What an Awesome Saturday!

July 18, 2009 by  

Today has been one of my favorite Saturdays! First I got to help mommy get ready for a wedding shower for Holly, one of my favorite baby sitters and friends. Then, I got to take a real shower with mommy. After she took a shower, daddy did and I tried to take one with him, too, but I was already dressed so he didn’t think that was such a swell idea. Afterwards, mommy let me hang out with everyone who came to the shower and I got to help Holly open her presents! Next came a nice nap after daddy got home and gave me a big, pink teddy bear. It is so soft! He told me after my nap he had a big surprise for me. And he sure did! When I woke up and came downstairs, I saw my beautiful pink car! Mommy and daddy helped me drive it around the house, then we went outside and drove in the driveway. Daddy took some movies and pictures, so I am sure you’ll see them soon! Thankfully he didn’t take any pictures or movies of me when I threw my fit when I had to come in and leave my car in the garage. Oh well, so far this has been a really fun Saturday!


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