Happy Day

June 17, 2009 by  

Happy Birthday Courtney, Happy Anniversary Ryan and Rebecca.
Hope all of you have a wonderful day, filled with sunshine, fun and the love of the Lord.
Waiting today or the next few days for niece Jamie to have her new baby boy. Kaylee will be a Big Sister soon. Tomorrow Rebecca is having the 3d ultrasound so hopefully we will have new pictures soon of baby boy Elledge (Brody).
Brandon is supposed to be getting his braces off today and will go to the dentist to be fitted with a permanent retainer. Happy Day for him…(he is in Colorado now awaiting all of that).
Bummer the Rockies winning streak ended last night. Hope they will be able to start a new one tonight. 11 wins in a row was great.
Nate started a new job on Saturday. Dont know how he likes it, but when the first paycheck comes he will be happy I am sure. Courtney and Wendy are back from a softball tournament in Vegas. They did have a good time, and the weather was HOT. Guess Keegan, Tony and Nate survived without the girls, at least we have not heard anything to the contrary.
Spencer spent a week in Florida on the beach. He went with his Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill.
Ashley is taking drivers education this next 2 weeks in summer school. The 1st day was boring (or so she said) sitting in class all day in the summer. Stevie’s team played baseball last night and he had 2 very good hits. Stephanie and Mike are running running running keeping up with the kids this summer. Ashley and Steph will be going to Vegas in July for nationals in dance for Ashley. (another mother daughter bonding trip).
Steph, Stevie, Steve and I are going to Overland Park for a week to visit Ryan and Rebecca at the end of the month and over the 4th. That should be fun. Cant wait to see Braelyn again and her mom and dad.
Well that is about all the news here, so I will go fix some lunch for Steve. Happy Day….Love you all

Vacation over

June 8, 2009 by  

The road trip is over. 2945 miles, 13 states, lots of fun and family times. I loved it. Thanks to Mike and Judy for their hospitality. Had a great time in Memphis area. I had never been there except at the airport on a lay-over. Really fun. Rockies won their first ballgame under a new coach while we were in Denver. We went to the game with Wendy, Tony and the kids including Nate’s girl friend Anna. We visited the Bombing Memorial in Oklahoma City. That was really a touching time. Oklahoma City is a very nice place. After Memphis we went to Branson, MO. Ashley says Branson is a town for old people. Well she is pretty much right. Steve and I were among the youngest persons there, but it was fun. We did not go to the amusement park as the weather was rainy that day. The Branson Belle dinner cruise was awesome. Last stop, Ryan, Rebecca, Braelyn, Hoover, and Sophie. Spencer was visiting Florida. We always enjoy being with them. We went to some nice resturants, and hung out at their house. Saturday night, long drive arriving home at 6:00 am Sunday morning.
Sophie and Brandon survived while we were gone. She did not drive him completely crazy. Brandon started a summer class at Casper College tonight.
Well check out the gallery under vacations (2009 road trip). I am uploading the 500 or so pictures we took on the trip.
Love to all
The mom

I have not been here for a long time

May 10, 2009 by  

I remember lots of mother’s day weekend in the past…1st day of baseball season…Well it happened again yesterday. Stevie played his first little league game. He did awesome and was excited to be in his REAL uniform. Baseball and softball have been going on for weeks in Colorado so it is old hat for Courtney and Keegan already.
Graduation is in a few weeks. Good job Nate. Ashley went to her first formal last week, Nate went to Prom twice recently. Brandon went to the new Star Wars showing the other night with a friend. He says it was great. Brae has been busy this weekend with grandma and grandpa Bradshaw and she is going to be a big sister soon to a baby brother. She and Spencer will be great with having a new brother in the family. Hoover is recuperating nicely or so I hear…getting a bit bored though.

Just had a lovely Mother’s day brunch with Steph, Mike, Stevie and Ashley, Dorothy, Steve and I. Very nice… good food. Now I have to go tackle working on the rose bushes in our front yard.. That is always a not so fun undertaking.
Just spoke to Wendy. They are spending the balance of mother’s day at Softball.. Good luck girls. Brandon will be heading back to Casper soon I suppose and Ryan and Rebecca are probably enroute to KC from Las Vegas.
Love you all

Busy couple of weeks

March 22, 2009 by  

I am home, Josh and Courtney renewed their vows, had a great party reception, Braelyn is back home with her mom and dad, Ryan had a birthday and I think if there is such a thing, normal returns tomorrow.
I am uploading pictures of Braelyn’s visit to Wyoming and Josh’s reception. Stevie hung out with grandpa and Brandon last night. Poor Sophie had to be the only girl around here for a few days.
Braelyn, grandma misses you. I have been really blessed to have gotten to see so much of my family in the last few weeks, even if it was only a few minutes. (as with Rebecca). Missed seeing Ryan and Spencer but think I got to spend time with everyone else, including Sister and family in California.
Good to be home. Now I have to find some help for dad and Betty. Will start on that project tomorrow.
Life is good, I am blessed. Thank you, Jesus

Another one of those days…. Friday the 13th

March 13, 2009 by  

I mentioned a while back less than 39 days ago that I have a hard time dealing with changes. That was when we lost Precious Magnolia. Well here we go again. Yesterday the cutest little white dog I have ever known also ended her life. Casey Casey as I used to say to my girls when we knew she was on her way. Casey suffered for a while with cancer. She was on some pretty strong pain meds for several months, but if I walked in the door to her house she ran to meet and greet me. I loved that crazy little girl as I do all my grand dogs.
God has blessed our family with some pretty terrific companions and best dog buddies… They are our children almost as much as our biological children. Tony, Wendy and family loved that little girl so much and she brought them all such joy. She is no longer suffering, and that is the good thing. Her family will miss her desperately for a long time, but can know that they gave her a wonderful home, and she was deeply and dearly loved by each of them and by her extended family. Good bye Casey, I will miss you as I miss my Maggie.

Guess It Is My Turn

February 22, 2009 by  

I have not been here in a while..I have started several times but just never finished. My emotions have been raw for weeks. I think I am at the point I can write a few words so I will try again. My life has been very different since Maggie died. She really was a hightlite of our life. I know God protected us from having her die at home, or from being very sick, but the shock of the situations still has my head swimming at times. This is the first time that Sophie has been an only dog, and I think she is enjoying it. We have mentioned several times recently how truely funny she is even though she she has a hard time getting around most of the time. She has her beloved turtle and even lets us play with her occasionally.

I want to congratulate Nathan. He has truely had a remarkable year in sports and school. He and his dad finished the summer as coaches of the city champs in Fort Collins Baseball Keegan’s age group. That was great for all of them especially since this was his 1st outing at coaching. Sr in high school and coaching sound familiar Ryan. Nate has also had a great year in school, taking some classes at Front Range College as well as at his high school. That is pretty impressive in itself. Wrestling has always been his main sport. He had rolled around on the wrestling mat since he was a really young child (7) I think. He has really matured and this year has been terrific for him, winning many honors and representing his sport and his school with pride. We got to see a few matches, but both his mom and his sister kept us posted each week on his remarkable year. Nate knows as we all do that God has some pretty important things for him in his life. Jeremiah 29:11 [show]ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'
This text is from the ESV Bible. Visit www.esv.org to learn about the ESV.
Open Link in New Window comes to mind. “You know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God is in control and Nathan knows that. Congratulations to him and to his family for enjoying his sport and being extremely supportive of him and all their precious kids. Steve and I feel so humbled that we have 3 remarkable adult kids and they have wonderful spouses each of them. We love you all so much. One of the best things about our kids is that they have given us absolutely incredible grand kids. We are so blessed. Thanks to all of you.
Well I made it through this and I think I will actually get it posted. I love you all.


Good athletic day yesterday

January 25, 2009 by  

Stevie tested yesterday for his brown belt at Karate. He passed. He is very young to have that high of a belt. We watched him. He did Awesome. He broke a real board with is foot. I know I am staying away from his kicks..
Nathan won his meet yesterday in Denver. He won in really short times pinning his opponents and won the final 16-3. Another Awesome.
Keegan wrestles today in the Denver area also. Hope he does as well. Good Luck Keegan.
I will upload pictures of Stevie soon. I have a video of him breaking the board, unfortunately it is too long to post in the gallery.
Well it is Sunday morning and I am about to be off to church.. Last week of our current sermon series. It has been awesome. We got to say good morning to Ms Braelyn this morning while she was eating her donuts and driniking her milk. She actually waved and threw some kisses. Thanks Brae.. love you

Love to all
The mom

2009 so far

January 6, 2009 by  

For those who were really glad that 2008 ended, well for me anyway 2009 is more of the same so far. Less than an hour after the new year started a very close friend of my parents died. Floyd Wilmes was a very good man, devoted to his family. He will be missed. The next day, my friend Karan lost her father in law. Mike (son in law) has also been dealing with a very ill father. Floy has been hospitalized for a few days and now is in a nursing home in Evanston. Elaina, who works for Steve, got a call on the weekend that her mother suffered a stroke and massive heart attack. The prognosis for that is not good. So… I really have not noticed that things have changed… Have you? Oh yes I guess change wont happen until after Jan 20th.
Yesteday morning we woke to our wonderful Wyoming wind. And the day before we had been blessed with over 8″ of snow…SSOOOO guess where all of that ended up….right…you guessed it… our drive way and front yard. Oh yes… the next door neighbors got their share also. Fortunately a very nice young man who works with neighbor Scotty came by with a 4 wheeler and a blade and by 5:30 he rescued us. So see no change there either. More of the same.. Oh yes I forgot… change wont happen until after Jan 20th. My bad.
Lets see, it is now January 6th.. so I guess we have to wait another 2 weeks to see if things can get any better.
Baby Braelyn has a birthday already. I can hardly believe she is going to be 1 already. Happy 1st Birthday Precious Princess. It is very hard knowing we can not be there to help you celebrate. Wish you were closer baby girl.. Love you very much. Hope you have a wonderful Princess Party.
Brandon is doing well after the surgery. Nate is busy wrestling again starting this week as school started again in Ft Collins Monday. Wont start here until next week.
Belated Happy New Year everyone.
The mom

Dancing elves and other things

December 12, 2008 by  

Happy Birthday (yesterday) Rebecca. Hope you had a great day. We sure enjoyed the dancing elf this morning.

Brandon is having surgery Dec 24th at 7:00 am. Keep them in your prayers as this is another biggie for him. He will be staying in Colorado after the surgery for a while. Hard to travel between Casper and Ft Collins weekly for doctor appointments in January. I dont trust the roads. He is taking a leave of absence from his job and school for the semester. We plan to go down there on Christmas day when Ryan and Rebecca leave for the airport as they are going to fly out of Denver in the early afternoon.

Dad (grandpa Cookie) is staying with us for a few days. Betty went to Kansas City with her daughter. After Christmas he and Betty are going to California for 4 weeks to stay with Lynda and Fred and get out of the Wyoming cold for a while. That should be fun.

Uploaded a few pictures to Thanksgiving and Christmas 2008. Have some for the Lecher album also that I will do shortly. Nate wrestling, etc.

Well that is it for now. Have a great week-end
The mom

Black Friday

November 28, 2008 by  

I did not go shopping at 5:00 am, but I talked to Stephanie and Mike and they did. I can not even feature this but they said the Walmart/Sams parking lot was full and people were parking on the street outside the lot. Target had lines to check out winding to the back of the store to the toy isle. Unbelieveable. And I slept in this morning. See what I missed. ;-( Oh well Steph and Mike splurged at Starbuck.. hot chocolate and diet pepsi. Not sure I understand why to go that early for Starbucks, but they had fun.
I did get most of the rest of the decorating done for Christmas. The tree needs the ornaments and that is it. I did tell Brandon that when he comes back from Nebraska we can put the small tree up in the basement. Might finish up the inside tomorrow.
We had a nice Thanksgiving, pretty quiet. Lots of food, friends from church, and what family was in town. We did eat lots of turkey, pie, etc.
Well love to you all, I am going to go put a few ornaments on the tree.

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