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So the last time I was on here to "blog" was 3 1/2 months ago (a long time ago). A lot of things have changed in 3 months. I am bigger, more pregnant and definitely have more frequent (ask my poor husband and son). I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster some days. Keeping up with the Braelyn, Spencer, house, work and other things tends to drain me. But, less than two weeks I’ll be bringing home a new bundle of a joy, a brother for Spencer and Braelyn. I do hope that they both adjust well, I know that Spencer will, I’m worried about Brae. She has adjusted well to her new bed (she’s fallen out once, I hope that is it).
School has started back up (going on our 4th full week). Spencer is busy with soccer practice, games and so far is doing really well in school. I’m proud of him. Ryan has been busy with work. The sold off a portion of Aplus.Net, and rebranded the existing company. In fact I think he goes to FL here in a couple of weeks to promote the new company on FOX or CNN. Pretty exciting stuff. He was supposed to go to Washington to the Gorge for his annual DMB concert. He decided not to go this year due to the baby. I know it wasn’t because of my melt down on Thursday night. I was scared that he would be gone and miss the birth of his son. I’d be all alone, and not know what to do. He’s an amazing husband to give up time with his pals (some are from England), his friend from Vegas and of coure DMB for me and little Brody. As it turns out, Brody hasn’t arrived all though I feel like he could make his entrance into the world at anytime.
Went to the doctor on Friday. I’m dialated to a 3 and am 50% effaced. I guess I could have the little man at anytime. I was a 4 when I was admitted into the hospital with Brae. I know I am ready, but in a way not ready. I still have so much to do with his room, like bedding, a light, getting things a little more organized, and a bassinet for him to sleep in. When I had Brae I was so prepared, this time I am not at all. I still have a lot of things to finish up at work. I need to get things finished this week. My plan is take the 17th off, and then have the little man on the 18th.
I’ll be ready to get my body back in shape, and to get into a routine again. You can say I’ve been slacking the last 7 months. I have eaten whatever I want and have enjoyed it. Unfortunately my butt shows it. I’m bound and determined to lose the 30 lbs I have gained and then lose 5 more than where I started. Fingers crossed by the end of the year (or earlier I’ll have met my goal). There are a new pair of jeans that I have my eyes on!

Well, I’m done blogging for the night. Going to go relax and finish my lemonade.


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