Quick Politicks Me Off Moment

September 23, 2009 by  

All that keeps going through my head right now is the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update skit on Really? With Seth and Amy.

I mean, REALLY? It’s now ok for Massachusetts to fill a vacancy by an interim appointment now that the late “great” Ted Kennedy is dead? Really? It wasn’t okay in 2004 and 2006 for then Republican Governor Mitt Romney to fill vacancies with interim appointments, but now in 2009 it’s okay for a Democrat governor to do so? Really? I guess this is the change promised by Obama… Really… interesting… really.

I would love to hear from the left how this is right….

In God We Trust

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Brody Carlen Elledge

September 20, 2009 by  

Brody Carlen Elledge

My boy, , is home. At just over 2 days old, he’s making quite an impression in the house. has done well with him, but time will tell how well she will adjust to a prince invading her princess territory. But, so far so good!

It truly is quite amazing to experience bringing a human being into the world. Now, I don’t pretend to know what Rebecca went through for the past nine months, but I can tell you the scariest minutes of my life have been the minutes where and entered the world. It is such a relief when you first hear the baby cry and the doctors give the all clear signs! Then, it is nothing but joy.

Rebecca was a champ in both the delivery of and . I’m sure she was with Spencer, as well. I will admit that I got a bit more brave this time, and watched the whole thing instead of staring at the heart rate and contraction monitor like I did with . And yes, I even cut the cord. I must say, it is an amazing thing to witness. As for Rebecca and I, we plan this to be our last one. Heck, I am too old for this!

is very healthy and is doing well. He definitely sleeps a ton, but mixes in some feedings every couple of hours. His cry, despite what some of the pictures in his gallery may lead you to believe, is pretty quiet. As chaotic as it gets around here, he may need to turn the volume up a bit just to be heard. I am only hopeful though that he will grace us with sleep at night. has been absolutely a great baby… only two or three real bad nights in her 20+ months with us. I hope falls in her footsteps! Then again, he may make us pay… time will tell but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and congratulatory remarks over on Facebook and Twitter. It is much appreciated.

While I will head back to the office this week, Rebecca’s six weeks or so of vacation begin. Yeah, right… I know! She will definitely have her hands full. She is a terrific mother. I, as well as my kids, am very fortunate.

Have a great week, and here’s to wishing my father safe travel back to Wyoming tomorrow. I wish he could stay awhile longer, but duty calls….

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Live, From Menorah Hospital

September 17, 2009 by  

and I made it here to Menorah Hospital in Overland Park, KS to deliver our baby boy, Brody. She is lying in the bed filling out form after form, and answering all the same questions we had to answer just a few days ago. But this time, we won’t be sent home. Today, she is being induced and the little Broad-meister will join us sometime today. Exciting times. Will update this blog posting periodically today, and pictures will, of course, be forthcoming.

An exciting day! Wish us well.

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This is the week….

September 13, 2009 by  

Well, the week has arrived, though we anticipated the newest Lil’ B, Brody, would have already come. If he doesn’t make an appearance before Friday, will be induced and he should arrive probably midday on Friday. I am so excited to have a son on the way, but afraid as well. Life will drastically change… again… with the second infant in the house. has done much of the with , but I am going to have to step my game up quite a bit. It will be challenging, with going 100 mph, but it will definitely be worth it. Our will be complete… yep, I am proclaiming right here, right now that this will be the last. How to make that happen is subject to debate here in my house, but one way or another, I think we’re done!

Brody’s room is coming along… the walls are painted, quite a bit of decor has arrived (but has not been hung). The new carpet is in, the crib, chainging table and rocking chair have been relocated from ’s room to Brody’s. I have a guy who is going to build me some cool wooden lockers for his room, and those won’t be done for about 4-6 weeks, but that will be the finishing touch. Now, if I could just get his baseball ceiling light working… the fan works, but not the lite. Someday I will master being an electrician. That someday will probably be right after my pops arrives mid week.

Yep, mom and dad are heading here from Casper to be here to welcome Brody into the world. Will be great to have them around to help out. I know will love it… though she absolutely loves visiting with ba-pa and grandma on the computer. Webcams make a lot closer, that’s for sure. And anytime I am on my laptop, comes running to talk to ba-pa.

is quite the girl. I am nervous as to how she is going to react to having a new brother… one that will inevitably take much attention. There is a 6 month old at her daycare who she isn’t too fond of. I think she will be a great big sister. I know in about 2 years, we’ll love the fact that and Bro are so close in age. Of course, daddy and will spend a bunch of time with while mom is feeding Brody. Ah, the sleepless nights are approaching quickly!

So it was nice to have some football to watch. I did ok with my picks for week one, though I must admit I did not pick the Broncos. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they won… I just didn’t anticipate it. Was awesome to see the Chiefs lose again… that’s pretty normal though.

Quickie on politics… I am just so amazed at how many people pretend they know what the health care bill(s) being pushed are really about and what they will do. How could any of us really know how good or how bad the bills are… even our Congress hasn’t even read them! What I do know is I am very opposed to the government running anything more. They fail, fail, fail in everything they put their magical touch on. And I don’t like businesses being punished, nor individuals being mandated to. I love the legacy concept of America being a free-country. Those days are behind us all, I must say.

I do have to give major kudos to President for his 9/11 speech. I was actually quite amazed at it, really. The speech was very thoughtful and sincere and well delivered (thanks, teleprompter!) The amazing part to me was the religious overtures that gave during his speech. He cited scripture and referenced God. Oh, how that must just irritate the left. Oh well, I bag on the buy enough so may as well give him props when he deserves it.

Speaking of 9/11, that is my mom’s birthday. Of course I called her and wished her a happy birthday, but let this be my public proclamation of such, and that I am so thankful for my mother (and my whole ). She is a tremendous woman who cares so much about her and . I pray my daughter will grow up to be the same way. I am thrilled that suggested that Brody’s middle name be Carlen, my mother’s maiden name.

Oh, and 9/12 was the Biggest B’s birthday… my nephew Brandon turned 20! Can’t believe it… I remember vividly holding him and dancing to Lollipop when he was younger than is today… what a great kid. He’s off traveling in Europe right now for the next week. I pray he has a wonderful, safe time over there. What a great kid, er, young man he is.

Well, is laying at my feet snoring, has been in (and out) of bed for the past two hours (mostly in, but she did tumble out of her bed tonight), and and just ventured to bed themselves. I guess that is my clue it is time for me to do the same. After a shower, though… I am FILTHY from finishing my firepit today. Will have to throw some pictures up in my gallery sometime in the next few days. Pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn’t perfect, but for never having done anything like it before, I must say I did a pretty damn good job.

Peace to all ya’ll out there in cyber land. Wish us well as we bring another Elledge into the world…

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September 6, 2009 by  

So the last time I was on here to "blog" was 3 1/2 months ago (a long time ago). A lot of things have changed in 3 months. I am bigger, more pregnant and definitely have more frequent (ask my poor husband and son). I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster some days. Keeping up with the Braelyn, Spencer, house, work and other things tends to drain me. But, less than two weeks I’ll be bringing home a new bundle of a joy, a brother for Spencer and Braelyn. I do hope that they both adjust well, I know that Spencer will, I’m worried about Brae. She has adjusted well to her new bed (she’s fallen out once, I hope that is it).
School has started back up (going on our 4th full week). Spencer is busy with soccer practice, games and so far is doing really well in school. I’m proud of him. Ryan has been busy with work. The sold off a portion of Aplus.Net, and rebranded the existing company. In fact I think he goes to FL here in a couple of weeks to promote the new company on FOX or CNN. Pretty exciting stuff. He was supposed to go to Washington to the Gorge for his annual DMB concert. He decided not to go this year due to the baby. I know it wasn’t because of my melt down on Thursday night. I was scared that he would be gone and miss the birth of his son. I’d be all alone, and not know what to do. He’s an amazing husband to give up time with his pals (some are from England), his friend from Vegas and of coure DMB for me and little Brody. As it turns out, Brody hasn’t arrived all though I feel like he could make his entrance into the world at anytime.
Went to the doctor on Friday. I’m dialated to a 3 and am 50% effaced. I guess I could have the little man at anytime. I was a 4 when I was admitted into the hospital with Brae. I know I am ready, but in a way not ready. I still have so much to do with his room, like bedding, a light, getting things a little more organized, and a bassinet for him to sleep in. When I had Brae I was so prepared, this time I am not at all. I still have a lot of things to finish up at work. I need to get things finished this week. My plan is take the 17th off, and then have the little man on the 18th.
I’ll be ready to get my body back in shape, and to get into a routine again. You can say I’ve been slacking the last 7 months. I have eaten whatever I want and have enjoyed it. Unfortunately my butt shows it. I’m bound and determined to lose the 30 lbs I have gained and then lose 5 more than where I started. Fingers crossed by the end of the year (or earlier I’ll have met my goal). There are a new pair of jeans that I have my eyes on!

Well, I’m done blogging for the night. Going to go relax and finish my lemonade.