Have not been here for awhile

November 19, 2008 by  

I guess I have not made a post in a while. Steve seems to keep updated here as well as does Stephanie and Courtney occasionally. Hey Court.. I miss you guys. I was sad when I did not get to go down there last week. I will be there soon.. Promise. Ryan updates his page daily or so. Guess it is my turn tonight.
Congrats to Mike. He has been at Wyoming Machinery a year already. Had his one year evaluation today and it seems he has done a good job for his employer this last year. He seems to like it there really well.
Dad went to the doctor today, a few changes made there.. He is no longer taking one of the meds they put him on a while back. He seemed to be dizzy and unsure on his feet, so they took him off for at least trial basis of another few weeks. He allowed me to bring the Christmas Village to our house this year and we are really enjoying having it here. Such a beautiful collection, such a beautiful reminder of mom and how much she loved this time of the year.. I know I still miss her greatly.
One of the ladies in my Bible study today issued a challenge to all of us in our class. It was an interesting one… She told us of this study she is doing called fasting from negativity. We were all challenged to the next 40 days to have positive thoughts, make positive statements, nothing negative. Have you ever realized how hurtful being negative can be? I am accepting her challenge for myself. Most of the time I know I say something negative without even thinking about it.. I think as parents, positive statements made to our children and grandchildren instead of cutting them down or being negative about what is going on certainly would be a way to up their self esteem. To my friends and family, my early Christmas gift to each of you is for me to be positive in everything I think and say… to make an effort to lift you up instead of being negative. Hope you all will try it also.
Well on a positive note… Good night, love you all, and have a great night…
The mom

Happy 20th Anniversary

October 16, 2008 by  

Wow Congratulations to Wendy and Tony. It seems impossible to think you have been married 20 years. God bless you both. We all love you and wish you at least 20 more.

We have had our fall snow and the temperature is rising so the snow has melted away. I am glad. We are going to Colorado tomorrow afternoon and hopefully will get to witness a football game with Mr. Keegan’s so far undefeated team. Then it is off to the airport for a trip to Maui to be the Nanny for Braelyn while R&R have a much needed vacation. Have I told you ever that being a grandma is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I have the greatest grandkids in the world and that is because I have the greatest kids as their parents.. and we love you all. Huh Steve?

Brandon has finally gotten over what ever crud he has been fighting. Mike has been ill also. I am praying that no one else gets this stuff. It has been wicked.
Well I am off to the health club for a work out this morning and then finish up the packing etc before the trip. Have a great day.


September 24, 2008 by  

Happy Birthday Ashley. Went to the dept of transport and she passed to get her learners permit and I mean learner. She talked me into letting her drive home from school to her house….. Well lets just say she has a LOT of learning to do. We made it home ok, but believe me the girl needs drivers training. She thinks her driving lane is the parking lane nearest the sidewalk.

Stevie has a foot ball game here in a few minutes. He likes that football. It is still wonderfully warm so going is fun. I have never been a cold weather sport observer if I did not have to be.

Brandon spent the week-end in Fort Collins. He enjoyed seeing family and friends. He pulled a bone head move though. Went over to his old place of employment and they made him a very lucerative offer to quit school and come back. I told him next time he goes home, invite his friends to sonic for dinner and stay away from the pressure. (hope this time he listens to me).

Had a brief visit with Braelyn on the web cam last night. Seems she is crawling pretty well and has a tooth though. Check out Hoovers videos of the young lady. Pretty good. Spencer’s soccer team is also doing well. Good job Goalie.

Not much news from Colorado. Keegans team won their football game when Brandon was home. Courtney’s school softball team is doing pretty well and Nate’s senior pictures area awesome.

We are back into Bible study full swing. I have a new group of ladies and I think it is going to be really fun. They are very interesting and all very eager to learn more. Our community group is doing well also. So I guess summer is over, fall is here and before long the holidays will be upon us. Oh yes, we must celebrate Steve’s next birthday soon. I catch up with him for a few weeks each year.

Bye for now. Love you all and God Bless

Happy Birthday to Stephanie

September 17, 2008 by  

Do you feel older today dear daughter? Well I do when I think about you being another year older. Hope you have had a nice day. Sorry you did not make your millions in Deadwood, but glad that you had a good time. I never made millions in Deadwood either, and havent at any of the casinos. Maybe we had better find a different way to make our millions.
See you at football tonight.
The Mom

Happy 19th Birthday

September 12, 2008 by  

To Big B… Happy birthday. We are enjoying having you hear and appreciate all you do for us. You make everyone who knows you, love you. Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy not having to work.

There and back again

September 7, 2008 by  

Steve and I spent a week in the OP area with Ryan, Rebecca, Spencer, and Braelyn and oops I almost forgot… Hoover and Sophie. We got to see and take a nice ride on the beautiful boat. Such fun. Several days were rainy but we did have a great relaxing time and ATE at some of Steve’s favorite places. (Sonic, Jack Stack BBQ, Japanese steak house)..
We also went to the Argosy Casino. Would have been much better off financially if we would have had lunch and left. We left ok. Cash. We had fun though.
I got a new camera for my early birthday. I uploaded pictures yesterday from the trip and from both the old and the new cameras.
We had dinner with Wendy, Tony and the kids in Ft Collins on our way home Friday night. We are meeting them again in a couple of hours for an early birtday dinner for the Big B. He hasnt seen his mom, dad or the siblings in a while so this should be fun for all.
Little B is getting some hair. It is really blond so it is still hard to see…but yes it is there. She is moving all over the place, not quite crawling, but can go most anywhere she wants by rolling. She is so adorable. We went to a family birthday party for Spencer at Rebecca’s parents house in Harrisonville, MO. That was really nice.
Stevie had a tae kwando (not spelled right probably), yesterday in Cheyenne. He got a trophy in sparing and did several other events also. Mike and Steph are spending the afternoon on the mountain with friends at a bonfire. The temp in town is not really warm…. bet it is chilly up there. BRRRRR.
The pugs faired well with Brandon while we were gone. They still try to find him in the basement when he is working or to go to bed. They kept him company while we were gone, but he says it was awfully quiet and kind of boring here. He is used to lots of people around. He seems to be liking Safeway and most importantly school…..
Courtney made the varsity softball team, Keegan is ready for football, and Nate had his senior pictures taken last week, so they are as busy as ever down there. Ashley has started dancing again so that should keep her busy with school also. Stevie has flag football starting here soon too. We thought we were going to get to see Spencer play soccer, but it was raining the game day and they opted not to tear up the fields because it was so wet.
Guess I have caught up with most everyone. I start my bible studies this week again. I have a completely new group of ladies in my group, I only know one of them so it will be great meeting new people. Kind of intimidating though. I know God has a plan for this group, I just am always fearful of taking on a new group. Yes, stepping out of my box. Will be fun though. We are doing Romans, James and Ephesians this year. Will be my 3rd time through it…. There must be something more God wants me to figure out here. Our community group starts next monday and we are doing a DVD series to start with on Choices and such. It should be great. Alice is doing the first week, so that should be great also.
Well we are about to leave to meet the B’s mom, dad and kids in wheatland for dinner.
God Bless and one more thing…. I read a book coming home from OP….. “The Shack”.. A must read for everyone….. EXCELLENT… and inspirational filled with answers to some pretty hard questions. Take my advise…. READ IT. You wont be sorry.
Love to all,

Nebraska is LONG

August 30, 2008 by  

Brandon is home babysitting Maggie and Sophie (he is also working most of the weekend). We arrived in OP about 2:30 this afternoon. Long drive, but other than about a million trucks, pretty uneventful.

Little B is sitting up by herself, and has noticable hair which she did not have when we saw her a month ago. She is so funny. Going to a birthday party for Spencer tomorrow at his grandma and grandpas house. They have moved to a new house in Harrisonville.

I was kind of excited for the RNC but this hurricane scares me. It would not surprise me if they cancel the convention if this hurricane is as bad as it looks like it is going to be. My prayers go out for those people in the gulf coast area and in the Caymans and Cuba and all the affected areas.

I know I am thrilled with Mc Cains choice of running mate. I feel a bit of confidence now that perhaps there is a chance we will win this election… Positive thinking. I really like the lady, her spunk and her ideas. Makes the campaign interesting again.

Well I am tired.. Just got off the phone with Steph, they had a blow out on their car by Glenrock and have been waiting on the highway for a long time because they had to call onstar to come out. Makes for a long day.

Well..God bless all

Vote Republican
The mom

Large picture

August 14, 2008 by  

We ordered a 20 x 30 of the canvas wrap of the photo on the home page. It came today and it is absolutely wonderful. Of course I am predjudice, but the subject matter is my favorite anyway.
Happy 7th birthday to Mr. Stevie Lovato. Hard to believe he is 7 and a 2nd grader already. Not a baby anymore, a kid now. Sister Ashley is competing for Miss Teen Wyoming in a few weeks. That might be exciting and lots of fun for her.
Saw Braelyn, and family on the web cam. She played with the keyboard and screwed up the justification on her dad’s computer.. oh fun.. just beginning. Great to see all of them. Even Hoovie and Sophie made an appearance. Spencer has to go to school tomorrow. The rest go next week.
Brandon says he will be here on Sunday. His new furniture has not arrived yet and when I talked to the furniture company today, it sounds like it will not be until next week anyway. So hope the mattress is comfortable for about a week..
Gotta go over to have birthday cake for Stevie. He got up this morning to open presents at 3:00 am. (I guess there is a 3 am). He says that is the time he was born so he needed to get up then. I am not sure he had that one right, but its his story. All he wants for his birthday from us is a new crisp 100.00 bill. Crazy kid. Oh well, he has his reasons I am sure. Wonder what the stores will think when he shows up to buy a toy with a hundred dollar bill. Hope he keeps an eye on it. I have seen him lay his money down and forget he has it. I have gone back looking for money for him more than once.
Well that is it for me… hope you all had a great day.

Guess I should agree with Steve and Ryan NO BO

Summer is almost over?

August 12, 2008 by  

Teachers here in Casper started back on duty yesterday. Kids start to school here next week, I think they also start in Ft Collins also. Seems early to me. Speaking of kids, I ordered a large canvas print of the grandkids who were here last week. Should arrive tomorrow. I hope it is as good as the one I have of little B. Will be a great memory of a fun time last week and week-end.
I think Maggie and Sophie have about recuperated from all the people.
Going to a function tonight with Women in the Word.. Another indication summer is almost over. I even made it to the club for a work out yesterday and if I finish this in time… I am going again today.
The Moore/Rocks had some interesting adventures on their way home. Seems they blew a tire down in the Denver area. That would have scared me with that many people and that much stuff in there. Praise God that no one or nothing was hurt. They made it back to California Sunday evening. I am sure they were glad to be out of the car.
Courtney tried out for a different softball team and she was chosen to be on the team. Keegan has selected for a competitive team next year also. Think Tony and Nate will be missing coaching.
Brandon will be here this week-end. Basement almost finished painted. Still no furniture so guess he will sleep on his mattress for a while. Ashley and Stevie busy this week at a camp for kids and Ashley is teaching. Nate is still working with Dave. Havent heard what is going on with Spencer and Braelyn, but I am sure they are keeping everyone busy there. I know that each of my special grandkids will have a wonderful year at school.
Steve is on the road again this week some, but just day trips I think. Lifetime health and fitness is calling me…not really as the body is a bit stiff today, but I AM going anyway.
tata for now.

Kinda Quiet `

August 6, 2008 by  

The noise level here has dropped considerably in the last few hours. As I write this post the only sounds I here are the dogs snoring. Keegan and Courtney are here, but they are pretty quiet.
I did upload some of the pictures from the family fun filled week. We had a great birthday party for dad on Saturday. Everyone of his grandkids except Josh was here at the bowling alley. Almost all of the great grandkids were here also. Check out the pictures under family photos, 80th birthday week.
On Sunday we did a birthday dinner for Dorothy while most of the family was here. Mike Elledge and wife Judy spent a few days with her also. She really enjoyed that. On Monday Paul and Heidi and Heidi’s little ones came to town. Dinner with all of them tonight. They are leaving on Thursday morning back to New Mexico and Phoenix. Will get the pictures uploaded soon from that visit.
I miss you all already. Now to return Hotel Elledge to its home. Glad the motor home got some use this summer. We will probably have to try it again soon, (just wish the gas prices were alot less).
That about ends it for the week. I enjoyed having everyone together. Love you all.

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