Braelyn Walking Video

February 28, 2009 by  

Posted on her website, … but here it is for you to see!

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Of Course I Can Walk!

February 28, 2009 by  

I am 13 and a half months, really almost 14 months old. Why would you ask if I can walk? To prove it to you, daddy got Hoover off his lazy dog bottom and made this video of me. The proof is in the pudding! I love pudding….

Dodgers vs Cubs Preseason Game

February 27, 2009 by  

So, on Wednesday of this week I was fortunate enough to be in Arizona for the kickoff of Spring Training in the Cactus League. Shawn Hashmi and I cut out of the data center early and caught the afternoon game at Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona. It was the Dodgers at the Cubs. Took my camera in and mostly took photos of people in the crowd as we sat behind home plate and had the backstop between us and the field. Figured I would show you one of my favorite pictures from the afternoon.

Amazing Video Footage?

Amazing Footage?

While I figured most cameras would probably display an alert that the lense cover is closed, this guy was “taking ” all around for quite some time. I feel bad for the guy… if he ever figures out how to watch the he took, he will undoubtedly be disappointed to know he didn’t take and . Ah, the complications of technology….

You can find the rest of my photos uploaded in my gallery in the Miscellaneous section under Baseball.

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Another day

February 27, 2009 by  

Well all is going well in Lecherville. Tony stlill has a job, for this we are very thankkful. Brandon is still planning on coming back to Casper in the very near future, we are glad about that, but on the other hand we are not so sure. We will miss him lots!!!!!! Best of luck to you Big B, hope everything goes as planned. Nate, welll your guess is as good as mine. He always has something up his sleeve. I sure hope he realizes how inmportant it is to have a plan. But not sure he does!!! Natie had an awesome year at wrestling this year, he just has not figured that out yet! I understand that when you don’t do what you are expected to do it is very difficult, but he will see the light soon, I hope! I believe he will have many oppertunities to wrestle in college if he so choices. We hope he does, so it won’t cost so much. Well, little sis is doing just great. She has been very busy with volleyball try-outs. She is an amazing athelet, so we are sur she will make the team. (varsity if I am guessing).Keegan is getting ready for all state wrestling, he has to weigh in tonight. All seventy four pounds of him. He is such a great kid, we are very proud. Everyone sy a prayer for him to do well. We apperciate all the help we can get. Well our neice Ashley is dancing ing Billlings this weekend, we wish her the very best! Although she really does not need it, because she is awesome as it is. Good Luck Ashley!!!!!! Well it has been very nice talking to you all I better get going now. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Different Directions

February 26, 2009 by  

Ashley and I are headed to Billings, Montana this weekend for another dance competition. She is going for title in the Senior Divison. It seems just like yesterday that she donned that first little red tutu! She is nervous but is well rehearsed. This magical power seems to come over her when she gets on stage. She knows how to work the audience and judges. Oh yea…she THINKS she is driving on the interstate!…not sure about that one.

Mike and Stephen are headed to Evanston to see Mike’s dad. He has been in Hospice since January and seems to be getting better. He is dropping the water weight that was putting the strain on his heart. I am not sure why they moved him to Hospice in the first place. He is definately showing a will to live. Still goes out every couple of hours and smokes though. Stephen is excited to see his cousin Savannah. She is one month younger than him and he has never met her.

Tally is off to the kennel. She is going to be so confined. With all of this beautiful weather she has worn out the backyard. We have to coax her in at night.

i can do this

February 26, 2009 by  

ok so tomorrow is the last night of volleyball tryouts!!!! they only have 2 more girls to cut and so the coaches were talking to some of the girls like 6 i think and told them that they are the ones they are chosing from and guess what…i was not in that huddle! but i still am going to work super duper hard…but the bad thing is that three of my friends were in the huddle so that is the only hard thing about it. but this is what i heard from a friend so i can finally breathe though. like this whole thing has taken my breathe away. i have softball tonight to so i will be pretty tierd tonight. also the volleyball coach has me as a setter which i am so happy because i tried out to be a setter. well i still have to eat so i think i will do that before i go to softball i will talk to you all later!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Comment on a moms love by The mom

February 25, 2009 by  

It is really great that you are on here. Nothing like keeping up with the family on the internet. We are all so proud of Nate and the maturity he has achieved this year. We are also glad that Brandon is going back to CC in the summer. Courtney’s tryouts and softball going well and Keeg… well he is going to do his best to keep everyone busy. Good job Keegan. Hope your week is going well. Love to all


February 25, 2009 by  

Ok so the first cuts for volleyball was today….i survived….and i dont know if my friends are trying to be nice but they say i wont get cut…i hope they are true…and only god knows what is instore for me next…bee is coming over for dinner. that is good. and i have lots of homework to do but i dont really want to do it at all. i have history and i have to study for my science test which is like this csap type thing. i should probably go get started on that but I DONT WANNA lol. well i guess i will talk to you later and i will keep you all posted. Love you.
Live your life to the fullest!

Dad Bullets * * * *

February 25, 2009 by  

* Really am enjoying everyone starting to use the page. Nice to be in the loop with your lives! FaceBook is fine but these blogs are priceless.
* Flying to Chicago tomorrow morning. Then two days in a bus to parts of Wisconsin on a small town “Mainstreet Rennovation” tour – then back to Chicago for a 4-day conference. Back to Casper next Wednesday.
* Feeling like I might want to start thinking a little more seriously about retirement. Have “sometime” in the next 3 years as my goal.
* The Dad’s advice for today: “Follow your dreams —- except for the one where you are naked in church!” LOL
* I really never knew how little I knew about Sophie while Mags was here …. she is a unique and sweet creature. We bond more every day.
* I hope everyone enjoyed el presidente’s message to Congress last night – I enjoyed it with the television off playing games on the computer. Best way I could think of to endure it.
* Work is going well – (I said that with a straight face). Lest you get the wrong idea – no problems and I love & believe in what I do – just think I am starting to burn out.
* I wish you all a great day & week!
The Dad

a moms love

February 24, 2009 by  

Just checking in and letting everyone know how proud of my children I am. First ther is Brandon, you all know he has been strugling with the decision as to go back to Casper, or stay in Fort Collins? Well he has made the choice to go back to school in Casper, for this we are very proud of him. He is truely an amazing young man, and we feel his choice will serve him well in the future. Great choice Big B, know we will miss you lots but support your decision. Next there is Nathan, well he is a much stronger person than his father and I are. We have both been trying to figure out why he did not place at the state wrestling tourament. But Natie has the right answers. Just that it was not in Gods plan. How mature is that? Much better than I!!!!!!! Nate we are so proud of you, you are awesome at all you do! Keep up the great work. Sissy, well she is busting her you know what at volleyball try-outs. She is great because she always gives 100 percent at all she does. We are proud of her too! Good luck Courtney Morgan, go for all your dreams! Just so you all know she is doing awesome at softball, she is an amazing young lady. And then there is Keegan, well he is going to wrestle in the all state tournament this weekend. Along with wrestling he is busy with baseball practice. He is such a natual at all he does we are sure he will be just fine. Well Tony and I are good too. Just busy trying to keep up. We sure love you all and can’t wait to be able to spend some time with everyont. Just don’t know when that will be. Love you all so much! See I am getting better at this blogging thing! Love, Wendy

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