This is the week….

September 13, 2009 by  

Well, the week has arrived, though we anticipated the newest Lil’ B, Brody, would have already come. If he doesn’t make an appearance before Friday, will be induced and he should arrive probably midday on Friday. I am so excited to have a son on the way, but afraid as well. Life will drastically change… again… with the second infant in the house. has done much of the with , but I am going to have to step my game up quite a bit. It will be challenging, with going 100 mph, but it will definitely be worth it. Our will be complete… yep, I am proclaiming right here, right now that this will be the last. How to make that happen is subject to debate here in my house, but one way or another, I think we’re done!

Brody’s room is coming along… the walls are painted, quite a bit of decor has arrived (but has not been hung). The new carpet is in, the crib, chainging table and rocking chair have been relocated from ’s room to Brody’s. I have a guy who is going to build me some cool wooden lockers for his room, and those won’t be done for about 4-6 weeks, but that will be the finishing touch. Now, if I could just get his baseball ceiling light working… the fan works, but not the lite. Someday I will master being an electrician. That someday will probably be right after my pops arrives mid week.

Yep, mom and dad are heading here from Casper to be here to welcome Brody into the world. Will be great to have them around to help out. I know will love it… though she absolutely loves visiting with ba-pa and grandma on the computer. Webcams make a lot closer, that’s for sure. And anytime I am on my laptop, comes running to talk to ba-pa.

is quite the girl. I am nervous as to how she is going to react to having a new brother… one that will inevitably take much attention. There is a 6 month old at her daycare who she isn’t too fond of. I think she will be a great big sister. I know in about 2 years, we’ll love the fact that and Bro are so close in age. Of course, daddy and will spend a bunch of time with while mom is feeding Brody. Ah, the sleepless nights are approaching quickly!

So it was nice to have some football to watch. I did ok with my picks for week one, though I must admit I did not pick the Broncos. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they won… I just didn’t anticipate it. Was awesome to see the Chiefs lose again… that’s pretty normal though.

Quickie on politics… I am just so amazed at how many people pretend they know what the health care bill(s) being pushed are really about and what they will do. How could any of us really know how good or how bad the bills are… even our Congress hasn’t even read them! What I do know is I am very opposed to the government running anything more. They fail, fail, fail in everything they put their magical touch on. And I don’t like businesses being punished, nor individuals being mandated to. I love the legacy concept of America being a free-country. Those days are behind us all, I must say.

I do have to give major kudos to President for his 9/11 speech. I was actually quite amazed at it, really. The speech was very thoughtful and sincere and well delivered (thanks, teleprompter!) The amazing part to me was the religious overtures that gave during his speech. He cited scripture and referenced God. Oh, how that must just irritate the left. Oh well, I bag on the buy enough so may as well give him props when he deserves it.

Speaking of 9/11, that is my mom’s birthday. Of course I called her and wished her a happy birthday, but let this be my public proclamation of such, and that I am so thankful for my mother (and my whole ). She is a tremendous woman who cares so much about her and . I pray my daughter will grow up to be the same way. I am thrilled that suggested that Brody’s middle name be Carlen, my mother’s maiden name.

Oh, and 9/12 was the Biggest B’s birthday… my nephew Brandon turned 20! Can’t believe it… I remember vividly holding him and dancing to Lollipop when he was younger than is today… what a great kid. He’s off traveling in Europe right now for the next week. I pray he has a wonderful, safe time over there. What a great kid, er, young man he is.

Well, is laying at my feet snoring, has been in (and out) of bed for the past two hours (mostly in, but she did tumble out of her bed tonight), and and just ventured to bed themselves. I guess that is my clue it is time for me to do the same. After a shower, though… I am FILTHY from finishing my firepit today. Will have to throw some pictures up in my gallery sometime in the next few days. Pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn’t perfect, but for never having done anything like it before, I must say I did a pretty damn good job.

Peace to all ya’ll out there in cyber land. Wish us well as we bring another Elledge into the world…

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March 19, 2009 by  

Been kind of a long week – glad it is coming to an end. Started for me on a bummer note when Braelyn and Vic both left! Then I did some in-state travel – spent one night and most of two days in Ryan’s old baseball town, Torrington. The old ballfield is gone and there are buildings from the children’s home on parts of where it was. They moved the ballfield up north near the College – up by where Ryan lived at one point. I didn’t get up that way this trip. Spent most of the time at the Rendezvous Center at the Fairgrounds for our quarterly Business Council Board meeting. Oh……and i stayed at the Holiday Inn Express so I must be smarter eh? Anyway – long two days of meetings but in the end I scored another million and a half dollar grant – this one to rennovate and double the size of the old Public Utilities shop in Evansville into a Community Center, Senior Center, and museum. I really like helping these communities build the things that make their towns more liveable! The Mills Senior Center I did a couple of years ago is used continuously and they love it – it was an old surplus firetruck garage before we did that one. Anyway, it’s a good feeling and if you look at it logically – these Senior Center projects are getting done just in time so I have somewhere to go! 🙂

Not much else to report. The B finished his night shifts at the Douglas Safeway last night. I don’t know what his schedule looks like from here forward at the Casper Safeway but think he is supposed to close two nights a week. Of course that could be a moot observation if things pan out – still hoping for the Hilltop Bank position to be offered to him – we do know they were checking his references yesterday so it sure looks like they have some interest in him. Say a prayer for him because I think he really wants the job – he was telling me yesterday he is “ready for a cubicle”. LOL

Going to the office now – probably have about 4 hours of solid data entry on the computer – we have this new client-tracking software that has added a boatload of data entry B.S. to our workloads – have to enter practically every phone call we make or take along with all of our trips and meetings etc. I figure soon we will have to enter an hour or so a day of “data entry” if they decide to try to track our time with it. Right now we are just trying to see how much we do for how many – when you are funded by State Government dollars you have to continually justify your need, your worth, your mere existence!

I was going to blog a bit about BO when I sat down here – but I am actually speechless. I do not know what to make of the guy. He absolutely has to have been sealed in some kind of a vaccum for the past 15 – 20 years or something. The problem is, it appears much of our citizenry must have been there to. How arrogant and naieve can someone be? Pretty damn arrogant when he is the puppeteer apparently. Enough – long day ahead of me and need to keep my blood pressure regulated.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hope Vickie has a safe and pleasureable trip and gets home soon – I know B and I are ready for her to get back. Dishes are piling up, laundry needs done, etc. etc. LOL —- Sheesh – I hope she knows I am joking around. Love you Vic.

Peace & Love

The Dad

It is me again

March 6, 2009 by  

Well, all is well here in Fort Collins. We are a little sad that our Big B has moved beck to Casper, but know it is for the best! We all wish you well Branman,but miss you very much already. Nate is much the same. He has a bad case of senioritess, but we went through that with B too! He is planning on wrestling in nationals in Denver the end of this month we are very excited that he has not givin up, cause we all know what a great wrestler he is. Courtney is busy with volleyball at the school, she does great, don’t let her fool you. But I know her first love is me, oh wait I mean softball. Keegan is working hard at his next season which is baseball. Can’t wait to see what that little munchkin will do in the future, he is such a natural athlete. Well Tony and I are the same, just trying to keep our heads above water. Who would have thunck it would be this crazy! Well I guess that is all for now, cause I have to go get ready for a fundraiser for Keegan’s baseball team. Love you all and hope all is well!!!!! Love the almost forty year old.

to anwser questions

March 5, 2009 by  

Well ryan….i did make the volleyball team lol. first game is tuesday and we are playing wellington…joy long bus ride there lol. then thursday we are playing clp another long bus ride so yes i know we have 2 away games one after another lol. good for me lol. but to bad they are during my ta lol. but that is ok because it is a boring ta anyways…well so i have 3 scrimmages this saturday and guess what…it is suppose to snow. right know i hate colorado so this week so far it has been in the 70s and know we are going to have snow…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? tonight i have a choir concert joy my favorite lol. we are only singing 2 songs so what is up with that lol. but the teacher is not my favorite. lol… she is the same teacher i ta for…ugh lol. so how is everyone doing…stuff here is going pretty smoothly. bee left to day. bet he is at casper just laying on his bed and prasing it lol. oh my me and him may fight alot but he is always my biggest brother and i will always love him dearly! well nate is about at the age…that is a bummer lol. he is doing pretty good in he says lol. well me school is going good i have 2 bs but those i can bring up which i will cause i just dont like bs lol unless it is my older brother lol… but keegan is staying busy know with um…baseball and school. he is doing pretty good so he says lol. dad is working and be taxi for all this and mom is still working and be taxi too. nate kind of helps but not really. well tomorrow is keegans fundrasier and mom and dad are going and keegan and i are going over to his friends house. i am totally just going over there to babysitt. well maybe i should say child sitt lol the person i am watching is like 7 or something and i will keep an i on keegan and shane..his friend lol. i am staying the night there cause this whole thing wont get over till late and dont want to be up to late cuase hopefully i will have my scrimmages! i love softball it is my favorite. and i found out that is really my talent because volleyball is fun just not that great at it lol. i went for the ball and my friend went to and she ended up punching me in the face lol. i dont care cause i know it was an accedint…at least i hope it was haha. well i should probably start to go get ready for this concert and oh by the way after this year it has terminated lol. so if any of you want to hear my amazing voice better come soon lol jk it is not that great. but peace love and happiness to everyone.
Love Courtney
P.S. if any of you want to know this is 514 words long. lol

Dodgers vs Cubs Preseason Game

February 27, 2009 by  

So, on Wednesday of this week I was fortunate enough to be in Arizona for the kickoff of Spring Training in the Cactus League. Shawn Hashmi and I cut out of the data center early and caught the afternoon game at Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona. It was the Dodgers at the Cubs. Took my camera in and mostly took photos of people in the crowd as we sat behind home plate and had the backstop between us and the field. Figured I would show you one of my favorite pictures from the afternoon.

Amazing Video Footage?

Amazing Footage?

While I figured most cameras would probably display an alert that the lense cover is closed, this guy was “taking ” all around for quite some time. I feel bad for the guy… if he ever figures out how to watch the he took, he will undoubtedly be disappointed to know he didn’t take and . Ah, the complications of technology….

You can find the rest of my photos uploaded in my gallery in the Miscellaneous section under Baseball.

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a moms love

February 24, 2009 by  

Just checking in and letting everyone know how proud of my children I am. First ther is Brandon, you all know he has been strugling with the decision as to go back to Casper, or stay in Fort Collins? Well he has made the choice to go back to school in Casper, for this we are very proud of him. He is truely an amazing young man, and we feel his choice will serve him well in the future. Great choice Big B, know we will miss you lots but support your decision. Next there is Nathan, well he is a much stronger person than his father and I are. We have both been trying to figure out why he did not place at the state wrestling tourament. But Natie has the right answers. Just that it was not in Gods plan. How mature is that? Much better than I!!!!!!! Nate we are so proud of you, you are awesome at all you do! Keep up the great work. Sissy, well she is busting her you know what at volleyball try-outs. She is great because she always gives 100 percent at all she does. We are proud of her too! Good luck Courtney Morgan, go for all your dreams! Just so you all know she is doing awesome at softball, she is an amazing young lady. And then there is Keegan, well he is going to wrestle in the all state tournament this weekend. Along with wrestling he is busy with baseball practice. He is such a natual at all he does we are sure he will be just fine. Well Tony and I are good too. Just busy trying to keep up. We sure love you all and can’t wait to be able to spend some time with everyont. Just don’t know when that will be. Love you all so much! See I am getting better at this blogging thing! Love, Wendy

1 down hopefully 4 to go

February 23, 2009 by  

the first night of volleyball went amazing we did surving and that is all we had 5 balls to serve and i got only 5 over lol. so i got all of them lol. tomorrow will be sort or easy we are passing and setting. i want to be a setter so we will see how that goes. but i think i did pretty good. also school was school. my science teacher said it defeintally getting to the end of summer because we are starting rockets so that shoud be so much fun. im am gettng the rocket called yankee lol. it is pretty fair rocket. also nate is slowly getting over but i know it is a hard thing to get over i totally feel for him. also i had a outdoor practice sunday and that was so much fun lol. first we did some feilding and i started off at second and then he moved us to our secondary position and i was at catcher there so i guess that is pretty good… and so today was a slow day but fun in some parts. bee is getting excited he has 3 days left and keeg is working hard at wrestling and baseball. dad is working a little bit more that is a good sign i think. and mom is still working 3 days a week and is being taxi…dad is helping her and nate kind of is…(not really) he was sppose to take me to volleyball at 4:15 like that is when it started and i didnt get there till 4:25 i was so embarresed but i did good so hopefully he doesnt care about that one right know. hmmm…. cant really think of what else to say so idk what to right….hmmm….well i am going to watch the bachelor go melissa lol. i like her and not molly lol…molly is ok but i hope melissa wins…well got to go watch it love you all bye bye….

Guess It Is My Turn

February 22, 2009 by  

I have not been here in a while..I have started several times but just never finished. My emotions have been raw for weeks. I think I am at the point I can write a few words so I will try again. My life has been very different since Maggie died. She really was a hightlite of our life. I know God protected us from having her die at home, or from being very sick, but the shock of the situations still has my head swimming at times. This is the first time that Sophie has been an only dog, and I think she is enjoying it. We have mentioned several times recently how truely funny she is even though she she has a hard time getting around most of the time. She has her beloved turtle and even lets us play with her occasionally.

I want to congratulate Nathan. He has truely had a remarkable year in sports and school. He and his dad finished the summer as coaches of the city champs in Fort Collins Baseball Keegan’s age group. That was great for all of them especially since this was his 1st outing at coaching. Sr in high school and coaching sound familiar Ryan. Nate has also had a great year in school, taking some classes at Front Range College as well as at his high school. That is pretty impressive in itself. Wrestling has always been his main sport. He had rolled around on the wrestling mat since he was a really young child (7) I think. He has really matured and this year has been terrific for him, winning many honors and representing his sport and his school with pride. We got to see a few matches, but both his mom and his sister kept us posted each week on his remarkable year. Nate knows as we all do that God has some pretty important things for him in his life. Jeremiah 29:11 [show]ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'
This text is from the ESV Bible. Visit to learn about the ESV.
Open Link in New Window comes to mind. “You know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God is in control and Nathan knows that. Congratulations to him and to his family for enjoying his sport and being extremely supportive of him and all their precious kids. Steve and I feel so humbled that we have 3 remarkable adult kids and they have wonderful spouses each of them. We love you all so much. One of the best things about our kids is that they have given us absolutely incredible grand kids. We are so blessed. Thanks to all of you.
Well I made it through this and I think I will actually get it posted. I love you all.


Nate Steps Up!!!

February 22, 2009 by  

Well it happens to all of us —- we get older. Things change – life takes unexpected turns – basically we grow up. It happened to The Mom and I (some would argue if I ever really have grown up mentally), it happened to our children, and now our grandkids are finding they have to step up. The Big B is in the process (doesn’t happen overnight) – and now Nate is starting the journey.
Nate has worked his proverbial backside off developing his wrestling skills. He has sacrificed, he has stumbled, but Nate has never been counted out. He has always come back. Some people have it handed to them, some people earn it, and some people never get it. Nate is one of the “earners”. He works hard, keeps his eye on the brass ring, accepts setbacks, and keeps on going after it. And Nate will get it. I have absolutely no doubt.
Nate really “stepped up” this weekend. He finished out his High School wrestling career with alot of “firsts” – put his name where it can never be erased in the history of FossilRidge HighSchool. BUT – he fell a little short of the State title and had to accept that after all of his hard work. And he will. Nate stepped up —— he matured alot more in the past couple of weeks than he can possibly realize today. He learned some valuable (though not necessarily “feel good”) lessons about life and he learned them like a man. You take what God wants you to get and you deal with it —– asking why is useless because God’s plans are not easily interpreted. But you are bigger, you are wiser, and you mature with those lessons.
I was laying awake feeling for Nate the other night. Next morning I sent him a text relaying my pride in him. What I got back I will never forget – cause Nate “stepped up”. Here are some words from the text reply I received from Nate that brought big tears of pride to my eyes: ” yeah, I’m okay. It just wasn’t God’s plan for me.” He then just relayed his hope that there were good things in his future. What a man Nate is. Took the results and is ready to move forward. Nate stepped up! Oh …. and lest there be any doubt in anyone’s mind – I am totally confident there are much bigger and better things to come in Nates future.
Wendy & Tony – you have done a masterful job with numbers 1 and 2, and 3 & 4 look just as promising. God Bless you and thank you for your strong, tight-knit family and the ethic you have instilled in your children. Fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree.
Just had a text from Wendy. Keegan is 1 – 0 in his matches today. And Courtney has softball practice today. They just don’t slow down in Colorado folks!

Ryan and Spencer still in Oklahoma watching OSU play BYU. Dusty Harvard, one of Ryans old players, is playing for OSU. Ryan texts that it is pretty cold down there – and i am guessing he will come home with a fever of sorts – baseball & coaching fever is my prediction.

Steph & Mike & Ashley & Stephen busy here. My mom said she enjoyed a trip out to Johnny J’s with them last night. She really appreciates getting out of her “home” occasionally – thanks to them for taking her along.

I sure have alot to be thankful for and my family tops the list. I could go on & on —- and I probably will in future blogs —– today i just want to pay tribute to Nate ….. I love you nate and I could never be prouder. You really stepped up Taters!

The Dad

Welcome to 2009

January 1, 2009 by  

Well, I survived 2008 and it is now 2009. 2008 was a very interesting year for me. It certainly began with a huge blessing in my life… was born on January 9th. It is hard to believe that in just a week she will be one year old! Rebecca is planning a “Princess Party” for her. Invitations went out a few days ago, though we don’t expect a huge turn out since a lot of the recipients are out of towners. In 2009, it is my hope that will get a younger brother or sister. Rebecca and I would like to have another kid. I would certainly love to have a boy to go with my precious little girl. We’ll see what we can slip past the goalie.

From a work perspective, it was definitely a surprising year. I had no idea until a week before it happened that Gabe was leaving Aplus. He decided to do other stuff with his time. It is the first time in 9 years that I haven’t worked for Gabe. I guess, in 6 months from now, I will have officially lived in the KC area for 10 years. Very hard to believe. I am quite content here, though I often let my mind wander as I think about the places I would love to live. While I want an ocean and sun, the choices for that aren’t really that appealing to me. California is one of the bluest states in the country, and is very expensive to live. Florida… well, it is further from my family, I don’t speak the right languages, and I wouldn’t want to have to board up my house every year hoping the hurricanes don’t take it away. At least here in Kansas, you don’t have a week of prep time and departure every time a tornado is coming! I do know that I could easily live back in Colorado, either in Fort Collins or the Denver area. But with the surprising move of owner Pat Bowlen a few days ago, I don’t know how much longer I will be a Broncos fan! Anyway, I don’t see it in the cards for 2009 to move anywhere, so I guess I should spend my time being more productive instead of thinking about these things. Oh, Eve proved to me that Casper won’t be my domicile… I can not stand the wind there. I do not miss that in the least bit!

Back to work… I am still the Chief Operating Officer at I love the company and the people there. But we, just like every other business, are getting hit by the economy a bit. We’ll hope that the new savior Obama gets everything on track like he promised… I won’t be holding my breath!

In 2009, I have a few goals, or resolutions, if you will. The first is to be more fiscally responsible. I have been very fortunate in my life to hold good jobs and make great money. But I started spoiling myself (and now my family) a bit too much. Gonna cut it back a bit and start cutting my debt and trying to plan for the future better. I’m going to attempt to quit buying everything I want, when I want it. May even cut back on the travel… well, we’ll see about that. Dave Matthews Band is still touring, and that calls for me to travel! Plus, it’s always great to get away to Maui, New York, etc etc etc. Another of my 2009 resolutions is to get healthier. I don’t think I am going to join a gym again, but eating better and getting some exercise is definitely on the list to do. The vet said needs to lose 10 pounds. Well, so do I. I guess he and I will have to get to the dog park or out on walks a bit more. I have a feeling he will lose his 10 before I do… we have cut him back a bit on his meals. That will save us some money, too!

I also want to keep reconnecting with friends from the past. Every since Angie Noonan died, I have been making much more of an effort to reacquaint myself with past connections. I have been pretty successful at it. went from something I never touched to something I spend time on almost daily. And every week, I find at least another friend from the past. Have to keep reconnecting since my 20th high school reunion comes up in 2010. Wow, I am getting old.

I am thankful that in 2008, my family remained in tact! Didn’t lose anyone, which is always a good thing. digressed with his Alzheimer’s, and that sucks the big one. He seemed pretty good at … he loved kissing on . I pray they come up with something to cure that hideous disease sometime soon. is doing well, but always in pain from her arthritis… she’s in her 90’s. I wish I could see her more… I know she loves spending time with people. If she could have it her way, people would be over there all the time. Dad and Stephanie take care of her and help her out with everything, but I know she’s lonely. Mom, dad, sisters, brother-in-laws, nephews and nieces are all good. Big B hopefully had his last surgery, and it went real well. I am so impressed with his strength… he is an idol/role model of mine for sure.

I was thinking about getting back into coaching baseball this year, but I think as long as I have a boat and enjoy going to the lake so much, that will remain on the back burner. Coaching and officiating basketball are definitely two passions of mine which I haven’t had the time to get back into. Someday I will… someday. I also have been thinking about refreshing my pilot’s license. I think it would be awesome to fly down to the lake a time or two, and also to rent a plane next time I am in Maui and do some aerial sight seeing. Definitely would be fun, but doesn’t play into being more fiscally responsible.

Well, I am probably gonna wrap this up for now. I have done absolutely nothing today, aside from play Saints Row 2 on the XBOX 360, and play a bit with . She has a cold, poor little girl. She did 3 steps on several occasions today, and she sure does like to talk. Too bad she only knows a couple of words. I swear she’s getting close to saying “love da da” though… still haven’t got her to say ma ma yet. It will come, we keep working on it.

Rebecca just passed out (tired, not drunk!) next to me in bed. We had a pretty good night last night bringing in 2009 at The Melting Pot. Great meal and great company!

Hope you all have a blessed, safe and successful 2009. Happy New Year.


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