My 2nd Christmas!

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Braelyn Seconf Christmas

Braelyn Scores Big on Christmas

My second Christmas has now come and gone, and what a blast it was.  This was the first Christmas I got to spend with my new baby brother, Brody.  Thanks to Grandma Elledge, Brody and I had the cutest Christmas outfits!  On Christmas Eve, we went to First Family Church and sang lots of Christmas songs.  After that, we went home and ate some lasagna that mommy made.  Then, it was presents time!  I scored big time!  I got a baby doll with a changing table just like Brody’s and a stroller, too.  I also got an Elmo Live!  He is so funny and fun to play with.  I even got two Elmo videos.  One of them is teaching me it’s okay to potty in the big girl potty so I can get out of these diapers.  I got lots of pretty clothes, too.  One of my favorite toys is a vacuum cleaner, so I can help my mommy clean!  Oh, and Bubba got me some huge legos which I love having mommy and daddy set up so I can knock them down.  I got so many presents it’s hard for me to remember all of them.

Before I went to night night, I left some cookies and milk on the counter for Santa.  When I woke up on Christmas Day, the cookies and milk were gone, and under the tree was more presents for me!  I got a really cool Elmo table and chairs and a huge doll house!  I love all my presents and thank everyone for giving them to me.  Daddy says he is mad at Santa, though, because now I don’t like to go to sleep… I always want to play with my toys!

Anyway, this was the best Christmas yet!  I can’t wait until Santa comes back next year.  Merry Christmas to everyone!


Brae Brae

Spring Time Fun Outside!

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It’s finally spring here, and my big Bubba and my mommy and daddy took me outside to play yesterday. It was really weird walking in grass with no shoes on. It feels so weird! Anyway, Hoover made a video and begged me to put it up, so I did. Here is the latest Lazy Dawg Production of a Braelyn Grace Moment. Hope you have as much fun watching it as I did being in it!

Hello world!

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Merry Christmas

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I guess it’s only Christmas Eve right now, but nonetheless, Merry Christmas to you. I hope you and your family have a safe and joyous Christmas Eve and Day.

In just a few hours, Rebecca, Braelyn, Brody, Spencer and I will head to a church service and then home to open up presents. While this will be Brody’s first Christmas, I really think this is going to be the first Christmas where Braelyn will just absolutely have a blast opening all of the presents, or “pretties” as she likes to call them. She understands this Santa Claus guy this year, but doesn’t quite realize that Santa is coming tonight to bring her plenty of toys and clothes. I know when she sat on Santa’s lap, when asked what she wanted for Christmas she whispered to him “can-e and toyz”. I wish I could have been there, but it happened while I was out-of-town for work. Anyway, tonight is going to be a blast, and then she’ll wake up and have another gift or two that Santa might put under the tree for her.

Brody will get his share of goodies, too… he just won’t really comprehend since he’s only a few months old. Next year I am sure he’ll grasp it, as I am quite certain his big sister Braelyn will explain it all to him once the tree goes up next November.

The biggest question I have is will Santa be good to Spencer? I suspect so, since Spencer has been, for the most part, a good little boy this year.

It will most definitely be a quieter Christmas… just the 5 of us, plus Hoover and Sophie. It will be sad not to experience it all with my family or Rebeccas, but that is what living in different parts of the country do for you. Rebecca’s family is scheduled to come up tomorrow for Christmas lunch, but those plans are in jeopardy as Old Man Winter plans on making an appearance tonight. Actually as I sit here in my home office and look out the window, I notice the wind has picked up (making me feel like I am back in Casper), it is drizzling rain and approaching freezing. Supposed to turn to snow after 5pm tonight, and they say we’ll get anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of snow. It will, most likely, be a White Christmas. They say that there hasn’t been a Christmas Day with 1″ or more of snow accumulation since 1969 here in the Kansas City area. That is crazy to think about. Sure there has been snow on the ground on Christmas Day, but actual snow fall on Christmas Day, not since 1969.

Crazy to think that this year is almost done… and a decade, as well. Just think, ten years ago we were all wondering if the world was coming to an end with the Y2K issue. Now, the same thoughts go through our heads, but it’s the government we need to worry about, not some potential computer hiccup. Yep, thanks to Santa Reid, a crazy version of health care reform passed vote this morning. I still hold out hope that the Senate and the House won’t get a compromise, but seems likely they will. Funny to think that Santa Reid has clauses (yes, pun intended) in there to prevent any future congress from removing parts of his bill. At least we can all be thankful that this congress knows so much more than all others before them and that will come after them. Thankfully, I am sure the courts will probably not allow some of this garbage.

Man, I guess it’s sad that I can’t even post a Merry Christmas blog without going down the PoliTICKS me OFF route. Sorry folks.

Anyway, to you and yours, have a Merry Christmas. I hope the real Santa Claus brings you everything you want.



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Comment on I Don’t Feel Well by lennyhihath

December 23, 2009 by  

This swoopo thing, it’s almost as if I’ve heard of the concept short of the whole ‘paying to bid’ bit.

Regardless, if you guys have what he had/have it will only be a few days. Have a good trip.

Comment on I Don’t Feel Well by Steve

December 23, 2009 by  

The wind worked very hard last night getting in shape for your arrival. It is as excited as you apparently are!

Website Update… In Progress

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I’m currently in the midst of doing some spring, er… winter, cleaning here on  Changing the theme of the website to’s Builder theme.  I have some work to do but will have a chance to continue updating over the next few days, I hope.

Also migrating to a new server.  I have moved most of the sites off my old, sluggishly slow server, but for some reason saved my site for the end.  The website is over but will have to work on getting my gallery migrated over the next few days, so sorry mom, the pictures are down for a short time.  Hopefully by Christmas I will have them up and running here on my new super-duper fast server.

It’s a work in progress but seems to be going faster than the Royals and Chiefs progress, so I guess it’s good enough for the pros.

Merry Christmas, all.


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DMB, Vegas, the Wife and a Birthday

December 23, 2009 by  

First, happy belated birthday to my wife Rebecca. She turned 3X last Friday (Dec. 11), and we spent her birthday and a few days surrounding it in Sin City. While what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, I will share a bit.

On Thursday and Friday, we enjoyed two Dave & Tim shows. This was the first time Rebecca has experienced Dave & Tim… and the two nights were awesome. We heard Angel from Montgomery, which was the first time Dave or the full band has performed it since August of 2001. That was a nice surprise. On her birthday, we heard Rebecca’s two most-desired Dave songs: Crash and Satellite. Yep, she walked down the isle to the riff of Satellite when we got married, and we enjoyed our first dance as a married couple to none-other-than Crash. We also heard a new, never-before-played song by Dave: After The Gold Rush. Dave played it on piano. When he went over to the piano, I was certain he was playing Out of My Hands, but no… he had a surprise for us! It was awesome. Dave said he screwed it up, but since it was the first time ever playing it, who was to know? The concerts were definitely great. I wish I had been at the Saturday concert, as I would have gotten to hear A Christmas Song, which was the one song I really wanted to hear. Oh well, we enjoed Mystere, the Cirque De Sole show. Second time I have seen it, but the first for Rebecca and Eli & Heather Bowman, our friends who joined us on the trip.

Ok, since I am often asked, that makes my 68th Dave show. It may actually be a couple more than that, but I think I have captured all that I can remember on’s website. Click that link if you want to see the exciting stats of my shows.

On Thursday, we had a wonderful… and I mean WONDERFUL… dinner at Prime, a steakhouse in the Bellagio. Our table overlooked the fountains. While expensive, it was a great meal no doubt.

Eli told me on the trip that they say you should walk 10,000 steps a day for health. I am healthy for the next few months based on our excursions in the bitter air in Vegas.

Well, that’s enough for now. Happy Holidays… and by that I mean Merry Christmas… to ya’ll out there (sorry, Obama… America is a Christian country, no matter what you say). Excited to see what changes 2010 will bring… 2009 has been a somewhat up-and-down year for me. Definitely up from a family perspective, mixed on the work side of things, and down on some other items which aren’t exactly things I want to post about. I am just thankful I have a great job in this economy, have the most awesome baby girl in the world, was blessed with the birth of my son this year, my step-son is doing better in school and is an awesome big brother to Braelyn and Brody, and my wife is the best (wrinkles and all!). I am also blessed to have such a great family and for all of my friends.

Here’s to a great 2010, including another “change” in Washington DC that will hopefully offset some of the change we’re seeing from the current mess in the corrupt capitol.


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Get Skinny Plan – Week 1

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Today is Nov 30th, 2009. Today is the day that I started my "Get Skinny Plan". I figure if I blog about getting skinny, that holds me accountable. So…every Monday you can choose to read about my progress :-)!
So, I got on the scales this morning, and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I gained 3 lbs last week eating lots of yummy food. And since I had lost 2.9 lbs the week before Thanksgiving, I’m basically back where I started. Oh well, definitely worth it!
My plan is to work out every day, or atleast 5 days a week and start eating less sweets and snacks. AND yes, I did bypass the delicious looking fudge that Joe’s wife Danielle made and brought to work today. Not very easy when you are warming up your Weight Watcher’s low fat, no taste meal after working out (and when you are STARVING)! But I did it, I think I’ll pat myself on the back.
Tonight, I’m making spaghetti  – hate spaghetti but the family loves it. Guess I’ll eat a salad and some soup. Need to brush my teeth right after I eat so I won’t be tempted to raid the pantry.

Check back next week, if you want and I’ll let you know how it is going…the scale had better be going down!

Getting Skinny for "The Elledge Family Vacation" only 8 months to go!

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