That time again…………………..

October 15, 2013 by  

Well – looks like it has been over a year since I last rambled. A lot on my mind and this seems like a good venue to vent. Probably time to get it out of my system.
It appears to me our Country is in the toilet. Our President ran on a “Change” platform and we are getting what he promised —- ‘Change”. The problem for me is I can’t see where everything needed changed? There are always issues and there is always room for improvement but we are going all the way back to the Constitution and attempting to fix a lot of stuff that isn’t broken. Currently trying to change gun ownership laws (which track back 200+ years to the Constitution) yet steadfastly against changing the Affordable Care Act, because it is a 3 year old law. LOL “Change”, for the sake of “change”, doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems like we are ignoring what was broken, breaking more stuff, and fixing very very little.
The two-party system seems to be a thing of the past. The Republican Party has broken itself into a bevvy of small factions, many extremely radical. The Democratic Party has become the catch-all for everyone else. I do not think a true Democrat, by original definition, could define their current platform and make any sense of it.
Values, Patriotism, Loyalty, and Pride have virtually vanished ( or have been changed beyond recognition??). It’s kind of like every person for themselves, no sense of duty, no sense of direction, no sense!
The Media has changed! They have abolished all of their old standards and rules. They are so busy “creating” news they likely could not define “news”. Little is validated – little is proofed – little is for sure! Sensationalism sells – and its really not just their fault. It sells because “we” buy! Once again, values and integrity have disintegrated. There is so much data (who knows how much of it is substantiated?) at out fingertips that we can easily find “backup”, or “proof(LOL)” of anything we want to say. Dummies like myself don’t stand a chance of knowing what is real and what isn’t. Even pictures aren’t real anymore! Photos have been edited and processes developed, that make it virtually impossible to look and see what is real and what isn’t. I feel sad for future generations ( assuming….. oh well we wont go there) as they try to make heads or tails out of “history”. Wow – can you imagine looking back at the archives we are presently creating in, say 150 years? And people question the Bibles validity? Wow.
Was just thinking about names and name calling. I guess I am guilty in this rant, when I refer to “media” as a whole, or Republicans and Democrats. Every “word” or “monicker” has different connotations to different folks. I know there are some good, honest, well-meaning individuals with pride and honor that fall under each of those definitions. But – as a whole, we are such a sensitive people in this country, that we take offense at everything. I know, for instance, that I have friends on FaceBook and other venues that irritate and offend me by the way they use terms such as “Christian”, or “Republican”, etc. etc. We are such a sensitive people! I just read where Bob Costas has determined that the Washington “Redskins” should change their name because it is offensive. Give me a break! I am proud of the American Indian heritage in my family but that name certainly does not offend me. It’s not the name – its the way it is received, or perceived. Poor sensitive Bob – trying to get some press I guess. If American Indians are persecuted or maligned by the name of a football team our country is in a sorrier state than even I perceive. Should I be whining about the Chicago “White” Sox?? Come on people, let’s look at serious stuff for awhile. Anybody notice that our “employees” aren’t working? Anybody notice that we seem to be working for our “employees”? Oh – clarification – there I go again using a word without clarifying – by “employees” I mean ” our President, Congress, Senate, and Federal employees”. Try to remember that in the U.S. blueprint – they actually are supposed to be working for us!
Racism rants crack me up also. Everything is “racist” all of a sudden. Can you believe we elected our first perceived black President just 6 years ago, and now we are all racist? I just don’t get it! I said “perceived” black President for a reason. In the early 70’s, when larger employers were given quotas to protect minorities in the workplace, my employer tried to qualify me as an American Indian because I have some of that blood in my family tree. Problem was, it was on my fathers side of the tree and Federal Govt. guidelines (at that time anyway, don’t know if or when it changed) stated clearly that “race” was to be determined by the mother’s lineage. True story. However, having said that – that should really not matter one iota, or even be a topic of discussion, but we are so damned sensitive it is apparently a big deal.
I know I am going off on “rabbit trails” (no offense to any rabbits who might read this – I am not prejudiced against you) and am missing a lot I would like to address but it is really hard to put my frustrations down on paper and convey my feelings and opinions. Probably because I’m getting old eh?
I have children and grandchildren I truly love and I would certainly hope for them to have opportunity similar to, or better than that which my generation has enjoyed. I am heartsick to think that it likely will not be the case. We have screwed it up pretty good – we have “changed” it. I am not advocating changing it back – we cant go backwards. But I am advocating looking out the front window and seeing how we can build on what we have rather than totally changing it and ultimately destroying it. None of us “deserve” anything in this world – we are given Grace and direction by our Lord and Savior, and we have inherited a strong heritage from our forefathers. God Bless us all!

Nobody Don’t Come Here No More……………

January 31, 2010 by  

WOW! I haven’t checked this page in quite awhile and apparently I am not alone! Very very inactive.
I don’t have anything significant to blog about but that never stopped me before did it?

The Dad

In The Mood

August 30, 2009 by  

Well it has been awhile. The Sons blog kind of got me in the mood to jot down a few thoughts – not sure where to start as it has been an eventful summer just full of stuff going on.
* Nate and his pal logan were here for a few days – stayed with us while they got their stuff together to go to College here at Casper College. They have moved into the dorms now and Nate seems to be doing okay. I havent seen or heard from Logan since he left so imagine he is good too. They both have new roommates – Logans from Colorado and nates from The Left Coast. Nate is working close to 40 hours a week and doing twelve credit hours of college. I am really proud of him – seems to be adapting and has scored a few new friends.
* B is working two jobs right now while he goes to school. Luckily he took a light load at school this semester – in fact a banking class that I think his employer pays for. He is transitioning from his current position in Credit at the main branch of the bank into his new position as a branch supervisor over at the Safeway branch. Remarkable young man – amazing actually how well he is doing. Anyway – works credit cards from 8 – 4 or so then heads over to the branch and works til 6 or 7.
* B’s BIG news right now is he is heading for London on his birthday (9/12) for a week of vacation and exploration. I think he has already paid for the trip pretty completely – just working on spending money now. Hope he gains a few Pounds (LOL…play on words there….I am really clever sometimes).
* Vickie’s Dad is in California. Tough decision for the family but the correct one I feel sure. He is doing well out there and Lynda is keeping a pretty close eye on things. Miss him around here but know that where he is is where he needs to be. God Bless him and God Damn his disease. Alzheimers —— can’t think of anything I would like to endure less!
* I will be traveling quite a bit this month – some work and some pleasure. Will spend half of the coming week in Kemmerer, WY for meetings. If you don’t know where it is look on the map – it’s over on the west side of Wyoming somewhere – but it is NOT Jackson Hole.
* Rebecca and Ryans baby boy due soon. Due date was 9/23 I believe, but scheduled to induce labor on the 18th if he isnt here sooner. All reports are he will be here sooner! I am scheduled to fly to Overland Park on the 16th and there appears to be a really good chance that he will already be there waiting for me. Imagine Reba is past ready …… pregnant through July and August cannot be glorious eh?
* We went to our annual church picnic today – the Liberty Quartet in the Park – what a nice afternoon respite. They do such a good job – have their own rendition of “In God We Still Trust” and then they put tears in my eyes with their version of “Battle Hymn of The Republic”. man I hope we can retain some PRIDE and PATRIOTISM through current times – it is really important to me and I hope to many.
* Just took a break from typing – BGE called in on ICQ so we just finished talking to her. She was showing off her skinny jeans lol. What a cutie…….will be really fun to see her again in a couple of weeks.
* Let me brag on Courtney for a second if you don’t mind. Freshman at Fossil Ridge HS in Fort Collins and STARTING on the VARSITY Softball team. She is a kick-ass ballplayer folks – remember her name!
* I’m looking down the barrel of retirement now. Am set in my mind that it is close. Starting to try to think about what I am going to do next. I know for a fact the first thing will be some traveling around. Have alot of places left to see and experience and plan to be started on that process by this time next year! Yep ….. I “think” I have made the decision.
* Okay – so not much new in this novel but it seems like something is new just about every day. We put a new roof on the cabin, I just had the trees marked for thinning so we can comply with fire insurance standards, things are good up there. My Mom is chugging right along – taking her to dinner later today as she likes to get out of there “with family” whenever she can, Vickie is revving up her Bible Study classes for Fall – I think the community group she leads starts tomorrow night. Darrel Manlapig and i have Fantasy Draft on Tuesday 9/6 – just a couple of days before the season starts. Ashley is dating the HS Quarterback, living the dream eh.
I think that covers most of the last few weeks – Oh …. most of you heard me scream I was so happy – WE SOLD the motorhome! I wasn’t sure that would get done the way the economy seems to be slogging along but we got it done!

I wish each of you the very best. You deserve it…..just for having to put up with me. I already have it …. I am blessed.
God Bless!

The Dad


July 29, 2009 by  

Thursday morning. My eyes opened at around 3 AM and i havent been able to close them again…..random thoughts & observations running through my mind…………

* Saw BGE via video call last night – she is saying alot of stuff now ….. I’m just curious as to what? She got to say hi to both Nate and B last night. That was cool. And Sophie too — but Sophie just got cranky because The Mom picked her up. Sophie is a grump about that.

* Hosted an Economic Development briefing yesterday. About 50 in attendance. Worked on it for about 6 weeks getting ready and coordinating all of the speakers. I was pleased – great attendance, perfect timing, I think it turned out great.

* Nate & pal Logan came in yesterday morning to do some stuff. Nate got a job offer and Logan got most of his college registration done. Nate has to wait for his transcript – should finish registering next week. They departed for FC last night LOL – they have but one gear in Logan’s car but they made it. B had to give them a push to get them up to speed. Ahhh – to be young again.

* Been really busy around our house. Actually been nice to see alot of our relatives – some here for vacations – some for funerals (not so good) – but we have had alot of good visits.

* Work travel has been kind of slow but a glimpse of my August calendar tells me to fill the gas tank – things are picking up! I like traveling the State in the August – October timeframe. Beautiful.

* I gotta go to work now – a paperwork kind of day – only one meeting on my calendar. Oh well ….. takes all kinds.

* Please keep the USA in your prayers…….we need them …. we need to reinvigorate the “U” in USA somehow …. in spite of our political leadership.

The Dad

Worthy Quote:

July 24, 2009 by  

Here is a quote that makes alot of sense to me:

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American….There can be no divided allegiance here… Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

I like this one alot.

The Dad

Raise your “Left” hand ………

June 21, 2009 by  

Friends and Family:
I would like to share with you a Letter to the Editor from our local newspaper.
This folks is the kind of “knowledge” that scares me silly:


Your columnist Steve Chapman wrote (June 15): “The administration would pretend we can get generous government-sponsored coverage without higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, or rationing of health care. In short, it refuses to treat us like grown-ups. I wonder why.”

So for the last 50 years, the Canadians have had free health care financed by a seven-cent sales tax. The Germans have had free health care for the last 50 years, based on a small monthly tax. So does England, France, Italy, New Zealand. etc. The reason we don’t have it is because insurance companies want you to pay a thousand dollars a month to provide medical insurance for yourself and your family. And if you complain, they say, “Grow up! Adults know that medical care costs money.”

Well, I am an adult, 86 years old. And I know that if Canada and England and Germany have free medical care, we can have it too.


Talk abour blatant contradiction! “Free” to this gentleman means “tax-financed”? And thus – we are where we are.

Raise your “left” hand if don’t get it.

I feel queasey-

The Dad

RoadTrip Progress……………..

June 4, 2009 by  

* 2084 miles since last Friday ….approximately 900 left to Casper. Currently sitting on Rebecca and Ryan’s patio in Overland Park……Thursday evening……….got here a couple of hours ago.

* Started our trip at Denver with a Friday evening at Coors Field. Coach Tracy’s first game as head coach and the Rockies got a win over San Diego. A really nice evening with Wendy, Tony, Nathan & Anna, Courtney & Keegan.

* Saturday a long drive – 600+ miles to Oklahoma City. We arrived Saturday evening tired – stayed at a Residence Inn there. Nice evening.

* Sunday we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial – what a nice memorial and what a sobering experience. Then we went to “Bricktown” – refurbished part of downtown – really neat with an awesome ballfield (all kinds of memorials to hometown hero Mickey Mantle).

* We then drove to Memphis, TN on Sunday – 400+ miles and then to SouthHaven, MS to Mike and Judy’s place. They have a really nice home on a bit more than an acre of land – very comfortable home and a very nice music studio addition. Vickie and I stayed in Jennifer’s room under the second floor studio. It was perfect.

* Miledge Studio is impressive. Not too much imagineable that Mike couldn’t do in there with all of the equipment he has! Started our stay with a nice BBQ – met some of Judy’s family and a few of their friends. It was a good time with good food.

* Monday we toured around that part of Mississippi and Tennessee. Visited Graceland – Elvis was not in the building. However, we did locate him in the backyard, 6 feet under! I didn’t realize that he had been buried in his backyard. Also checked out Mike’s former homes and visited Beale Street, home of B.B. King. Andrew, Mike & Judy’s son, plays drums in a band that plays at Wet Willy’s on Beale Street. Didn’t get to see him do his thing as he only plays 3 nights a week and it didn’t work out. However, I am confident he is very good just to be playing down there!

* I am really happy we had the opportunity to visit Cousin Mike and crew in Mississippi & Tennessee. Great people, great time! Ate grits two mornings in a row – first two times in my life and I LIKE them!

* Tuesday we drove to Branson – took a trip on the Branson Belle Showboat Tuesday night – good dinner and a nice show. Stayed in a so – so motel I booked on line. Looked like it had about 150 rooms and only 2 or 3 were rented. Kind of spooky – thought maybe something was wrong but seemed alright. I think Vic & I and one other couple were the total occupants in the entire building we were in (there were 3 total buildings). Economy appears to be slowing Branson quite a bit. A couple more cars there the second night but not enough to pay the bills!

* Wednesday in Branson we were planning to go to Silver Dollar City, the Disneyland of Branson. However, rainy so just took in a couple of shows there, “Red, Hot, & Blue” in the morning and “Pierce Arrow” at night. Both good shows – both variety offerings. In between we checked out the Factory Outlet Mall on recommendation of Rebecca and we did a winery tour and bought a couple of bottles of thier wine. Highlight of the day for me was the Comedian at the Pierce Arrow Show! Totally laughed myself to tears several times. Also an impressive Christian vocalist at Pierce Arrow named Kim Boyce. Bought her CD. Like her voice!

* Branson wasn’t what I expected – kind of spread out more than I imagined. However, the 3 shows we saw really renewed my faith. In all three the artists weren’t afraid to express their faith and their feelings. Alot of patriotism displayed – something I fear is weakening in America. The other thing was their witness – laid it all out and if you didn’t like it I guess you didn’t have to stay. Biblical references and Christian songs were no problem, and American pride with Christian reference was plentiful! It was kind of nice given what we see and hear on television and in the newspapers. “Kind of nice” did I say? It was awesome actually!

* Drove from Branson to Overland Park today. Braelyn is a doll and Hoover is recuperating nicely. Gonna hang out here until Saturday evening then start back to Casper. Don’t know where or if we will stop but by leaving Saturday we will have that option!

* Ryan just grilled dinner. Gotta go! Peace and love!

The Dad

Gradummmuation (sp?)

May 26, 2009 by  


* Nathan Taylor Lecher is a HighSchool graduate …. or as he so proudly proclaims “he has gradummmmuated”. I can say it sometimes – don’t know if I can spell it like he says it.

* Vickie and I were in Grandparent heaven – all of our kids and all of our grandkids at the same time. What a family – we are truly blessed.

* Tony’s parents and all of his siblings also there. Good to see them all also. His mom makes outstanding cinnamon rolls – thank you Lily!

* Found a really nice haven in Littleton called Fat City or Bigg City or something like that. There was something there for everyone and i believe all who came had a good time. All indoors so was great on a sparodically rainy day.

* Was a happy weekend but today i have been thinking quite a bit about “Little Taters” and I get a little teary-eyed. Where does time go? Brandon & Nathan are both young men now – I’m not positive but I am afraid that would qualify me as an old man! Even if Vickie and I were married as gradeschoolers??? LOL

* One day at the office this week – then two days at Jackson for Board meeting – then off on our adventure: Denver to a Rockies game – then Oklahoma City jusy because we haven’t been there – then Memphis to visit Mike & Judy – then Branson, MO (again because we have never been there) – then a quick stop at BGE & Spencers place in Kansas (though Spencer is dogging us in favor of Florida – go figure) – then home. Lotta miles in a week but I am pumped for it. Going to be fun to spend a little time with Vic!

* Peace and love to family and friends. I feel pretty damned lucky to be a part of this group.

The Dad


May 20, 2009 by  

* House paint project coming along. The painters left a bit early today – threat of thunder showers I guess — so far just a threat —no action!

* Steph & Ashley play softball tonite. Think we will go by for a little bit and see if they play well together.

* Stephen played last night – had a nice hit and played a really solid second base.

* Nates last day of Highschool was today _ got a text message from him saying he is done with Highschool. Congrats Nate! The world is at your doorstep.

* Going down for the Graduation ceremonies this weekend. Excited to see everyone and proud to be Nates G-Paw!

* B left awhile ago for FC for a Dr. appointment tomorrow morning. Then he is heading back for work – then back to FC on Friday for nates Graduation. He has to work Friday in order to get paid for next Monday’s holiday —– se la vie.

* Not much else to report ….. been hot here and that is good. Hope all is well.

The Dad

Summer ??

May 18, 2009 by  

* Yesterday and today can be definitely categorized as “summer”! Very warm – I screwed up by not hooking up the cooler this past weekend.

* Went to Cheyenne for a meeting yesterday morning and drove back yesterday afternoon. One of those trips that was awesome – no wind, blue skies, green hills & plains, majestic mountains. Perfect day in Wyoming.

* Looking forward to this weekend. Off to Fort Collins for Nathan’s graduation. Nate’s all growed up now ….. wow …. very hard to imagine. Have a picture here on the wall in front of me of Nate & The B when they were probably 2 & 4 or 3 & 5? Cute kids! What happened LOL? Actually they are what the girls likely call “hotties” now eh? LOL

* Going to work now. Have lunch today with an area politician. Nice guy – interested in what I am up to so I committed to brief him quarterly. Whooppee!

* House painters are starting the scraping and caulking to paint our house today. I am happy it is finally our turn in the rotation. The place is starting to look a little shabby. It has been a few years.

* Next week is our Board meeting in Jackson – I am driving home next Thursday night and we are heading out for a week of adventureous vacation on Friday. Rockies game in Denver – overnight in Oklahoma City – peek in on Mike & Judy in Memphis for a couple of days – spend a couple of days in Branson, Missouri, then stop by and check up on BGE & Hoove & Spencer for a day on the way back. That’s the plan – always subject to modifications of course. Will be nice.

* God bless you allo – have a great day!

* Still waiting here – I forget – when does life with Obama at the helm start to get better? Maybe we changed the definition of “better” too?

The Dad

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