Get Skinny Plan – Week 1

December 23, 2009 by  

Today is Nov 30th, 2009. Today is the day that I started my "Get Skinny Plan". I figure if I blog about getting skinny, that holds me accountable. So…every Monday you can choose to read about my progress :-)!
So, I got on the scales this morning, and thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I gained 3 lbs last week eating lots of yummy food. And since I had lost 2.9 lbs the week before Thanksgiving, I’m basically back where I started. Oh well, definitely worth it!
My plan is to work out every day, or atleast 5 days a week and start eating less sweets and snacks. AND yes, I did bypass the delicious looking fudge that Joe’s wife Danielle made and brought to work today. Not very easy when you are warming up your Weight Watcher’s low fat, no taste meal after working out (and when you are STARVING)! But I did it, I think I’ll pat myself on the back.
Tonight, I’m making spaghetti  – hate spaghetti but the family loves it. Guess I’ll eat a salad and some soup. Need to brush my teeth right after I eat so I won’t be tempted to raid the pantry.

Check back next week, if you want and I’ll let you know how it is going…the scale had better be going down!

Getting Skinny for "The Elledge Family Vacation" only 8 months to go!


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