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A few things have been happening in the OP. First of all, it is freaking frigid. I feel like we live in the Artic versus the middle of the country. It’s been a long, cold, wet, snowy winter and I am sooo tired of it. Wish we were going somewhere warm for Spring Break. It’s to the point where people are depressed (okay maybe just me) that it is just gross outside.
I started a new job the 2nd week of January. I spent a week in NY, where it is equally just as cold and snows to some extent everyday. They joke that it is Ground Hog Day there Nov – March. The office is located in Albany, along the banks of the Hudson River. Beautiful country, I am sure it is really pretty in the Spring, Summer and Fall with all the foliage. I’m told the train ride to NYC is gorgeous, may have to do that some time, when I’m up there.

Braelyn, Brody and Spencer are doing well. Brody is growing up so big. I just love the little man so much. Braelyn is such a treat. Her smile is infectious. What a wonderful personality. Spencer is doing well too. He started 2nd Semester of his Sophmore year. He’s growing up way too fast. I remember when he was Brae’s age, full of energy and never slowed down.

Ryan is leaving for FL in a week or so for work. Some conference that he "has" to go to…whatever. I think it is an excuse to get out of the freaking cold…take me with you honey! I’m sure it will be a week of meetings, shows, dinners at Captial Grille…oh they have the best coconut cream pie! In fact he will be there tomorrow night for a board dinner…hmmm. Maybe I need to be on the board of something. Anyone have any ideas? Anyway, he has been busy with work. He started working out a couple of weeks ago and I think he enjoys it. I think he enjoys sitting in the hot tub and sauna after his workouts even more.

I’m working out in the mornings, at the gym at 5:00 am. I ran this morning, think my legs are going to give out on me at anytime. I’m bound and determined to be swim suit ready and in the best shape of my life by the time we head South in July. I was at my skiniest and most active when I hit 30 – I can get there again, right? So, it’s back to eating right, and working out 5 days a week. My motivation, looking at myself in the mirror – gross!

Ryan’s parents are in or are headed to sunny LA…so jealous! Steve has a conference (what’s the deal with these conferences in warm locals???) and Vickie is spending some time with Lynda and Fred, and haning out with her dad. Should be a good trip for both of them. My parents are doing great. My mom is planning a trip with her sisters this summer. Not sure where they are going, but I know they will enjoy being together. Mom and Dad are watching the little ones on Saturday night so Ryan and I can do something for Valentine’s Day (yes I know that V-Day is on Sunday). I am looking forward to a night off.

Try to stay warm and be safe!


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