My 2nd Christmas!

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Braelyn Seconf Christmas

Braelyn Scores Big on Christmas

My second Christmas has now come and gone, and what a blast it was.  This was the first Christmas I got to spend with my new baby brother, Brody.  Thanks to Grandma Elledge, Brody and I had the cutest Christmas outfits!  On Christmas Eve, we went to First Family Church and sang lots of Christmas songs.  After that, we went home and ate some lasagna that mommy made.  Then, it was presents time!  I scored big time!  I got a baby doll with a changing table just like Brody’s and a stroller, too.  I also got an Elmo Live!  He is so funny and fun to play with.  I even got two Elmo videos.  One of them is teaching me it’s okay to potty in the big girl potty so I can get out of these diapers.  I got lots of pretty clothes, too.  One of my favorite toys is a vacuum cleaner, so I can help my mommy clean!  Oh, and Bubba got me some huge legos which I love having mommy and daddy set up so I can knock them down.  I got so many presents it’s hard for me to remember all of them.

Before I went to night night, I left some cookies and milk on the counter for Santa.  When I woke up on Christmas Day, the cookies and milk were gone, and under the tree was more presents for me!  I got a really cool Elmo table and chairs and a huge doll house!  I love all my presents and thank everyone for giving them to me.  Daddy says he is mad at Santa, though, because now I don’t like to go to sleep… I always want to play with my toys!

Anyway, this was the best Christmas yet!  I can’t wait until Santa comes back next year.  Merry Christmas to everyone!


Brae Brae


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