Wonder if I Glow in the Dark?

December 29, 2008 by  

Well……..latest medical report for anyone who is following:
* Have had alot of tests recently trying to figure out the discomfort i have been experiencing in my chest area.
* Had a chest x-ray.
* Had an EKG
* Had the proverbial blood tests.
** Diagnosis: Shingles – one of the most painful and uncomfortable illnesses I have been privy to at my young age. A little different than many cases in that I never have actually broken out with any kind of skin lesions or pox! Bad news is – even with what medication they can give me I’m looking at 2 – 4 weeks of this stuff! I’m well into the 2nd one already.
* Today I took a Nuclear Stress Test for my heart. You heard me — NUCLEAR —–I have radioactive junk in my veins! Poor Vickie wont be able to sleep tonite if I give off too much of a glow!
Hopefully they are just confirming what we already suspect – my heart is strong and healthy. Doc just decided as long as we were doing all this stuff we might as well get a stress test done since I hadn’t had one since 2002. Anyway – what a miserable feeling that stuff gives you when they pump it in to your veins– instant sweat, chest contractions, nausea, the whole 9 yards. Then after they get you all pumped up its a total of about 25 minutes of laying perfectly still – first on back, then on stomach while they take pics of your heart from 64 different angles. Whole ordeal took about 3.5 hours. Results in a few days I expect – I’m already breathing easier since it happened this morning and no emergency has arisen LOL. I am confident it is all good!
* It has already proven one thing for you possible non-believers —- I really do have a heart! LOL ….yup……they found one in there!
* Now to just get rid of this Shingles crappola and all will be good once again. Got some new meds today —— feel a little better this evening (I should because both of them appear to be painkillers). Docs are helping me to become a non-alcohol kind of guy – can’t imbibe with the medication ……..Happy New Year eh!
* Wind is currently gusting between 40 and 60 mph – could peak at 70 tonite I have been told. Vic and i spent 30 minutes today looking for our trash can after they emptied it. True story – we found it 2 houses east of Kingsbury on 18th laying in a yard. For those unfamiliar that is 3 blocks away AND around a corner. Don’t know if Scotty next door ever did find his. Hadn’t last i heard.
* R & R & BGE here for 6 days and I just don’t feel like i got any time with Braelyn. Need some more of those Braelyn, Courtney, and Ashley hugs! Gonna start referring to my granddaughters as “G-Paw’s Angels”. Kinda catchy I think.
* Well — work officially started again today as my weeks vacation is over – but i only did half day because of the Stress test. And i am taking Friday off so only 2 more days to work this week. Hope i can handle it.
* Anybody wanna talk about those Broncos? I haver a theory and it isnt all “bad defense” like I have been reading. Cutler claims to have a stronger arm than even Elway and i tend to believe it. I’m just afraid his thought processes, and possibly his leadership ability, tend to be closer to Plummer than Elway. You can have the power, and even the agility and accuracy, and still not be effective. Somebody’s gotta tell the boy it’s not only “what you got” but “what you do with it”. Okay ….. just my opinion die-hard fans.
* Tired of reading? I’m tired of writing too.

The Dad

My First Christmas!

December 26, 2008 by  

Boy did I get a good night sleep last night!  Finally, because I have been so tired having had so much to do for the past week.  I flew to Denver on the 19th with my mommy and daddy, and we rented a car and drove to Fort Collins and picked up my cousin Courtney who rode to Casper, Wyoming with us.  We got to grandma and grandpa’s house where we spent almost a whole week.  It was really fun, but there were so many people around that I didn’t sleep much because I didn’t want to miss out on a thing!

While in Casper, I got to spend time with a lot of my family that I never get to see, so it was so much fun!  I played at Great-Grandma Hotshot’s house with all of her Christmas toys.  They play music and I like to dance to it.  I also like crawling around her house and exploring all the really fun stuff.  I got stuck a few times!  Daddy is going to put some pictures up on his website, maybe on mine, too.  I loved seeing my great-grandma.  She loves me so much and I love her, too!

I also got to see my Great-Grandpa Carlen.  This funny guy just keeps kissing and loving on me.  He gave me so many kisses this past week that I won’t know what to do without them.  He is so lucky… he is going to spend a whole month in California.  I haven’t ever been to California, but my mommy and daddy said we’ll go there sometime and go to Disney Land and see our family out there.  I can’t wait!

I also got to see my Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Mikey and my cousins Stephen and Ashley.  They all love me, too!  It was really fun spending time with them and going over to their house to party like the rockstar I am!  When I grow up I hope I can dance as good as Ashley.  Ashley and Courtney both tell me how hot Zac Efron is.  He is cute, but I don’t like boys yet.  I also am going to learn karate like Stephen so I can keep all the boys away from me!

Of course I also got to spend a lot of time with my Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Steve.  Boy, I sure love them and wish I could see them a lot more.  I have been lucky to see them a lot this first year of my life, especially considering how far away they live from me.  They love me lots and it was sure fun seeing them in person instead of on the computer like we always do.

I can’t forget to mention that my oldest cousin Brandon “Big B” was there for some of the time and so was my cousin Keegan.  They were fun to hang out with, too!  I just wish that Big B, Nathan,  and my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Tony could have been in Casper for Christmas Eve with us.  It’s ok, though, because I got to go see them on Christmas Day in Fort Collins.  It was weird to see them all at the hospital because Big B had surgery on Christmas Eve morning.  His surgery went well!  He looked different with a bandage all over his head, but I got to see him after they took it off and he had cheeks just like me!  Big B loves me lots and kept holding my hand.  He is so special, I love him so much.  Nathan thinks I’m pretty cool, too.  He always likes to hold me when I see him.  I can’t believe how big he is now!  I will get to see him in May when he graduates from high school.  It was really fun seeing all of the Lechers, even if it was at the hospital.

Besides seeing everyone for Christmas, I had a lot of firsts while in Casper.  I went to church for the first time and I was such a good girl.  I really liked it and want mommy and daddy to take me to church more often.  I think God is pretty cool!  I also took two steps on several occasions.  Everyone clapped and told me how big I was — they are so weird!  And, I got lots of presents!  Aunt Stephanie cheated and gave me one of my presents a few days early.  It was a really neat play purse full of fun stuff.  I also got a coat and a bunch of clothes from my grandma and grandpa.  I got a really pretty (even if my daddy doesn’t think so) leopard print outfit from the Lovatos and Ashley.  The Lechers got me some really cute purple overalls and matching shirt.  Great Granpa Emmett gave me one of my great-grandma cookie’s collector beanie babies, and my great-grandma hotshot gave me money that mommy and daddy are putting into my savings account for me.  While all of the presents were neat, I really loved playing with the wrapping paper and bows!  I also loved dancing to all the music that was played.

On Christmas Day we flew back home where I got even more presents.  None topped seeing my Bubba again!  I really missed him but was happy to see him when we picked him up from his Daddy/SD’s house.  When we got home, I got to open more presents from Santa, Mommy, Daddy and Bubba!  I got a big kitchen to play with, a really neat musical stand with a computer just like daddy’s, an awesome Dave Matthews Band shirt and more!  It was a great first Christmas, that’s for sure.

This morning when I woke up after a long, really great sleep in my own bed, I got to see my Hoover (and the other dog) again!  I really missed them, too.

Well, I think I need to go take a nap.  I am exhausted just thinking about all of the wonderful time I got to spend with my family and all of the fun and pretty presents I got.  I can’t wait for Sunday because I get to have another Christmas with my Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw, my uncle Chris, Aunt Sandy and my cousins Cayse and Wyatt.  I bet more people will be there, too.  And then, in just a couple of weeks I will get MORE presents because it will be my First Birthday!  Oh, the excitement.  I am tired.  Watch for pictures and probably even some Hoover videos coming soon!


Braelyn Grace

Well I think it’s time for me to take a nap.  I am so exhausted just thinking about all of the

A Weird But Blessed Christmas

December 26, 2008 by  

Where to start? What a week! See if i can recap it:

* Brandon went down to Fort collins for a Dr. appointment last week (thursday I believe) and brought Keegan (Butchie) back with him.
* I went through a bunch of medical tests to try to figure out why I was in so much pain. Was finally diagnosed and began medication for Shingles.
* Ryan, Rebecca, and Braelyn flew in to Denver on Friday, rented a car, stopped in Fort Collins and picked up Courtney, and arrived here in Casper Friday afternoon.
* Sunday I quit caffeine and one of my medications, per Dr. instruction, in preparation for a stress test to be administered at the Medical Center on Monday morning.
* Vickie accompanied me to hospital Monday, caffeine headache and all, only to learn I was a week early and the test is scheduled for the 29th! Sheesh!
* Packed Brandon’s vehicle up with clothing, desk, & futon and he headed to Fort Collins on Tuesday. That’s gonna leave a big hole in our lives for awhile – he has really been fun to have around.
* Christmas Eve started out rather confusing. We didn’t know for sure what our schedule was going to be but we all hung in there and guess what —- turned out great. Mom came over around 3, Betty & Emmett met us at the church at 4, we all enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve service then came to the house for a great Dinner with Turkey and all the trimmings, we then opened gifts and I believe that a good time was had by all.
* 5:30 Christmas morning Ryan, Rebecca, Braelyn, and Courtney in one car – Vickie, Butchie, and i in another – headed for Fort Collins. Went straight to the hospital at Loveland where Brandon was recovering from over 5 freakin’ hours of surgery on Christmas Eve.
* Met up with Wendy & Tony & Nate at B’s room and visited a couple of hours. They had “attempted” to sleep in B’s room but I am thinking they got very little actual sleep. What a dedicated and loving support group for the B – his parents are amazing, his Lecher grandparents stayed with them through the entire surgery and into the following day, and the rest of his family prayed and supported him from all over the country! I AM DAMN PROUD OF THE ELLEDGES, THE LECHERS, AND RELATED PARTIES! I wouldn’t be anything else (even if i had a choice lol)!
* We got B to his parents around early afternoon on Christmas Day – a great gift for us all and he looks really great “unwrapped”. When the Doc took the bandages off it was incredible to me!
* Vic and i drove back to Casper Christmas night so that our “girls” wouldn’t be here alone all night _ who knows what they might invent to do to retaliate? LOL
* Sooo… it’s the day after Christmas and what do I think?
* I love my family so much – every last one of them. I am blessed beyond belief. I realized that I have a remarkable and diverse group surrounding me that are irreplaceable.
* God is so good. How could anyone think that all that has happened in one week in my life is “chance”? Wow …… I am truly blessed.
* The week was hectic, the week was a little painful, the week was perfect because I was able to connect with so many of this amazing family .

Peace and love and God’s grace to each and every one of you.

It appears the wind has stopped – or at least died down – another miracle! Think I will go out and stack some firewood if it isnt too cold. If it is ….. I’m not too bad at vegging – still have some Gallactica episodes to look at courtesey of the B!

The Dad

Comment on I Can Really Dance! by Vickie

December 23, 2008 by  

Loved the video… nice moves baby doll

Comment on Welcome to My New Site! by grandma

December 23, 2008 by  

Cool site Brae and Bubba. Happy Thanksgiving. I will miss seeing your guys

Comment on Braelyn’s First Santa Picture by Vickie

December 23, 2008 by  

This is the year she will be so much fun. Glad she is not afraid of the old bearded man. Darling picture. Hey Spencer… Were you afraid to sit on Santa’s lap????
Love to all..

Comment on A Long Overdue Saturday Morning Update by Steve

December 23, 2008 by  

Good to see a blog from you again. Enjoy them. I need to talk to your mother and the Pug sisters – I only get the 1 foot! I’m envious of your extra .5!
The Dad

Comment on Daily Digest for 2008-11-08 by Ryan Elledge

December 23, 2008 by  

Me neither. Something a plugin was doing. I turned it off.

Comment on Daily Digest for 2008-11-08 by Steve

December 23, 2008 by  

I don’t understand this?

Comment on Oh Bad Drive, Bad Drive by rrostie

December 23, 2008 by  

Why not use Raid 1?
My wife’s Dell has Raid and we’ve had to replace a hard drive twice (so far.)

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