with the grandparents.  Braelyn is going to Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Steve’s while Spencer is spending time with my mom and dad.  I know both kids will be, what do you call it…oh yeah, SPOILED.  But it will be worth it, the kids don’t get to spend a lot of time with the grandparents.
I am trying very hard to get in shape before the trip.  I’ve lost 6 pounds, just need to lose 6 more.  I’m hitting the gym at least once, but sometimes twice a day.  I am going running with the girls here at work over lunch.  I need to cut down on eating too, didn’t do so great this weekend.  Ryan and I drove through Backyard Burger on Saturday…I love Backyard Burger…they have waffle fries -).
Well need to go…till later!


A Few Thoughts….

September 22, 2008 by  

1) New pictures uploading right now. I just started them and there are 590 new pics going into the gallery. From Spencer playing soccer, Braelyn watchin’ and being beautiful, to the Murphy kids (including Brock and Michael each playing football), the Big Dawg Hoover, some misc. shots, etc… a bunch of new pics going up.

2) Glad The Dad made it back home from Germany. Read all about it at

3) Had a nice dinner tonight with Spencer’s grandparents Bill & Linda… they watched the game and then we went out for some delicious Italian food. Great people, they are. Enjoyed the political discussion. Spencer’s grandpa gets it.

4) Surprised at how many people don’t get it. Maybe I don’t get it… maybe bigger government, more taxes on businesses, mandated health care, etc are all good things. For a lazy society… a society of whiners who want everything handed to them on a silver platter… I guess it would be a good thing. Such a sad world we live in. And when they all come back to the war in Iraq… forgetting that even most Democrats supported it… it’s amazing. The simple thought that the government (Repub or Dem) knows how to spend our hard earned money better than we do is laughable. Show me a congress who will approve a line item veto and I will show you hell frozen over, followed by controlled spending by the government. We can dream, can’t we? And to insinuate that I don’t want to help people by giving more of my money is the most liberal, obnoxious, bull #@*! (sorry for the language, couldn’t tone that one down) garbage anyone could spew. I’m really fed up with it… but I am quickly becoming (or have already become) a minority. I tell you what… I have wanted to work hard to make sure Braelyn has a good life ahead of her. Guess I don’t really need to. Uncle Sam will take care of her… yeah, right. Let’s forget that groups out there want nothing more than to take this country down. Let’s take funding away from our military and take it to the lows of the Clinton era. And, then, let’s watch 9/11 X 10 take place. Enjoy your free healthcare, folks… don’t worry, the government will tell you when and which doctor you can go see. Sorry if you need a heart specialist but only an orthodontist is available. Oh, and unlike the Canadians who manage to sneak there way down here for proper healthcare, you can’t just run over the border. Unless Tijuana has made advances. Oh well, didn’t mean to go down this route, but am just in awe of the crap a few of my former classmates have thrown up on my facebook page. Thrown up… interesting choice of words. Well, fitting, really.

Peace to ya’ll.

Minority or not… I WILL vote McCain/Palin and I will feel good about it.

I’m Baaaacccck!

September 22, 2008 by  

Bullet Points from the last week:

* Departed Casper on Sunday morning, 9/14 at 6:20 AM. It has been a long week.
* Arrived in Frankfurt without any problems. Good flights. Lufstahnsa Airlines knows how to do it … I would highly recommend them to any who have that choice.
* Had some very good meetings throughout Germany. On top of all the meetings we covered right at 1000 ground miles during the week. Sitting got very old.
* Visited the following German towns (if you happen to have a map) Regensburg, Freiburg, Pfortsheim, Wursburg, Frankfurt, Cologne (Kolon), and Weisbraun. i’m sure I am missing one or two and my spelling is probably less than accurate.
* Concentrated alot on the Solar Power industry this week, along with some Labor and Visa discussions regarding German workers coming to the USA. This is not an easy place for “legal” immigrants to enter, or to stay. Almost makes more sense for them to just come on in ignoring the rules and letting us “forgive” them and give them money. Very frustrating.
* Cologne is beautiful. I really wanted to explore it more but got caught up in a Religious demonstration that caused us to be “imprisoned” (for lack of a better word) in our Hotel the last 30 hours we were there. We almost were unable to get out of Cologne in time to drive to Frankfurt to catch our flight home.
* The Mom downloaded my pics last night so I hope she can download a folder of my German Demonstration photos to sort of give you an idea of what I am talking about.
* Good beer, good people, good time, but it is especially GOOD to be home.
* Thanks to Hoovie and Lazy Dog Productions for catching up a little while I was gone. BGE is just one knee-lift from crawling like crazy apparently.
* Time to go to work, Here’s kind of a phenom……..I am actually kind of eager to go to the office this morning and come home from the office this evening without having to drive or ride somewhere.
* Still waiting for the son to come up with my retirement financing website so that I can just go to work right here at home “occasionally”. 🙂
* God Bless you all –
The Dad

I Present, Braelyn Bathin’

September 21, 2008 by  

To keep The Dad off my back, I had some free time this weekend between naps and treats to throw together another Braelyn Grace Moment.  Here’s Braelyn Bathin’ … and splashin, crawlin, laughin….

Hoover Says to The Dad : Woof Woof Woof Woof (Get Off My Back)

September 17, 2008 by  

Ok, so The Dad is in Germany right now and won’t get any immediate satisfaction, but for all you other Braelyn Grace fans, here is the latest Braelyn Grace Moment. In this episode, we try to determine if Braelyn Grace can crawl or not. Enjoy!

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