the mom: Spring Break! Yea!

March 6, 2009 by  

Pictures in Propix were great. Congrats again Ashley. Know you will do well also in the events coming up. We are glad Mike’s dad is doing better and that they had a safe trip there and back, as well as you and Ashley did.

Spring Break! Yea!

March 6, 2009 by  

It’s finally here! It has been a long year so far. The count down to the end of the school year has finally begun. 52 and counting.

Ashley competes in State Dance and Cheer this week. The KWHS Dance team is awesome. She had a terrific weekend in Billings last weekend. Her duo that she choreographed won a "Diamond" award. That’s the highest they give. It also got 2nd place overall in the teen division. THe solo she choregraphed also won a "Diamond", Judge’s Choice Award and 4th place overall in the senior division. She also won the Title , Senior Miss Spotlight. Pretty awesom since this is her first year in the Senior division in dance. It seems like just yesterday that she put on the first little red tutu! You can check out pictures of her solo, "COme Down To ME’ at CLink the Spotlight DAnce Cup link. Then go to Rocky Mountain School of Dance and then look for the name of her solo. There are also pictures of her Senior Miss Spotlight interiview and dance combination as well as her duo called, I Wanna Be like YOU.

Stephen had a lot of fun in Evanston last weekend. He really liked meeting his cousin SAvannah. He also thought his uncle Troy was really cool. He can’t wait to see his grandpa again and thought he looked good. I have only heard him say, "Oh Hell" once so grandma Janice didn’t wear off on him too badly. Did I mention that Stephen won an award at school in the Young Author’s Contest? He wrote a story called "Stephen’s Hurt." The little bugger forgot to tell his family that he won and that he recieved and award at school. We got the honor of finding out about it by reading the school newsletter a week later.

This is our last weekend before we won’t know if we are coming or going. State Dance next week, dress rehearsal for competition next weekend, Competition the weekend after, Tae Kwon Do tournament in Worland the weekend after that, and then another competition and tournament the first weekend of April. And then just like that …it is over! Well, almost…

Different Directions

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Ashley and I are headed to Billings, Montana this weekend for another dance competition. She is going for title in the Senior Divison. It seems just like yesterday that she donned that first little red tutu! She is nervous but is well rehearsed. This magical power seems to come over her when she gets on stage. She knows how to work the audience and judges. Oh yea…she THINKS she is driving on the interstate!…not sure about that one.

Mike and Stephen are headed to Evanston to see Mike’s dad. He has been in Hospice since January and seems to be getting better. He is dropping the water weight that was putting the strain on his heart. I am not sure why they moved him to Hospice in the first place. He is definately showing a will to live. Still goes out every couple of hours and smokes though. Stephen is excited to see his cousin Savannah. She is one month younger than him and he has never met her.

Tally is off to the kennel. She is going to be so confined. With all of this beautiful weather she has worn out the backyard. We have to coax her in at night.

Ryan: Facebook Addicts!

February 18, 2009 by  

It definitely is addicting. But it has been an invaluable tool for me to reconnect with people from the past, something I vowed to do last year when Angie Noonan passed away.

Facebook Addicts!

February 17, 2009 by  

We have all gotten really hooked on the stupid facebook thing. We spend a lot of time checking people out and keeping in touch with family and friends. I have had fun talking to people from high school that I had forgotten about. (Not because they are forgettable…it’s just been a long time!) I feel like we have neglected this site. So much for New Years Resolutions!

One of our busiest times of the years began last weekend. Ashley had her first spring dance competition in Denver. We have 5 more before recital and possibly Nationals again. She has also been keeping us busy going to watch Kelly Walsh High School basketball games. She performs at half time and I have to say it is actually fun to go and watch the games. I can’t believe how many people I graduated with have kids attending the same school we graduated from. It’s kind of like a mini reunion every weekend!

Stephen is now a brown belt. There is a video of him breaking his first "real" board with his foot in my mom’s picture gallery. He has three tournaments coming up by the middle of April. He also won the Science Fair again this year. When I get off of the Facebook thing I will upload pictures of this year’s project.

Mike and I are just the driver’s to all the events. Speaking of…it’s time to go and get Ashley from dance. I am dreading next year when she will be driving herself home! or am I?


January 14, 2009 by  

It’s the middle of January and the weather is reaching 50 degrees. We went from 50 mph winds to 50 degree temperatures. I can hardly wait to see what is next.

Ashley has been performing at the half time of the basketball games with the high school dance team. We got to go and see the performance last Saturday. The girls were awesome. Too bad Kelly Walsh doesn’t relly have a basketball team. She has been busy with the new semester and dreams of getting her ideal car in nine months. She is pretty sure that she can pay for it at the end of summer if she gets a job for the summer. Reality check is in store.

Stephen has been working on his science fair project. He is motivated to win again this year. He has a good project: Why don’t penguins freeze in Anartica? He has been taking a few private Tae Kwon Do lessons because the testing date for his brown belt is just over a week away.

Talladega has been going stir crazy. We have had to leave her in for at least half of the days because of the winds and cold temperatures. She is such an outdoor dog! When we get home we have to let her in and out at least 50 times an evening! Thank goodness the temperatures should allow her to stay out. We discovered today that she can open the pantry and really likes to eat oranges! She doesn’t seem to be fond of the peels but seems to love the insides. She at least ate them on the kitchen floor so we didn’t have to clean up the new carpet. My grandma’s dog used to like oranges. I haven’t seen another dog eat oranges until Tally! At least she isn’t eating or destroying anything else…yet!

2009 #2

January 8, 2009 by  

We didn’t make it to Evanston to see Mike’s father last weekend.  Wyoming go hit with a winter storm and it prevented us from traveling.  His dad is now in a nursing home and seems to be in good spirits.  He hopes to lose some of the water weight he has gained so their is less strain on his heart and more time to live his life.  It is hard to imagine what he must be feeling sitting in the nursing home wondering when…or what’s next.  Mike’s brother Troy lives in Utah and makes the trip to see his dad almost every weekend.  We feel some comfort knowing Troy is there to keep an eye on things.  Mike’s aunts and uncles have also spent a lot of time with Floy and are there to be supportive of Floy and see that he is taken care of.  Family is the best medicine.  

Other then the wind driving us all MAD,( I actually go hit in the face with the lid of the garbage dumpster causing bruising and a cut finger!) our busy lives have started up in the new year again.  The Christmas break really gave us a lot of rest and time to relax.  We really spent a lot of time together and even got to go and see a couple of movies.

School starts for the kids next Monday, I went back to work yesterday and Mike will actually work his firt full week in a month.  2009 has officially begun!  Enjoy the next 13 days, I hope you find some normalacy in it.  Change isn’t always as great as we are led to believe.

Happy New Year, 2009 Version

January 2, 2009 by  

2009 began with gusting 50-60 mile an hour winds. Surprise! We have been our usual busy selves. In fact, I just typed my Christmas letter yesterday. I will work on getting the cards done on our road trip to Evanston this weekend. Ten hours in the car ought to do it!

We are starting this year with a black cloud hanging over head. Mike’s dad is being put into hospice by Monday. He was given one day to six months to live. However, since that diagnosis he has rapidly gone down hill. He has round the clock care at his house and they have increased the morphine to keep him comfortable. His organs are beginning to shut down and his body is filling with fluids causing too much strain on his heart. Mike knows that this is probably his last chance to see his dad. It is a huge dark cloud hanging over head. How do you say goodbye to a parent? Stephen is also having a hard time dealing with this. He hasn’t seen his grandpa much but seems to feel the urge to say goodbye.

We are also taking Tally with us. That should be fun! She can’t be outside because it is suppposed to snow and be cold. The kennel is full and I can’t leave her in the house for those long hours alone. So she gets to go in the car…all the way to Evanston and stay in a hotel room with us. I will decide after this weekend whether or not she is still a GOOD dog!

Teacher’s go back to school on Tuesday. We get four days of inservice before the students arrive on the 12th. I really don’t like this schedule that the district has implemented. Ashley and Stephen are left to themselves because I have to work.

Stephen tests for his next Tae Kwon Do belt on the 24th of January. He will be a brown belt. Only two more levels until he can test for the black belt.

Ashley has at least three definate competitions coming up and two possibles. She was also cast as the lead in the dance production: "Alice in Wonderland." While we are thrilled that she got the lead roll there is a lot of extra practice involved. I complain a lot about having to drive her everywhere but I am not ready for her to drive herself. So I guess I will keep complaining. There is some comfort in that.

Happy New Year!  Make the best of it!

The Dad: Father’s Day Eve

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Very nice Boats!
I love you very much too!

The Mom: So I Was Wrong!

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Glad the effort was made by both of them. Difficult situation, but glad she called him back

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