C.J Call Home!

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A very scary and mysterious development going on at work. I rent an office in a suite that is leased to the Casper Area Economic Development(CAEDA) group. Myself, our Business Council Ag Manager, and my Admin Assistant plus 3 from University of Wyoming occupy the suite along with the CAEDA staff of 4. The newest staff member of CAEDA is C.J. Swenson, a recent graduate of Seattle University with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in Economics …. a real brain!.
C.J. is a quiet young man, kind of hard to get to know. He is a deep thinker and an avid reader. Reads magazines like The Economist cover to cover – intelligent guy. Takes a while to warm up to because he is so timid & meek but I have really gotten to like him. Just a really mysterious guy. He is very conscientous and thorough. Anyway …………………
C.J. left work last Friday and we haven’t seen or heard from him since. Didn’t show up Monday, didn’t call (this is a guy who calls if he is 5 minutes late). His phone goes direct to answering service. Didn’t show again this morning or call. His mother phoned about 9:00 this morning to inquire if we knew his whereabouts. No one had seen or heard from him since Friday. Then his boss inquired at his favorite book & coffee store and learned that he had spent a good part of Saturday there reading, drinking coffee, and staring out the front window on to Center street.
It is known he has some friends in Billings and presumably Seattle but nobody knows who they are. Anyway, his mother informed us that a Missing Persons Report has been filed and the police may be stopping by to ask questions. They didn’t show today – maybe tomorrow. She asked if he had been acting strange Friday. Heck, I visited with him Friday afternoon and he seemed as normal as C.J. can seem. Anyway I am worried ….. this kind of stuff bothers me so I am asking for all of you to pray for CJ’s safe return. Don’t have a clue what is going on and that is when the worst cases start crossing my mind.
AND – just to add a little intrigue the phone rang here at the house tonight between 5:30 and 6:00 – Vic answered and whomever hung up. Happens alot right? Yep – but just to work my imagination the caller ID showed a female name and the number was from Billings! I called it back within two minutes and tried several times later – just rang & rang & no answer. Could CJ have been trying to contact me and got cold feet when Vic answered? Is he in Billings with some chickie baby? OR, has my imagination run amok? After all, he doesnt work for me – though I probably talk with him more than anyone there and feel like we have some sort of rapport. He is really difficult to communicate with and hard to get to know. Man …. I just hope he is all right!
And ….. maybe they have located him by now ….. I probably wouldnt hear until tomorrow. But I have had texts tonight from both his boss and a coworker of his telling me there is nothing new and asking if I have heard anything.
This is “Without a Trace” type stuff man …….. hope it turns out well. Say a prayer for CJ.

The Dad

Saturday morning…………..

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* Grey and cool looking outside …… snow on the ground. Another white Wyo weekend. Hope it clears later.

* Just chatted with Courtney on FaceBook – they are heading to Keegan’s baseball game. Said it is nice there.

* A friend in Phoenix said he is playing golf this morning.

* The son is at the Lake – nice in Missouri sounds like.

* B down in Fort Collins for the weekend to see he pals.

* Vickie getting ready to leave for the day to day #2 of a Ruth Graham conference at the church. She is loving it. Good for her.

* Mike heading out for Salt Lake this morning – his mother not doing real well. Keep praying.

* Earlier this week I was hoping to start on my patio extension this weekend but think I will pass given the weather.

* Cancelled our photo-shoot flight yesterday due to the storm so got alot done in the office.

* My monthly Monday meeting in Cheyenne scheduled for this coming week was cancelled so I get another day in the office. I’m not sad about that …. I think a little less travel is okay by me. Classify that as “work related” travel. I am definitely ready to go someplace for Rest & Relaxation! Have some vacation time available – need to find some cool way to use it!

* My mother says she needs some groceries so looks like I might have an exciting weekend eh? LOL Also got license plates to put on the Lincoln. Kind of nice to have a second car on weekends particularly so when Vic needs hers I can still leave the house! Actually we have gotten by well with one car for the past few years but I really want a pickup so plan to use the Lincoln as a trade. Now to find a truck …. that is my mission.

Love y’all – whoever you are! Peace…

The Dad

Another Friday

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* Been a really long week. Apparently I got “off” a day earlier in the week so today is my 3rd Friday – hope this one is real!

* Prayers for Mike’s mother. And for Mike and family. Hope all turns out well. I don’t know much about spinal meningitis, in fact as you can see I probably don’t know how to spell it.

* I’m supposed to fly for an hour this afternoon with an aerial photographer who wants to shoot some wind generators from the air. We have the plane lined up – weather permitting! Weather looks “iffy” – gray & overcast – rain & maybe some snow predicted — we’ll just wait & see.

* Been awesome here all week – why do the weekends always have to be the pits? Guess they all aren’t, it just seems that way.

* Little Steve sitting here next to me this morning – playing computer before school. What a kid – started baseball practice this week. Playing the outfield for the Mariners so i have named him ‘Ichiro Lovato” – has a certain ring to it.

* Gotta head for work. Love & Peace to all. I wish you good fortune as you deal with Obamanomics in our Obamanation.

The Dad

Tony is 39 …. ole’

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Friday Bullets

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* So …. where is everybody? On Facebook? We need to rev this page up somehow?

* So … it has snowed for two solid days but it is a really wet snow and it has remained relatively warm so – streets are just wet – not sticking. Just saw some pretty green grass poking through — we are getting some good spring moisture.

* Going to depart early tomorrow morning for Fort Collins – weather permitting – Vic & I and Big B. Going to wish Anthony Lee Lecher a happy birthday and see what’s going on down that way. I’m really looking forward to it so hope weather lets us do it!

* Well …. we “almost” sold the motorhome but close only counts in horseshoes. And we learned some bad news in the process. Some folks Steph turned our way took a look and really liked the unit I believe – were going to drive it this weekend but were excited enough about it that they went to their bank yesterday. All good eh? Then they got the bad news … the loan value on it is significantly lowere than they, and we, hoped. Couldn’t get enough on the damn thing to even make an offer we could talk about! I got a feeling we are going to have a heck of a time finding someone to make us well on that deal. Loan value is down significantly! Oh well — we hadn’t been advertising it yet – Streph just helped us out word – of – mouth. Thanks Steph – it was a much appreciated try!

* Work is work. We are trimming budget (10% so far) and likely no cost of living adjustment July 1 to our salaries. Sucks – and Wyoming is in good fiscal shape compared to most. Somebody needs to sit me down and explain Economics 101 to me cause I don’t get this stuff.

* Peace and love to anyone who reads this —– oh, and to all of those who don’t!

The Dad

My First Haircut!

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Braelyn gets her first haircut

Braelyn gets her first haircut

Today, I got my first haircut! I know you thought I would never have enough hair on my head to get it cut, but our friend Stephanie Murphy kept saying I was getting a mullet, so mommy and daddy took me to Shear Madness to get my very first haircut. They didn’t get to cut too much off, but the really nice lady cleaned me up nice and even put a braid in my hair! Daddy thinks I look really cute, but he tells me that all the time. While getting my haircut I got to sit in a really neat car and even watch tv, but I must admit, I was a little curious as to what was going on… I wasn’t real sure I was having a good time. But, I survived!

How BIG is Tomorrow?

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Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.
Pure and simple it is a celebration of the anniversary of THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT in the incredible history of mankind! There has never been anything that has had a total impact on mankind of more significance or more importance. What would history look like had it not happened? Would we be here?
God bless you.
The Dad

Snowing again (or still …..can’t remember if it ever stopped….)

April 4, 2009 by  

Saturday morning – I guess i really never have to try to figure out what to do here on Saturday morning – just get up like a robot, get dressed, and go start the snowblower. Seems like we have been getting alot of it since January. Will look back and be thankful in August for all of the snowpack I imagine. BUT – right now it could stop anytime.

The past week had some highlights: The Big B worked a 40 hour, 8 to 5, week at the Bank (well the schedule altered a little during his orientation Monday & Tuesday). That kid cleans up really nice and he seems to really like what he is doing. Good for B. He has been trying to learn how to sleep at night like the rest of us LOL. Sleeping nights and working days is a new concept for him I think.

Wendy has been battling some kind of a stomach virus or something. Word out of Fort Collins is she is feeling better now. Still waiting on a test result I think but it all sounds positive. We love you Wendy – we will keep on praying for a full return to good health.

Stephanie had a day or two off early last week also to nurse a sick kid. Stephen had a bad case of something and was out for a day or two. I’m guessing he has made a full recovery because he is off to Green River this weekend to collect some more martial arts bling! He brought by all of the trophies and medals he won last weekend at Worland – really kicked some hiney up there!

Vic & Sophie still snuggled in bed this morning. I’d sneak in and take a picture and post it here but I’ve been married a long time and I dont want to jeopardize it! LOL

We’re having a fun time at work – cut our budgets by 10% this past week at the direction of the Governor. Just a recommendation at this point but you can bet he is gonna do it. I think the next year will be a rough one in State Government and in our group. Kind of a doomsday mentality swirling around about the economy locally, nationally, and internationally. I would say if “attitude” counts, and i think it is a major factor in the economy, then we are in for some dark days nationwide. I understand reality but I also know that the power of the positive is significant. One local developer that I do some projects with laid out a quote a couple of weeks ago that I loved. He was asked if he was still interested in looking at a piece of property down by Glenrock for potential development and his answer was “Absolutely – we took a vote at our shop and voted not to participate in the Recession”. Gotta love working around folks like that. Doesnt hurt that he has been very successful and can take advantage of some opportunities as they come up – BUT – you don’t penalize him and take from him because he has succeeded IF you want to see anything else happen. Anyway – my kind of person. It’s great to be in a Red Red State! Just hope we can stay Red mentally!

Vic is up now so guess you can belay my previous paragraph. No chance to take a pic now anyway.

Time to get dressed and start the snowblower.

The Dad

Denver’s Future!!!

April 3, 2009 by  

Denver's Future!!!

Denver’s Future!!!

Enough said.

Thanks to my CEO, Phil Spencer, for brightening by day with this in an e-mail.