Brody Carlen Elledge

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Brody Carlen Elledge

My boy, , is home. At just over 2 days old, he’s making quite an impression in the house. has done well with him, but time will tell how well she will adjust to a prince invading her princess territory. But, so far so good!

It truly is quite amazing to experience bringing a human being into the world. Now, I don’t pretend to know what Rebecca went through for the past nine months, but I can tell you the scariest minutes of my life have been the minutes where and entered the world. It is such a relief when you first hear the baby cry and the doctors give the all clear signs! Then, it is nothing but joy.

Rebecca was a champ in both the delivery of and . I’m sure she was with Spencer, as well. I will admit that I got a bit more brave this time, and watched the whole thing instead of staring at the heart rate and contraction monitor like I did with . And yes, I even cut the cord. I must say, it is an amazing thing to witness. As for Rebecca and I, we plan this to be our last one. Heck, I am too old for this!

is very healthy and is doing well. He definitely sleeps a ton, but mixes in some feedings every couple of hours. His cry, despite what some of the pictures in his gallery may lead you to believe, is pretty quiet. As chaotic as it gets around here, he may need to turn the volume up a bit just to be heard. I am only hopeful though that he will grace us with sleep at night. has been absolutely a great baby… only two or three real bad nights in her 20+ months with us. I hope falls in her footsteps! Then again, he may make us pay… time will tell but I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and congratulatory remarks over on Facebook and Twitter. It is much appreciated.

While I will head back to the office this week, Rebecca’s six weeks or so of vacation begin. Yeah, right… I know! She will definitely have her hands full. She is a terrific mother. I, as well as my kids, am very fortunate.

Have a great week, and here’s to wishing my father safe travel back to Wyoming tomorrow. I wish he could stay awhile longer, but duty calls….

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This is the week….

September 13, 2009 by  

Well, the week has arrived, though we anticipated the newest Lil’ B, Brody, would have already come. If he doesn’t make an appearance before Friday, will be induced and he should arrive probably midday on Friday. I am so excited to have a son on the way, but afraid as well. Life will drastically change… again… with the second infant in the house. has done much of the with , but I am going to have to step my game up quite a bit. It will be challenging, with going 100 mph, but it will definitely be worth it. Our will be complete… yep, I am proclaiming right here, right now that this will be the last. How to make that happen is subject to debate here in my house, but one way or another, I think we’re done!

Brody’s room is coming along… the walls are painted, quite a bit of decor has arrived (but has not been hung). The new carpet is in, the crib, chainging table and rocking chair have been relocated from ’s room to Brody’s. I have a guy who is going to build me some cool wooden lockers for his room, and those won’t be done for about 4-6 weeks, but that will be the finishing touch. Now, if I could just get his baseball ceiling light working… the fan works, but not the lite. Someday I will master being an electrician. That someday will probably be right after my pops arrives mid week.

Yep, mom and dad are heading here from Casper to be here to welcome Brody into the world. Will be great to have them around to help out. I know will love it… though she absolutely loves visiting with ba-pa and grandma on the computer. Webcams make a lot closer, that’s for sure. And anytime I am on my laptop, comes running to talk to ba-pa.

is quite the girl. I am nervous as to how she is going to react to having a new brother… one that will inevitably take much attention. There is a 6 month old at her daycare who she isn’t too fond of. I think she will be a great big sister. I know in about 2 years, we’ll love the fact that and Bro are so close in age. Of course, daddy and will spend a bunch of time with while mom is feeding Brody. Ah, the sleepless nights are approaching quickly!

So it was nice to have some football to watch. I did ok with my picks for week one, though I must admit I did not pick the Broncos. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they won… I just didn’t anticipate it. Was awesome to see the Chiefs lose again… that’s pretty normal though.

Quickie on politics… I am just so amazed at how many people pretend they know what the health care bill(s) being pushed are really about and what they will do. How could any of us really know how good or how bad the bills are… even our Congress hasn’t even read them! What I do know is I am very opposed to the government running anything more. They fail, fail, fail in everything they put their magical touch on. And I don’t like businesses being punished, nor individuals being mandated to. I love the legacy concept of America being a free-country. Those days are behind us all, I must say.

I do have to give major kudos to President for his 9/11 speech. I was actually quite amazed at it, really. The speech was very thoughtful and sincere and well delivered (thanks, teleprompter!) The amazing part to me was the religious overtures that gave during his speech. He cited scripture and referenced God. Oh, how that must just irritate the left. Oh well, I bag on the buy enough so may as well give him props when he deserves it.

Speaking of 9/11, that is my mom’s birthday. Of course I called her and wished her a happy birthday, but let this be my public proclamation of such, and that I am so thankful for my mother (and my whole ). She is a tremendous woman who cares so much about her and . I pray my daughter will grow up to be the same way. I am thrilled that suggested that Brody’s middle name be Carlen, my mother’s maiden name.

Oh, and 9/12 was the Biggest B’s birthday… my nephew Brandon turned 20! Can’t believe it… I remember vividly holding him and dancing to Lollipop when he was younger than is today… what a great kid. He’s off traveling in Europe right now for the next week. I pray he has a wonderful, safe time over there. What a great kid, er, young man he is.

Well, is laying at my feet snoring, has been in (and out) of bed for the past two hours (mostly in, but she did tumble out of her bed tonight), and and just ventured to bed themselves. I guess that is my clue it is time for me to do the same. After a shower, though… I am FILTHY from finishing my firepit today. Will have to throw some pictures up in my gallery sometime in the next few days. Pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn’t perfect, but for never having done anything like it before, I must say I did a pretty damn good job.

Peace to all ya’ll out there in cyber land. Wish us well as we bring another Elledge into the world…

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Busy couple of weeks

March 22, 2009 by  

I am home, Josh and Courtney renewed their vows, had a great party reception, Braelyn is back home with her mom and dad, Ryan had a birthday and I think if there is such a thing, normal returns tomorrow.
I am uploading pictures of Braelyn’s visit to Wyoming and Josh’s reception. Stevie hung out with grandpa and Brandon last night. Poor Sophie had to be the only girl around here for a few days.
Braelyn, grandma misses you. I have been really blessed to have gotten to see so much of my family in the last few weeks, even if it was only a few minutes. (as with Rebecca). Missed seeing Ryan and Spencer but think I got to spend time with everyone else, including Sister and family in California.
Good to be home. Now I have to find some help for dad and Betty. Will start on that project tomorrow.
Life is good, I am blessed. Thank you, Jesus

Spring Time Fun Outside!

March 22, 2009 by  

It’s finally spring here, and my big Bubba and my mommy and daddy took me outside to play yesterday. It was really weird walking in grass with no shoes on. It feels so weird! Anyway, Hoover made a video and begged me to put it up, so I did. Here is the latest Lazy Dawg Production of a Braelyn Grace Moment. Hope you have as much fun watching it as I did being in it!

Today I Met The Easter Bunny

March 21, 2009 by  

My mommy took me to Oak Park Mall today and took me to meet the Easter Bunny. I don’t know about this Easter Bunny thing, it was kind of scary. Mommy says the bunny is nice and will bring me candy and hide eggs, but as you can tell from my picture, I would rather hide from the bunny. Maybe next year I will like the bunny better.

I Met the Easter Bunny

I Met the Easter Bunny


March 19, 2009 by  

Been kind of a long week – glad it is coming to an end. Started for me on a bummer note when Braelyn and Vic both left! Then I did some in-state travel – spent one night and most of two days in Ryan’s old baseball town, Torrington. The old ballfield is gone and there are buildings from the children’s home on parts of where it was. They moved the ballfield up north near the College – up by where Ryan lived at one point. I didn’t get up that way this trip. Spent most of the time at the Rendezvous Center at the Fairgrounds for our quarterly Business Council Board meeting. Oh……and i stayed at the Holiday Inn Express so I must be smarter eh? Anyway – long two days of meetings but in the end I scored another million and a half dollar grant – this one to rennovate and double the size of the old Public Utilities shop in Evansville into a Community Center, Senior Center, and museum. I really like helping these communities build the things that make their towns more liveable! The Mills Senior Center I did a couple of years ago is used continuously and they love it – it was an old surplus firetruck garage before we did that one. Anyway, it’s a good feeling and if you look at it logically – these Senior Center projects are getting done just in time so I have somewhere to go! 🙂

Not much else to report. The B finished his night shifts at the Douglas Safeway last night. I don’t know what his schedule looks like from here forward at the Casper Safeway but think he is supposed to close two nights a week. Of course that could be a moot observation if things pan out – still hoping for the Hilltop Bank position to be offered to him – we do know they were checking his references yesterday so it sure looks like they have some interest in him. Say a prayer for him because I think he really wants the job – he was telling me yesterday he is “ready for a cubicle”. LOL

Going to the office now – probably have about 4 hours of solid data entry on the computer – we have this new client-tracking software that has added a boatload of data entry B.S. to our workloads – have to enter practically every phone call we make or take along with all of our trips and meetings etc. I figure soon we will have to enter an hour or so a day of “data entry” if they decide to try to track our time with it. Right now we are just trying to see how much we do for how many – when you are funded by State Government dollars you have to continually justify your need, your worth, your mere existence!

I was going to blog a bit about BO when I sat down here – but I am actually speechless. I do not know what to make of the guy. He absolutely has to have been sealed in some kind of a vaccum for the past 15 – 20 years or something. The problem is, it appears much of our citizenry must have been there to. How arrogant and naieve can someone be? Pretty damn arrogant when he is the puppeteer apparently. Enough – long day ahead of me and need to keep my blood pressure regulated.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hope Vickie has a safe and pleasureable trip and gets home soon – I know B and I are ready for her to get back. Dishes are piling up, laundry needs done, etc. etc. LOL —- Sheesh – I hope she knows I am joking around. Love you Vic.

Peace & Love

The Dad

Hardly A Vacation

March 15, 2009 by  

So, Rebecca, and Spencer are gone.  Rebecca has been in Maui since last Monday.  Spencer went to the S.D.’s house last Thursday.  is in Wyoming with my parents since last Monday.  Rebecca and return on Tuesday.  Spencer was supposed to come home today, but the S.D. is now having him stay another night, so he won’t return until tomorrow.  Me and Hoover and the psycho other dog are lazy bums.  I am truly bored.  I figured this would be a relaxing week, and while it has been, I have done absolutely nothing, and I am tired of doing absolutely nothing.  Oh, I have plenty of work I could be doing… don’t want to.  I have plenty of Booster Club stuff I could be doing… don’t want to.  Maybe a trip to the casino would cure some of my boredom, but then again, it could be costly… I haven’t been in ages.

Sidebar… I referred to the other dog as psycho.  Let me explain.  On multiple occasions, including moments ago, I have witnessed her very slowly and cautiously walking backwards and staring at the floor in front of her as she does it.  It is very methodical.  I don’t know if she is seeing things, or maybe our house is in fact haunted, as Spencer often suggests.  I don’t know what it is, but I must say it is a bit freaky.  Maybe it is from eating too much of Hoover’s crap (yes, she does that all the time and just absolutely disgusts me).  I need to get my camera and set it beside me as I veg in this chair fiddling on my laptop, so I can it if she does it again.  I don’t know about her…

Tonight the NCAA basketball selection show is on… this I do look forward to.  I should be putting up a pool on my website, feel free to join.  Don’t know yet if I will, but if I do, you should definitely participate.

I have stopped taking guitar lessons this month, but plan to resume in a month or two.  Just too much going on with work and stuff that I needed a hiatus from it.  However, I have been messing around on the guitar the past few days… I should be getting lots of practice, considering how bored I am, but my fingers get to hurting and so do my ears since I still suck so bad, so it gets discouraging.  So, I just sit here and mess around on this stupid laptop.

Sad to say, this morning when I woke up I started my normal routine of reviewing MSNBC.COM to see what the headlines are (surprise, folks, I do not turn to Fox for my news).  I couldn’t have been more pissed off reading the article about how Obama is considering taxing some people’s health benefits (aka MINE) to help pay for universal healthcare.  Sure, why not… my taxes are already going to be going up, why not hit me again?  It is truly sad that I actually sat in the chair getting my haircut thinking about outher countries to move to.  I then remember that I do live in the greatest country in the world and would be foolish to move somewhere else.  Nowhere is perfect.  Now, I know Lisa Hilger and perhaps a few other lefties out there will respond with the traditional leftist line of “now you know how we felt for the last 8 years”.  That’s just one of those rehearsed lines, doesn’t prove or disprove any stance, so I am quick to discount things like that.

You know, fact of the matter is, while I do not think GW Bush was the best president, or even in the top few, I can say this… I proudly support the Republican stance on taxes, and whole heartedly disagree with disproportionally taxing the upper class to pay for the lower class.  Don’t get me wrong, I most certainly do realize that there are those who are legitimately struggling while working very hard, and that these people do need help.  I am reminded to my oldest sister’s struggles a few years back when her husband was very ill, awaiting a kidney transplant.  My sister is a teacher (who chooses to teach in a lower economic school, mind you) and my brother in law, at the time, was working for a fire truck manufacturing plant in Casper.  Their medical bills were piling up, and finances were most certainly tight.  But they worked (literally) through it… Mike continued working as much as he could through it all.  They didn’t sit back waiting for the government to bail them out… they perservered.  I am proud of them for that.  They cut expenses, took some hits on their credit, etc. but today they are better people for it.  By the way, I should point out that I am also so proud of my sister for having been an educator for so many years but not a card carrying member of the teachers’ union… er, “professional organization”… you know, the one that protects the very poor teachers that are ruining public education… yeah, that one.  Wow, I am all over the place….

Back to my political talking points… I, Ryan , support smaller government with less interference.  I support health care for those who truly need help getting it, but I don’t support mandates to small businesses and penalties to those businesses who just can’t afford better plans.  I do not believe in nor support in any way the ACLU.  I love GITMO and the fact that it helps keep the really bad people in the world from doing more really bad things.  I admire and support our troops and their actions, and I pray that they will continue to get the funding that they need… which, by the way, they need more of (I am thankful that it looks like there is a 4% increase in the DOD budget under Obama… while it is not much more, it is more and not less, so that is a surprise to me from the Big BO).  I think unions ruin business… they had there place in history, but now they should be history… and of course I think this because I believe someone who starts a business and puts his/her butt on the line should get to make the rules for the business, not the people working for him/her.  I think the legal system is a mess and contributes to a lot of the pitfalls in our country, including our health care issues.  I support COBRA, but not the new Obama changes to COBRA where employees terminated for cause get 65% of their COBRA paid by the very business who had to let them go (yes, I know the business will get tax credits, but it creates a financial strain on the business).  You know, higher taxes on businesses and making them pay these things ultimately leads to additional layoffs… it is the anti-job creation model.  For those of you who don’t understand what I am talking about, just know that I deal with these things daily as an executive for a tech company which employees nearly 200 people).  I think I am OK with Obama reversing the stem cell policy of Bush, but I honestly don’t know enough about it to really have a good opinion.  I do love the idea that it can help cure other illnesses, and that is why I at least think it might be ok.  I, of course, do not like Obama’s strategy of blaming the last administration for every ill that we have, because the President just does’t have that much power… it takes a joint effort of the three branches, and the Dem’s have controlled congress since 2006.  I don’t like Pelosi… at all.  Ultimate hypocrit right there.  Oddly enough, I hear Dems bashing and fearing here, too… just not sure how she is in the position she is in.  I just throw my hands up on that one.  I do support a major overhaul of the tax system in the United States.  On the surface, I like the idea of getting rid of the income tax and turning to taxation on what you buy… get the drug dealers, prostitutes, gamblers, etc. all paying their fair share (oh and guess what, the rich will continue to carry the tax burden since they have the means to buy more).  I do not believe in abortion, unless the birth would put the mother’s health at risk or in the case of rape.  Better put, I don’t believe in abortion as a form of birth control.  I support the legalization of marijuana, and I actually applaud the Obama administration for pulling the hounds off going after state-legalized dispenseries… and no, I don’t support it because I am a user, I just believe that the government and our jails would be better off with the taxes which would be generated from it being legal, the decrease in prisoners who possess/use/distribute it, and the savings to the budget for not fighting it (you should watch Marijuana, Inc. on CNBC if you haven’t already).

Ugh, I am done for now, that is too much for anyone to really read or care about on this fine Sunday afternoon.  I just know that I like fairness, and I really don’t feel like we’re heading to fairness right now.  I am not implying or suggesting everything was fair under the Bush administration… no doubt there was some BS that shouldn’t have happened and people playing by different rules, but I would be surprised if anyone could ever convince me that the current changes and suggestions are fair.  Time will tell, I guess… but I suggest in 2 more years when the problems persist, we’ll still be blaming the previous 8 years.

I miss my and my Rebecca (the house is a disaster!).  Can’t wait to see you both in a few days.  My thoughts and prayers are with my sister Wenday and her family as they cope with having to put down their dog this past week.

Hope you all have a great week, whether you agree with me or you don’t.


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The Number 43

March 11, 2009 by  

* 43 is the 14th smallest prime number

* The checmical element with atomic number 43 is technetium

* Former major leagure Dennis Eckersley wore number 43 for the Oakland Athletics, and they have retired that number

* 43 is an Interstate in Wisconsin

* You use country code 43 if you’re dialing Austrailia

* Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon is 43 minutes long

* George W Bush was the 43rd President of the United States

* 43 years ago, my mom and dad said “I do” and apparently, they meant it!

Yep, today, March 11, 2009 is the 43rd anniversary of my parents, Steve and Vickie. That makes the number 43 special today, and why I chose to blog about the number. Thanks to Wikipedia for some factoids on the number… sadly, they didn’t have the most important one. To my mom and dad, congratulations and thank you for all you have done for me and our family. Thanks for watching this week. I love you both and am so thankful that you two are who you are, and that you have made it so long. Enjoy the rest of this special day and know I love you and miss you both.

Happy Anniversary!



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Losing is Good…

March 8, 2009 by  

at least in the case of losing an hour of sleep last night. I think that is a good thing, because I love the fact that it will be daylight longer. So in this case, losing is good.

Speaking of losing… I am in a state of total disbelief on the continued honeymoon period for President Obama. I was going to blog about it earlier in the week, but didn’t get a chance. I read an article on about how Obama’s popularity numbers continue to rise and are at an “all-time” high. Yet, the same article talked about his policy approval rating heading the other direction. When will the honeymoon period end? This guy is ramroding costly policy through that just doesn’t feel right. Wall Street seems to dislike Obama and his policies, that is for sure. I think if Obama would just stay off the television for a few days, the markets might jump up a bit. And any lefties out there that want to say who cares about what the Street thinks and how corrupt that is… well, the economy needs to care about what the Street is doing. I’ve been looking for a correlation study around Obama talking and signing legislation and the drop of the markets… I’m sure that study is out there somewhere.

Enough on politics, I don’t want to ruin t he rest of my last day before Monday. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I have to get Rebecca and to the airport for their 6am flight. Yep, that means my day will start uncomfortably early, as in that 3am hour. And, while I would like to get back home and snag a few hours of sleep before work, that won’t happen as in the 7am hour I will have to take Spencer to school. Yep, tomorrow morning is all about Ryan’s Taxi Service.

As tomorrow approaches, I am starting to get sad a bit that I am not going to see my baby girl for over a week! I know she will be in great hands in Casper with mom, dad and all the family. And I plan on seeing her everyday on web cam, but not beginning my day everyday seeing her terrorize my bathroom and giving me that cute grin and kiss is going to be weird. Gonna miss my little angel, that is for sure. Rebecca is headed to Maui with most of the Murphy clan. I am staying back here to work and dog sit. Oh, it will be somewhat of a vacation for me, too… I get the whole bed, not just an 1/8th. Well, I guess that won’t be true because I have a feeling will take most of the bed while Rebecca is out of town.

Speaking of , she is coming down with another ear infection… at least her plane ride will only be an hour and a half tomorrow, and we got her on some medicine last night. She seems to be doing fine but you can see it in her eyes that she isn’t 100%. I just hope she will do great for mom and dad. I’m pretty sure she will, but this will be the longest period of her not being with us and it is a bit sad.

Sounds like Spencer and his friend just got up and around. Let the noise of the day begin….

I love reading my niece’s blogs. I didn’t realize just how many LOL’s one could fit into a 500 word blog… I should go back and count, but I think I’ll just guess it was about 50.

Ok, I didn’t really say much this morning but I thought I would check in. Time to clean up this mess in my office. Catch ya’ll later.


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The Girls Step Up!

March 4, 2009 by  

It’s good to be home. Long week in Chicago……..colder than cold there. Glad to be back.
Didn’t have time before I left to congratulate my GrandGirls – they all had super accomplishments in the last couple of week – these grandkids are going to get me branded as a “braggart” pretty soon. Actually, I don’t mind —- keep it up all of you. Anyway – here’s the scoop on the GrandGirls:


    Ashley Elizabeth

kicked hiney at Billings in dance. Won the Senior Title as i understand it. That is awesome. That girl has more moves, and more grace, and is more fun to watch than anything you could find on television. She works so hard and is so dedicated, yet when you watch her it looks totally natural – like she was born to it. That, my friends, is the sign of an accomplished dancer.


    Courtney Morgan

made the volleyball team. Nobody works harder than Courtney when she wants something and she wanted a slot on that team. I only hope, since it is a school sport, that I can make a game sometime this season.


    Braelyn Grace

has obviously decided that crawling is for babies! Latest video shows her traveling all over the place on two feet! There is no stopping her now. Hang on Rebecca and Ryan – hope you can keep up.

I love you young ladies very much and am extremely proud of each of you.

Not much else going on that i am aware of. Back to the office in the morning to see what I have been missing. Oh boy! Plus – we have had the pleasure of what appears to be a pretty serious car problem. Has to be fixed by an authorized Toyota outfit to be covered by warranty – we think. We all know who the authorized Toyota outfit is here in Casper – good ole Foss Motors. Kind of makes me nauseous to think about having to deal with them but I don’t think Toyota will pay to have it towed to Fort Collins! Some kind of a leak up behind the timing box that is estimated at 16+ hours just for labor. Must have to pull the engine eh? I’m no mechanic but sounds costly to me. Anyway – bad enough leak we can’t drive it – they had to tow it from the house! Fun!
Just watched American Idol and my faith was a little bit renewed in the judges – they did NOT invite Nathaniel back for the WildCard Show. Okay voice but gave me the heebie’s to watch him. Of course I will have to suffer through watching Tatiana, but I actually do like her voice.
Peace & Love-
The Dad

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