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December 23, 2009 by  

It is that time of the year where we all usually reflect on our lives, realize how lucky we are and thank God that we have been able to live another year. This week marks my Grandpa Bradshaw’s 10h year death anniversary. He died on 11/16/99. It seems just like yesterday, the time has gone by so quickly. I really wish Ryan, Braelyn and Brody had a chance to meet him. He was a wonderful man. Strong, quiet (a lot like my dad) and very caring. He always was widdling things out of wood and giving it to his grandkids. My Grandma Bradshaw celebrated her 90th Birthday with a party on Saturday (11/14) with her entire family. I think it was the first time all of us have been together since my grandpa’s funeral. It was nice to see everyone, and enjoy being together.
I am very lucky to have my health, my amazing husband and three wonderful kids. I also have been blessed with Ryan’s family. In fact we leave on Sunday for our trip to Casper (I pray that Brody and Brae do okay on the plane), we will be there through the following Saturday. My parents are headed to Chris and Sandy’s house to celebrate Turkey Day.
On Monday, Nov 30, I head back to work after being able to spend 10 weeks off with Brody. He is an awesome little boy who is going to grow up to be a left handed pitcher for a MLB team (or so Ryan hopes). Braelyn is a blast too, I love that little girl. She is our princess, and can only do wrong when she’s climbing on things. It’s been nice to be home when Spencer gets here too. I know he is staying out of trouble. In fact, he is doing great in school this year. All A’s and B’s and a C in Desktop Publishing. Not bad – huge change from last year.
We’ll see how things change when I go back to work. It’s been nice being able to make decent dinners, instead of those out of a box or something that has been in the freezer.
In December, Ryan and I are going to Vegas with Eli and Heather Bowman. I am very excited as it turns out we will be out there over my b-day. Super excited about that. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds is playing at PH, and we have tickets for two nights. I think we are going to try to see a show one night too. Should be a blast.
Well, the little man is waking up and I need to get back to getting things accomplished here.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, and is able to spend time with your loved ones!


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