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As the title states, WANTED…helpers to clean out the garage this weekend. I’ll provide beer, broom, power washer and a 16.8 month old little helper, that is as cute as can be.

If you couldn’t guess, Ryan and I will be doing some "spring cleaning" around the Elledge casa this weekend. The garage is #1 on our priority list, followed by the laundry room (on my list) and possibly Ryan’s office (on his list????). Our garage hasn’t been cleaned in well, I don’t know how long. At least a year and maybe longer. It is a huge disaster. One would think you could get 4 cars into a four car garage, but I’m amazed that we can get two cars in there currently.

Tonight its laundry and cleaning…not too exciting for a Friday night.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in OP. In the mid 80’s and sunny. A great weekend to be at the lake, but we opted to stay back and clean…we are crazy! I’m going to take Brae to our neighborhood pool Saturday or Sunday for her to splash around a bit. It’s been a short, but long week. Work is crazy, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Spencer is headed to his dad’s tonight and then to Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill’s on Saturday night, after the Royals game. He is then leaving for Florida for a week’s vacation beginning Thursday – wish I were going!  Ryan’s parents set (I think I used that word correctly) out on a week long road trip, I think they left today. I think there stops include Denver, OKC, Memphis, Branson (yee-haw) and OP for a night. It’ll be nice to see them, if only for a day or so.  They will be back this direction towards the end of the month, but next time they will be bringing Stephanie, Ashley and Stephen with them. Mike has to work (bummer, I know he needs a vacation too)! I hope the weather is nice and not too hot while they are here. Should have a lot of fun things to do for them….maybe we should hold off cleaning the garage until then…hmmmm.

School is now out (as of Wednesday, 5/27) – I think I am happier than Spencer is. Braelyn can sleep in about 30 minutes later in the morning, and I don’t have to leave the house at 7:10 am and do my normal 30 minute drop-off routine. It’s to Deb’s and then to work. Crazy to think that next school year I’ll have another little one to tote around.

Well, I am finishing up my day early. Need to get Spencer and take him to his dad’s girlfriend’s office tonight. I’m not sure how I got suckered into that. Anyway, need to find my way around the Sprint campus…not going to be fun at 5:00!

Enjoy the weekend! 

Late Night Ramblings

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I keep telling myself I should get more consistent at writing some of my thoughts, as they seem to be short-lived the older I get. And while I would love to dissect specific topics and share my views, I have decided on this somewhat sleepless night, to just ramble the thoughts going through my head. So, here goes…

* Drove to Colorado last Thursday night to attend my nephew Nathan’s high school graduation in Fort Collins. Thursday was a pretty hectic day at work, and I wasn’t sure if I was still up for an all night drive. Well, I guess I wasn’t. The drive took just over 9 hours of drive time. I think I drove 4 hours, took over for about 2 while I took a cat nap, I drove, then she drove, then I drove again. Anyway, we made it, and Braelyn slept for the most part. Stopping for gas would wake her up and she would fuss a bit, but all-in-all, pretty good traveler she was.

* Speaking of stopping for gas… the tides turned this year. Last year gas was cheaper in Kansas, as I recall, and quite a bit more pricey in Colorado. This year, gas in Colorado was about 25 cents a gallon cheaper than Kansas. I am pretty sure that we just plain get screwed on gas during the summer. Some say they bring out the “summer blend” which is less pollutant. I say they jack up the prices because they know people will be traveling more.

* Further thought on gas… at the last week, gas was over $2.64 per gallon (on the water). This is a significant improvement over last year’s prices which were in excess of $4.25 per gallon. We’ll see next time I am down there if my theory of sticking it to the consumer is right… now that Memorial Day has come, the boat season is officially on and I bet gas prices have shot up on the .

* Back to graduation and the trip to Colorado. It was great to see my parents, both of my sisters, my two awesome brother-in-laws, and all of my nephews and nieces. A mini family reunion! Had a great time seeing everyone. Wish I could have seen my and my , but doesn’t travel anymore because of her age and arthritis, and doesn’t travel much as his Alzheimers continues to progress (such a sick, sick disease).

* I am so proud of … he is an awesome “kid”, or should I say, young man. He had a lot of fun, and I could definitely tell he was happy reaching this milestone in life. It was awesome he let hang out with him a bunch… made it a great trip for .

* Two of the kids are now graduated… or, “gradumamated” as calls it.

* Sidebar: watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno… it’s the final week with Jay as host after 17 years. He has owned the late night ratings for 15 of the years, but I suspect Dave Letterman will take that title over real soon, as I don’t think the traditional Tonight Show audience is going to enjoy the ever annoying Conan O’brien. Time will tell, but I predict a turn-about in ratings.

* The world is in a mess, and while many are thankful is “in charge”, I for one am not. With North Korea going nuts, I really wish we had a better commander in chief. I fear we will “talk” our way into a major issue with them… those nuts aren’t messing around. I don’t really mean this, but I sometimes think we should show them the power of the nuke and show ‘em just how dangerous they are. As I said, I don’t really mean that, but we better not tinker around here. We must take some serious action before they do.

* So, California’s supreme court says no-no to gay marriage, except for the 18,000 that did it before the election in November. Surprisingly, as a very conservative person, this is just one of those topics I don’t really have a solid opinion on. In this, the land of the free, who are we to tell people who they can be with and who they can’t? While we don’t have to condone or agree with things, this is the land of diversity and I hate to see people not have the right to be who they are, and to be with whomever they want. I don’t think it really hurts us as a society for gays to be married. Of course there is the argument that it can run insurance and medical costs up because of the associated risks of AIDS and whatnot, I think we have a lot of other issues affecting us economically that don’t infringe upon people’s rights. There are a lot of “legal” things that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean they should be illegal. Oh well, just some ranting on a topic that I, as I said before, don’t have a real solid opinion on, though I guess as I typed this, maybe I do… Hope I don’t get banned from the Republican Party or the Christian religion for my thoughts on it.

* Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks ’s four week mark after his leg surgery. Four more weeks until he gets checked-up, and hopefully cleared to increase his activity. has pretty well decided he is done with his no activity period, and we find it harder by the day to keep the big dawg down. Tonight he wanted to jump and play and it took some serious force and stern words to get him to refrain. Poor guy… just wants to have some fun! And Sophie wasn’t helping…. she wants to play, too. She kept bringing toys over and dropping them in front of Hooverm trying to entice him into play. Fortunately, from my perspective, he seems to be getting much better, and I certainly hope a month from now, he will get cleared to run a bit!

* Braelyn continues to grow, run, play, make messes…. she is such a doll. One thing is she seems to find countless ways to get bruised. From running into walls and doors, to tripping over imaginary lines, the girl is showing some marks! Good thing is she is rarely hurt… hopefully she will progress quickly into a bit more control! Her curiosity definitely gets the best of her at times. She is going to be a great big sister, though… she knows where the baby is now. Well, she has narrowed it down at least… sometimes it’s in ’s tummy and other times it is in her tummy!

* The ‘rents are going on a 2500 mile or so journey in about a week, with a final stop through OP next Friday/Saturday. Will be great to see them again, even though its only been a few days.

* Hope the Nuggets make it to the finals! While I like Coach Phil and the Lakers as a rule, I don’t much care for Kobe Bryant, and would love to see do well! Of course, I really don’t care for the NBA, so let’s just scrap this point altogether.

* Learned some sad news when in Fort Collins. One of my all-time favorite teachers, Tom Staffelino, has and isn’t expected to make it more than another week or two. I really loved this guy as a teacher, and really got to know him on more of a personal level after high school when I was officiating high school sports and when I did my student teaching at Kelly Walsh High School. I hate to see the good ones go down. Staff, or Coach Staff as we all called him, was probably my second favorite teacher in Junior/Senior High School. Bill Callahan was definitely my all time favorite, and he passed quite a few years ago. Mr. Bocott, my 6th grade teacher, was in my top few, and he, too, has already passed. Other notable teachers were Mrs. Finchem (3rd grade), who I believe is still kickin’ it, and Ms. Simons (also still kickin’). I’m sure there are more, but these few definitely left lasting impressions on me in a positive way. I had those that left non-positive impressions, too… one old hag who taught physics but thankfully I can’t remember her name… man, she was a beyatch…. oh, I digress. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with Staff and his family and friends. His life was spent grooming young men and women to make something of themselves… and he succeeded.

* Of A Revolution (O.A.R.) concert coming up on June 6th at Sandstone… can’t wait! One of my favorite bands.

* Dave Matthews Band new studio album comes out Tuesday… Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Can’t wait to get it. Also can’t wait until June 17 ( and my third anniversary)… we will be spending it in St Louis at the concert. Great way to celebrate our anniversary!

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for tonight. You can see my head wanders a lot…. maybe blogging it will help me get to sleep. I will finish my glass of A to Z wine and turn off the tube.

Hey, life is short… we are all on this earth for a millisecond in time… make the best of it, enjoy it, and be happy. Catch me on twitter (@relledge) for my thoughts in 140 characters or less at a time.



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Gradummmuation (sp?)

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* Nathan Taylor Lecher is a HighSchool graduate …. or as he so proudly proclaims “he has gradummmmuated”. I can say it sometimes – don’t know if I can spell it like he says it.

* Vickie and I were in Grandparent heaven – all of our kids and all of our grandkids at the same time. What a family – we are truly blessed.

* Tony’s parents and all of his siblings also there. Good to see them all also. His mom makes outstanding cinnamon rolls – thank you Lily!

* Found a really nice haven in Littleton called Fat City or Bigg City or something like that. There was something there for everyone and i believe all who came had a good time. All indoors so was great on a sparodically rainy day.

* Was a happy weekend but today i have been thinking quite a bit about “Little Taters” and I get a little teary-eyed. Where does time go? Brandon & Nathan are both young men now – I’m not positive but I am afraid that would qualify me as an old man! Even if Vickie and I were married as gradeschoolers??? LOL

* One day at the office this week – then two days at Jackson for Board meeting – then off on our adventure: Denver to a Rockies game – then Oklahoma City jusy because we haven’t been there – then Memphis to visit Mike & Judy – then Branson, MO (again because we have never been there) – then a quick stop at BGE & Spencers place in Kansas (though Spencer is dogging us in favor of Florida – go figure) – then home. Lotta miles in a week but I am pumped for it. Going to be fun to spend a little time with Vic!

* Peace and love to family and friends. I feel pretty damned lucky to be a part of this group.

The Dad


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* House paint project coming along. The painters left a bit early today – threat of thunder showers I guess — so far just a threat —no action!

* Steph & Ashley play softball tonite. Think we will go by for a little bit and see if they play well together.

* Stephen played last night – had a nice hit and played a really solid second base.

* Nates last day of Highschool was today _ got a text message from him saying he is done with Highschool. Congrats Nate! The world is at your doorstep.

* Going down for the Graduation ceremonies this weekend. Excited to see everyone and proud to be Nates G-Paw!

* B left awhile ago for FC for a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning. Then he is heading back for work – then back to FC on Friday for nates Graduation. He has to work Friday in order to get paid for next Monday’s holiday —– se la vie.

* Not much else to report ….. been hot here and that is good. Hope all is well.

The Dad

Summer ??

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* Yesterday and today can be definitely categorized as “summer”! Very warm – I screwed up by not hooking up the cooler this past weekend.

* Went to Cheyenne for a meeting yesterday morning and drove back yesterday afternoon. One of those trips that was awesome – no wind, blue skies, green hills & plains, majestic mountains. Perfect day in Wyoming.

* Looking forward to this weekend. Off to Fort Collins for Nathan’s graduation. Nate’s all growed up now ….. wow …. very hard to imagine. Have a picture here on the wall in front of me of Nate & The B when they were probably 2 & 4 or 3 & 5? Cute kids! What happened LOL? Actually they are what the girls likely call “hotties” now eh? LOL

* Going to work now. Have lunch today with an area politician. Nice guy – interested in what I am up to so I committed to brief him quarterly. Whooppee!

* House painters are starting the scraping and caulking to paint our house today. I am happy it is finally our turn in the rotation. The place is starting to look a little shabby. It has been a few years.

* Next week is our Board meeting in Jackson – I am driving home next Thursday night and we are heading out for a week of adventureous vacation on Friday. Rockies game in Denver – overnight in Oklahoma City – peek in on Mike & Judy in Memphis for a couple of days – spend a couple of days in Branson, Missouri, then stop by and check up on BGE & Hoove & Spencer for a day on the way back. That’s the plan – always subject to modifications of course. Will be nice.

* God bless you allo – have a great day!

* Still waiting here – I forget – when does life with Obama at the helm start to get better? Maybe we changed the definition of “better” too?

The Dad

The Dad: Update…a lengthy one

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Update…a lengthy one

May 15, 2009 by  

First of all…TGIF! It has been a long week, long month and long year – and it’s only May! I am blessed that I have a job in this crazy economy, just wish it were a little more how I say enjoyable (at least somedays).

Ryan is headed to the lake with some guys for the weekend. I’m sure they will make a pit stop at Party Cove for several hours and enjoy the "natural environment". I hope that he has a good time, he needs the break from his stressful job. Which leaves Spencer, Braelyn and me. Spencer is going to a SOLD OUT Royals game tonight and then spending the weekend with Kevin. Now that leaves just Braelyn and me, we are going to veg tonight, while doing laundry and cleaning. Tomorrow we are going to plant flowers and enjoy being outside. Sunday – we have Jacob’s b-day party to attend and that is it. It should be a nice weekend.

School is out in less than two weeks. I know I’m ready for it to be out, and I think Spencer is too. He is going on vacation in June for a week with Grandpa Bill and Grandma Linda. I think they will have a ton of fun. I can’t think of a better way to spend a week but lounging by the pool and basking in the sun…so jealous!

We are going to attempt to drive to CO next weeknd for Nate’s graduation. We are driving, but I say attempt because it is our first "road trip" with Princess. It may very well be our last road trip…:-)!

We have several big events this summer/fall. #3 will be born at the end of June, that’s right Spencer is going to be another Big Brother, and Brae will be a big sis. We are due around 9/20 and are very excited. I can’t wait to get started on the little boy’s room. My oldest baby, is turning 16 in August!!! Both of my grandma’s (Brownsberber and Bradshaw) turn the big 9-0 this year. I have a cousin getting married on 9/19 (i hope to be there) and a good friend of mine is getting married at the end of August. Kind of a crazy summer for us.

Update on Hoover and Sophie. Hoover made it through his surgery with flying colors. If we can just get him to relax now (I think a tranqulizer might be needed). He can’t relax, he wants to be where everyone else is, and around everyone. I can’t blame him – I know that being stuck in a room is no fun. Only 6 more weeks pup. We had a scare with Sophie earlier in the week. She was not doing well at all. I took her to the vet, they gave her meds and know more blood in either her stools or vomit.

This is long enough, and I’m tired of typing. Enjoy all and we will see everyone soon!


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wow okayy so i havent been here for ever. i have been to caught up in facebook haha. oh and i must say softball and school. oh guess what 8.5 more days till i am out of that drama filled school! YES! cant wait. well guess what nate graduates in almost a week. wow where have all the days gone. i sure will miss him! NO JOKE!
Just like bee! wow keeg and i will be the only ones here…boring! jk keegan and i are mostly the only ones home with my mommy and daddy! well that will be fun i guess! and i like how nate is staying here in ft collins…wait i remember last night he was talking about chadrien and dickson college that is cool i guess. but another brother out of the state.. well i guess bee is this huge successful guy now! look at him. well i got to go!
~Life is a highway!~

I have not been here for a long time

May 10, 2009 by  

I remember lots of mother’s day weekend in the past…1st day of baseball season…Well it happened again yesterday. Stevie played his first little league game. He did awesome and was excited to be in his REAL uniform. Baseball and softball have been going on for weeks in Colorado so it is old hat for Courtney and Keegan already.
Graduation is in a few weeks. Good job Nate. Ashley went to her first formal last week, Nate went to Prom twice recently. Brandon went to the new Star Wars showing the other night with a friend. He says it was great. Brae has been busy this weekend with grandma and grandpa Bradshaw and she is going to be a big sister soon to a baby brother. She and Spencer will be great with having a new brother in the family. Hoover is recuperating nicely or so I hear…getting a bit bored though.

Just had a lovely Mother’s day brunch with Steph, Mike, Stevie and Ashley, Dorothy, Steve and I. Very nice… good food. Now I have to go tackle working on the rose bushes in our front yard.. That is always a not so fun undertaking.
Just spoke to Wendy. They are spending the balance of mother’s day at Softball.. Good luck girls. Brandon will be heading back to Casper soon I suppose and Ryan and Rebecca are probably enroute to KC from Las Vegas.
Love you all

I’m Back!

May 9, 2009 by  

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post. I guess I really have been posting a lot, but generally 140 characters at a time via my twitter account. But, this morning I am sitting in my hotel room, venti white chocolate mocca sitting beside me (thanks, !) and many rambles in my head. So, here we go… in no particular order, my rambles for the day:

* We’re having a baby boy! Yep, that’s right… the new baby has “boy parts” according to the nice lady who made pictures out of sound of the baby. The ultrasound pictures are posted at BabyElledge.com. They didn’t give us a real good picture of the boy parts, but we saw ‘em.

* Baby Boy is due around the 20th of September, and the doctor says everything looks good and he measures good. I can only hope he comes out as happy and healthy as his big sister Braelyn did.

* I don’t know what it is about the month of December but it sure has led to a bunch of September birthdays in my family. I guess it’s just the excitement of all the holidays….

* Yes, I think we have settled on a name.

* No, I am not going to post it just yet!

* Speaking of big sister Braelyn, she is doing just awesome and today is her 16th month . She is spending her “” away from mom and dad and is hanging out with her grandma and grandpa Bradshaw down in Harrisonville. She apparently had a fun day at the park and was sliding and swinging. Amazing how much I miss her when she’s not around. Oh well, we get to pick her back up tomorrow afternoon when we get back in town. She is really a high energy little girl… which is good, because she eats a ton… she would probably be fat if she wasn’t so high energy. At her 15 month checkup, she was at the 50% in height and 30% in weight. Just like her momma (brownie points).

* Funny sidebar… mentioned to me this morning that I was thinking she is fat and pregnant. No, I said… I wasn’t thinking pregnant. I think she laughed at that with her inside voice but her outside voice wasn’t laughing.

* Been a busy week or so of concerts. Had a great time at The Killer’s concert last week, followed by Jason Mraz last Wednesday (and he had the Plain White T’s opening for him which was awesome) and then last night Jason Mraz opened for Dave Matthews Band here in Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena. It was my first DMB show of the tour… tonight will be my 2nd. Last night’s show was good, a nice mix of some new songs which come out on their new album on June 2 and some old songs. I hope tonight is a great show.

* I saw Jamie Fulmer last night… she lives here in Vegas and she camped next to Gabe and I last year at the Gorge. Was great seeing her again. She is going back to the Gorge this year, so I’m sure that we’ll be camping by her and our England friends Ricardo and Nath. I can’t wait for the Gorge, except that it signals the end of summer.

* Happy mothers’ day tomorrow to the world’s #1 mom… my mom… ! Love ya, mom!

* is a great mom, too… she shares that #1 designation.

* Staying at the Luxor here in Vegas. My bad. I stayed here a loooong time ago, I think right after it opened up. Then, it was nice. Now, it is just dated. We have a spa suite, which is cool and nice sized, but the ammenities are crap. Aside from the vultures who try to “give us vouchers” at every turn downstairs (give us vouchers means buy over priced tickets to shows and get food vouchers), our room is misisng a remote control, has two tv’s which I predict will quit working when the conversion to digital tv transition takes place in June (assuming Obama doesn’t delay it again), has no mini-bar, has no coffee maker.. I could go on, but no use. Just know this will be my last stay at the Luxor.

* Cole Cercy, who played baseball for me when I was coaching the Oilers in a few years back, messaged me saying he, too, is in Vegas right now. He is golfing today and has dinner plans, but hopefully I will run into him in between.

* Ok, hint on the name… initials will likely be B-C-E, though alternately they might be B-K-E depending on how we decide to spell. Then again, they could be B-R-E or C-R-E or C-C-E or C-K-E. But, I bet they will be B-C-E. Will let you know sometime between now and September 20-ish.

* Hoover is recouping from his knee surgery quite well. Thankfully the hair on his shaved leg and spots is starting to come back in. While we’re in Vegas, he is staying at the Oxford Animal Hospital, where we sometimes board him when we’re gone. He is tired of his confinement, but he has about 6 1/2 weeks left of it. Restricted activity (something I figured he would be good at) is a pain in the butt… Hoover misses going outside and roaming, barking, and running the fence line with the neighbor dogs. I feel bad leaving him at the vet while we were gone, but I think it was better than having someone house sit this soon after the surgery. When , Spencer, Braelyn and I go to Colorado in a few weeks for my nephew ’s graduation (you are graduating still, aren’t you Nate?) we have a house sitter. Hopefully Hoover will be easier to handle by then.

I guess that’s enough rambles for today. Time to get a shower and hit the 100 degree city of Vegas. You should mark this date on the calendar, as I didn’t really get political on here… only one slight Obamaism. I should get an award!

Take care, and Happy Mothers’ Day tomorrow to all the mothers of the world.


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