This is the week….

September 13, 2009 by  

Well, the week has arrived, though we anticipated the newest Lil’ B, Brody, would have already come. If he doesn’t make an appearance before Friday, will be induced and he should arrive probably midday on Friday. I am so excited to have a son on the way, but afraid as well. Life will drastically change… again… with the second infant in the house. has done much of the with , but I am going to have to step my game up quite a bit. It will be challenging, with going 100 mph, but it will definitely be worth it. Our will be complete… yep, I am proclaiming right here, right now that this will be the last. How to make that happen is subject to debate here in my house, but one way or another, I think we’re done!

Brody’s room is coming along… the walls are painted, quite a bit of decor has arrived (but has not been hung). The new carpet is in, the crib, chainging table and rocking chair have been relocated from ’s room to Brody’s. I have a guy who is going to build me some cool wooden lockers for his room, and those won’t be done for about 4-6 weeks, but that will be the finishing touch. Now, if I could just get his baseball ceiling light working… the fan works, but not the lite. Someday I will master being an electrician. That someday will probably be right after my pops arrives mid week.

Yep, mom and dad are heading here from Casper to be here to welcome Brody into the world. Will be great to have them around to help out. I know will love it… though she absolutely loves visiting with ba-pa and grandma on the computer. Webcams make a lot closer, that’s for sure. And anytime I am on my laptop, comes running to talk to ba-pa.

is quite the girl. I am nervous as to how she is going to react to having a new brother… one that will inevitably take much attention. There is a 6 month old at her daycare who she isn’t too fond of. I think she will be a great big sister. I know in about 2 years, we’ll love the fact that and Bro are so close in age. Of course, daddy and will spend a bunch of time with while mom is feeding Brody. Ah, the sleepless nights are approaching quickly!

So it was nice to have some football to watch. I did ok with my picks for week one, though I must admit I did not pick the Broncos. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that they won… I just didn’t anticipate it. Was awesome to see the Chiefs lose again… that’s pretty normal though.

Quickie on politics… I am just so amazed at how many people pretend they know what the health care bill(s) being pushed are really about and what they will do. How could any of us really know how good or how bad the bills are… even our Congress hasn’t even read them! What I do know is I am very opposed to the government running anything more. They fail, fail, fail in everything they put their magical touch on. And I don’t like businesses being punished, nor individuals being mandated to. I love the legacy concept of America being a free-country. Those days are behind us all, I must say.

I do have to give major kudos to President for his 9/11 speech. I was actually quite amazed at it, really. The speech was very thoughtful and sincere and well delivered (thanks, teleprompter!) The amazing part to me was the religious overtures that gave during his speech. He cited scripture and referenced God. Oh, how that must just irritate the left. Oh well, I bag on the buy enough so may as well give him props when he deserves it.

Speaking of 9/11, that is my mom’s birthday. Of course I called her and wished her a happy birthday, but let this be my public proclamation of such, and that I am so thankful for my mother (and my whole ). She is a tremendous woman who cares so much about her and . I pray my daughter will grow up to be the same way. I am thrilled that suggested that Brody’s middle name be Carlen, my mother’s maiden name.

Oh, and 9/12 was the Biggest B’s birthday… my nephew Brandon turned 20! Can’t believe it… I remember vividly holding him and dancing to Lollipop when he was younger than is today… what a great kid. He’s off traveling in Europe right now for the next week. I pray he has a wonderful, safe time over there. What a great kid, er, young man he is.

Well, is laying at my feet snoring, has been in (and out) of bed for the past two hours (mostly in, but she did tumble out of her bed tonight), and and just ventured to bed themselves. I guess that is my clue it is time for me to do the same. After a shower, though… I am FILTHY from finishing my firepit today. Will have to throw some pictures up in my gallery sometime in the next few days. Pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn’t perfect, but for never having done anything like it before, I must say I did a pretty damn good job.

Peace to all ya’ll out there in cyber land. Wish us well as we bring another Elledge into the world…

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Q109 – Tough Quarter for Dogs

March 26, 2009 by  

Tonight, a fellow employee at is spending her last night with her dog, Dru. I just learned on Facebook about 4 or 5 weeks ago that Tracey Seib had an English Mastiff. I think I must have posted something about Hoover or somehow she ran across his pictures on my site. Anyway, she told me she had a 10 1/2 year old male English Mastiff named Dru. Just a week or two later, she learned that Dru had terminal cancer… a lump developed rapidly in his leg, and she was forced with the dreaded decision of what to do. Sadly, it came to her having to make the decision to put Dru down, and she scheduled the date just a week ago to take place tomorrow, March 27th. It has become very clear that Dru is a major part of Tracey’s life, just like Hoover is in my life. I have lost sleep and been very uneasy the past few weeks because Hoover is having a leg problem, has developed a small bump on his leg, and hasn’t been eating quite right. The bump on his leg, combined with the timing of Tracey finding out about Dru has weighed heavily on my mind. Fortunately for me, Hoover is eating better and his blood tests came back indicating no issues. Tomorrow, he begins new medication to hopefully help his leg, else we will have to have some x-rays taken with him sedated — something I don’t want to do. But for me, I am so fortunate because Hoover is in good health, yet his “brother” Dru is spending his final night (for now, at least) with Tracey. Last night I got out of bed and went and layed down with Hoover and thought hard about what Tracey is going through, and how someday that very well be me. I know Dru has been getting extra special attention from Tracey these past two weeks, and I was pleased to read on her Facebook page just moments ago that Dru has been enjoying some cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, while popcorn and ice cream await him later this evening. My thoughts and prayers are with Tracey and Dru tonight… it will be a tough night for Tracey, followed by many tough days ahead, but Dru will leave this earth tomorrow having had a very good life and knowing that he was loved.

Dru and Tracey

Dru and Tracey

This follows just two weeks after my sister Wendy and her family had to go through the exact same situation with their dog, Casey. Casey was 13 years old and had a tremendous life and brought joy to my sister, my brother-in-law Tony, my nephews Brandon, Nathan and Keegan, and my niece Courtney. Of course, she was a great dog to her extended family as well, and it will be hard next time I am in Fort Collins (in less than 2 months to celebrate Nathan’s pending graduation — you will be graduating, won’t you Nate?) Won’t get to see that cute little dog Casey-Casey. She, too, was diagonsed with cancer, but she made it on drugs and love for about a year before they had to make the ultimate decision to let Casey go before the pain was too much. Like Tracey and Dru tomorrow, they had the act performed at their home with the whole family there.

Casey Casey

Casey Casey

Aside from Dru and Casey, my parents lost one of their two pugs, Maggie, just a few months ago. Unlike Dru and Casey, Maggie died unexpectedly when she went in to get her teeth cleaned. She was, so it seems, in good health, but they had to sedate her to do the procedure and she went into cardiac arrest. This is why I am trying hard to see if we can get Hoover healed without getting sedated xrays. Unlike Tracey and my sister’s family, my mom and dad didn’t get to say goodbye to Maggie… they didn’t get an opportunity to come-to-grips with it. In some ways, I think that’s good… I know when my day comes and I depart this earth, I want it to be sudden and quick, just like Maggie’s passing … a passing with no suffering. But, on the flip side, not getting to spend time saying goodbye… eating cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets… is something that you hate to think about missing out on.

Maggie Moo

Maggie Moo

I should mention, too, that though I don’t remember all the details about what my friend Shawn Porter told me (sorry Shawn, I *think* I may have had a few pre-birthday drinks when we talked last week), I know he lost his lab this year, too. I do remember him telling me how hard it is to explain to his daughter, and I know someday, I may be in that same place, too.

Time helps heal all wounds, but quarter one, 2009 sure has been a tough one for my family and friends when it comes to their four legged family members. My thoughts are with them all, and it is great to know that I am not the only nut in this world who loves his pet as if it were his child. Here’s to the four legged family members and those that have cared so much for them. Hang in there, Tracey, and though I didn’t get to meet Dru, give him a hug for me.


Spring Time Fun Outside!

March 22, 2009 by  

It’s finally spring here, and my big Bubba and my mommy and daddy took me outside to play yesterday. It was really weird walking in grass with no shoes on. It feels so weird! Anyway, Hoover made a video and begged me to put it up, so I did. Here is the latest Lazy Dawg Production of a Braelyn Grace Moment. Hope you have as much fun watching it as I did being in it!

Hardly A Vacation

March 15, 2009 by  

So, Rebecca, and Spencer are gone.  Rebecca has been in Maui since last Monday.  Spencer went to the S.D.’s house last Thursday.  is in Wyoming with my parents since last Monday.  Rebecca and return on Tuesday.  Spencer was supposed to come home today, but the S.D. is now having him stay another night, so he won’t return until tomorrow.  Me and Hoover and the psycho other dog are lazy bums.  I am truly bored.  I figured this would be a relaxing week, and while it has been, I have done absolutely nothing, and I am tired of doing absolutely nothing.  Oh, I have plenty of work I could be doing… don’t want to.  I have plenty of Booster Club stuff I could be doing… don’t want to.  Maybe a trip to the casino would cure some of my boredom, but then again, it could be costly… I haven’t been in ages.

Sidebar… I referred to the other dog as psycho.  Let me explain.  On multiple occasions, including moments ago, I have witnessed her very slowly and cautiously walking backwards and staring at the floor in front of her as she does it.  It is very methodical.  I don’t know if she is seeing things, or maybe our house is in fact haunted, as Spencer often suggests.  I don’t know what it is, but I must say it is a bit freaky.  Maybe it is from eating too much of Hoover’s crap (yes, she does that all the time and just absolutely disgusts me).  I need to get my camera and set it beside me as I veg in this chair fiddling on my laptop, so I can it if she does it again.  I don’t know about her…

Tonight the NCAA basketball selection show is on… this I do look forward to.  I should be putting up a pool on my website, feel free to join.  Don’t know yet if I will, but if I do, you should definitely participate.

I have stopped taking guitar lessons this month, but plan to resume in a month or two.  Just too much going on with work and stuff that I needed a hiatus from it.  However, I have been messing around on the guitar the past few days… I should be getting lots of practice, considering how bored I am, but my fingers get to hurting and so do my ears since I still suck so bad, so it gets discouraging.  So, I just sit here and mess around on this stupid laptop.

Sad to say, this morning when I woke up I started my normal routine of reviewing MSNBC.COM to see what the headlines are (surprise, folks, I do not turn to Fox for my news).  I couldn’t have been more pissed off reading the article about how Obama is considering taxing some people’s health benefits (aka MINE) to help pay for universal healthcare.  Sure, why not… my taxes are already going to be going up, why not hit me again?  It is truly sad that I actually sat in the chair getting my haircut thinking about outher countries to move to.  I then remember that I do live in the greatest country in the world and would be foolish to move somewhere else.  Nowhere is perfect.  Now, I know Lisa Hilger and perhaps a few other lefties out there will respond with the traditional leftist line of “now you know how we felt for the last 8 years”.  That’s just one of those rehearsed lines, doesn’t prove or disprove any stance, so I am quick to discount things like that.

You know, fact of the matter is, while I do not think GW Bush was the best president, or even in the top few, I can say this… I proudly support the Republican stance on taxes, and whole heartedly disagree with disproportionally taxing the upper class to pay for the lower class.  Don’t get me wrong, I most certainly do realize that there are those who are legitimately struggling while working very hard, and that these people do need help.  I am reminded to my oldest sister’s struggles a few years back when her husband was very ill, awaiting a kidney transplant.  My sister is a teacher (who chooses to teach in a lower economic school, mind you) and my brother in law, at the time, was working for a fire truck manufacturing plant in Casper.  Their medical bills were piling up, and finances were most certainly tight.  But they worked (literally) through it… Mike continued working as much as he could through it all.  They didn’t sit back waiting for the government to bail them out… they perservered.  I am proud of them for that.  They cut expenses, took some hits on their credit, etc. but today they are better people for it.  By the way, I should point out that I am also so proud of my sister for having been an educator for so many years but not a card carrying member of the teachers’ union… er, “professional organization”… you know, the one that protects the very poor teachers that are ruining public education… yeah, that one.  Wow, I am all over the place….

Back to my political talking points… I, Ryan , support smaller government with less interference.  I support health care for those who truly need help getting it, but I don’t support mandates to small businesses and penalties to those businesses who just can’t afford better plans.  I do not believe in nor support in any way the ACLU.  I love GITMO and the fact that it helps keep the really bad people in the world from doing more really bad things.  I admire and support our troops and their actions, and I pray that they will continue to get the funding that they need… which, by the way, they need more of (I am thankful that it looks like there is a 4% increase in the DOD budget under Obama… while it is not much more, it is more and not less, so that is a surprise to me from the Big BO).  I think unions ruin business… they had there place in history, but now they should be history… and of course I think this because I believe someone who starts a business and puts his/her butt on the line should get to make the rules for the business, not the people working for him/her.  I think the legal system is a mess and contributes to a lot of the pitfalls in our country, including our health care issues.  I support COBRA, but not the new Obama changes to COBRA where employees terminated for cause get 65% of their COBRA paid by the very business who had to let them go (yes, I know the business will get tax credits, but it creates a financial strain on the business).  You know, higher taxes on businesses and making them pay these things ultimately leads to additional layoffs… it is the anti-job creation model.  For those of you who don’t understand what I am talking about, just know that I deal with these things daily as an executive for a tech company which employees nearly 200 people).  I think I am OK with Obama reversing the stem cell policy of Bush, but I honestly don’t know enough about it to really have a good opinion.  I do love the idea that it can help cure other illnesses, and that is why I at least think it might be ok.  I, of course, do not like Obama’s strategy of blaming the last administration for every ill that we have, because the President just does’t have that much power… it takes a joint effort of the three branches, and the Dem’s have controlled congress since 2006.  I don’t like Pelosi… at all.  Ultimate hypocrit right there.  Oddly enough, I hear Dems bashing and fearing here, too… just not sure how she is in the position she is in.  I just throw my hands up on that one.  I do support a major overhaul of the tax system in the United States.  On the surface, I like the idea of getting rid of the income tax and turning to taxation on what you buy… get the drug dealers, prostitutes, gamblers, etc. all paying their fair share (oh and guess what, the rich will continue to carry the tax burden since they have the means to buy more).  I do not believe in abortion, unless the birth would put the mother’s health at risk or in the case of rape.  Better put, I don’t believe in abortion as a form of birth control.  I support the legalization of marijuana, and I actually applaud the Obama administration for pulling the hounds off going after state-legalized dispenseries… and no, I don’t support it because I am a user, I just believe that the government and our jails would be better off with the taxes which would be generated from it being legal, the decrease in prisoners who possess/use/distribute it, and the savings to the budget for not fighting it (you should watch Marijuana, Inc. on CNBC if you haven’t already).

Ugh, I am done for now, that is too much for anyone to really read or care about on this fine Sunday afternoon.  I just know that I like fairness, and I really don’t feel like we’re heading to fairness right now.  I am not implying or suggesting everything was fair under the Bush administration… no doubt there was some BS that shouldn’t have happened and people playing by different rules, but I would be surprised if anyone could ever convince me that the current changes and suggestions are fair.  Time will tell, I guess… but I suggest in 2 more years when the problems persist, we’ll still be blaming the previous 8 years.

I miss my and my Rebecca (the house is a disaster!).  Can’t wait to see you both in a few days.  My thoughts and prayers are with my sister Wenday and her family as they cope with having to put down their dog this past week.

Hope you all have a great week, whether you agree with me or you don’t.


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Comment on I HATE THIS PART RIGHT HERE! by Ryan Elledge

March 12, 2009 by  


So sorry for the pain you all are feeling right now. Casey has definitely been a great dog. I am reminded of a prayer I see everytime I take Hoover to the vet. The last lines of the prayer, titled A Dog’s Prayer by Beth Norman Harris, reads:

And, beloved master, should the great Master see fit to deprive me of my health, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest–and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

You can rest assured Casey lived a great, long life knowing the whole time how much she was loved. I remember feeling so sorry for her as you and your brothers would lug her around, by the neck as you indicated, but she loved every bit of it. One couldn’t ask for a more loyal, caring, good dog. We will all miss her. But, as the Dog Prayer said, she leaves this earth knowing that her fate was always safest in your hands.

Love you Courtney, and all the Lecher’s. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Losing is Good…

March 8, 2009 by  

at least in the case of losing an hour of sleep last night. I think that is a good thing, because I love the fact that it will be daylight longer. So in this case, losing is good.

Speaking of losing… I am in a state of total disbelief on the continued honeymoon period for President Obama. I was going to blog about it earlier in the week, but didn’t get a chance. I read an article on about how Obama’s popularity numbers continue to rise and are at an “all-time” high. Yet, the same article talked about his policy approval rating heading the other direction. When will the honeymoon period end? This guy is ramroding costly policy through that just doesn’t feel right. Wall Street seems to dislike Obama and his policies, that is for sure. I think if Obama would just stay off the television for a few days, the markets might jump up a bit. And any lefties out there that want to say who cares about what the Street thinks and how corrupt that is… well, the economy needs to care about what the Street is doing. I’ve been looking for a correlation study around Obama talking and signing legislation and the drop of the markets… I’m sure that study is out there somewhere.

Enough on politics, I don’t want to ruin t he rest of my last day before Monday. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I have to get Rebecca and to the airport for their 6am flight. Yep, that means my day will start uncomfortably early, as in that 3am hour. And, while I would like to get back home and snag a few hours of sleep before work, that won’t happen as in the 7am hour I will have to take Spencer to school. Yep, tomorrow morning is all about Ryan’s Taxi Service.

As tomorrow approaches, I am starting to get sad a bit that I am not going to see my baby girl for over a week! I know she will be in great hands in Casper with mom, dad and all the family. And I plan on seeing her everyday on web cam, but not beginning my day everyday seeing her terrorize my bathroom and giving me that cute grin and kiss is going to be weird. Gonna miss my little angel, that is for sure. Rebecca is headed to Maui with most of the Murphy clan. I am staying back here to work and dog sit. Oh, it will be somewhat of a vacation for me, too… I get the whole bed, not just an 1/8th. Well, I guess that won’t be true because I have a feeling will take most of the bed while Rebecca is out of town.

Speaking of , she is coming down with another ear infection… at least her plane ride will only be an hour and a half tomorrow, and we got her on some medicine last night. She seems to be doing fine but you can see it in her eyes that she isn’t 100%. I just hope she will do great for mom and dad. I’m pretty sure she will, but this will be the longest period of her not being with us and it is a bit sad.

Sounds like Spencer and his friend just got up and around. Let the noise of the day begin….

I love reading my niece’s blogs. I didn’t realize just how many LOL’s one could fit into a 500 word blog… I should go back and count, but I think I’ll just guess it was about 50.

Ok, I didn’t really say much this morning but I thought I would check in. Time to clean up this mess in my office. Catch ya’ll later.


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Of Course I Can Walk!

February 28, 2009 by  

I am 13 and a half months, really almost 14 months old. Why would you ask if I can walk? To prove it to you, daddy got Hoover off his lazy dog bottom and made this video of me. The proof is in the pudding! I love pudding….

Helping Mommy? – A Braelyn Grace Moment

February 17, 2009 by  

Here is the latest Lazy Dawg , produced by me, .  Helping Mommy? is a featuring helping Rebecca fold clothes.  Enjoy!

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I Feel Like I Should Have Something To Say

February 17, 2009 by  

Laying in bed, watching TV. I have become addicted to The History Channel and National Geographic of late. The past few days, I have watched hours of programs related to the Presidents of the United States… a bunch about Abraham Lincoln. In fact, just got done watching a two hour special on how many times Lincoln’s body has been moved since he died. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention during history classes growing up. Oh well, the Boob Tube makes up for that now.

Speaking of Presidents, I must say that (hold your breath, this will likely be a huge surprise to you) I am not impressed with the first few weeks of the Obama administration. After watching last week’s press conference during prime time TV, I think America witnessed just how unsmooth Obama is without a teleprompter. Sure, he sounded his normal eloquent self during the prepared remarks, but the Q&A session that followed actually became very painful. Long, drawn out responses full of “ums” and pauses show that the savior isn’t so swift on his feet. Add to that the botched nominations of tax evaders, the pushing for the American Bailout of 2009 (without the 48 hours of full text disclosure before the vote, as promised)… I know we’re in for a long four years or perhaps eight. I just don’t get why Letterman dropped his feature on presidential speeches where he always made so much fun of W Bush (pretty easy task). Heck, the press conference would have kept Letterman busy for a week, as would Obama knocking his head on the Marine One helicopter … that made lots of news when Bush did it. Oh well, as I well know, it’s all Bush’s fault we’re in the mess we are… I just wonder how long the honeymoon period will be for Obama. At this pace, it can’t be too much longer… can it? Oh, probably so.

Haven’t been feeling the best for the past few days. In fact, stayed home from work today. I think I should be heading into the office tomorrow. I kept up with e-mails and everything, so it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up. It’s my favorite week of the quarter… board meeting week! Ah, I just can’t wait for Thursday.

Friday, weather pending, I may be heading down to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dusty Harvard, a former player of mine, opens his junior year with a four game set beginning Friday evening. Spencer and I may be making the journey to watch a few college games. I certainly hope D-Town has some successes this year… he deserves it. He will potentially get drafted this year. Sure hope so. Hopefully the pressure doesn’t get to him so he has to juice up like A-Rod. What a shame that America’s (former) past-time has become the mess that it is. Oh well, I will be watching the Royals on their home opening day at the “new” Kauffman Stadium this year take on the (once) mighty Yankees, courtesy of my CEO Phil Spencer. Should be good times. I bet A-Rod won’t quite hit it as far…

Moving from the diamond to the wrestling mat, I am so proud of my second oldest nephew Nathan Lecher, who on Saturday won the regional tournament in Colorado at the 152 lbs weight class. He will compete for the final time at the State Tournament in Denver at the Pepsi Center later this week. He had a pretty good State Tournament as a junior last year, coming out of nowhere and taking 6th. Hopefully he will wipe the mat with his opponents and take home the title. Good luck, Nate. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the clan when you graduate in May.

Cold front heading our way. I am so ready for spring… or summer. I am anxious to get out on my boat, Wastin’ Time, and waste some time relaxing on the water.

is doing great. She is officially walking. Not all the time, mind you, but she is definitely walking around. It all seemed to click last Thursday. It is cute to watch her moving around, desperately trying to get where she is going without dropping down. At times she appears to be running, though that is quickly followed by a head first slide. It is definitely a monumental step in her development. Now, if we could get her to speak a bit more and quit screaming in that high pitched squelch when she wants something. Oh, I long for that monumental step to come.

The Big Dawg, , seems to have mostly recovered from his limp. He went from not very active to too active a week or so ago as I took him for a lot of walks and from playing with Parker Hashmi in the back yard. He is still a little ginger on that back right leg, but doing much better. If I still see any signs of it late this week, we’ll take him into the vet to have it looked at.

My thoughts and prayers are still with mom and dad as the continue to cope with the loss of one of their two Pugs, Maggie. She died unexpectedly about two weeks ago when she went in for a teeth cleaning session. She went into cardiac arrest and they couldn’t save her. Devastated my mom and dad. I loved that little girl, too. She always kept me warm when I was back in Wyoming coaching.

Still can’t believe that the Crappys, I mean Grammys, failed to include LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band in their tribute to lost musicians last week. I guess despite being nominated 12 times and winning one, that just isn’t worthy to be remembered. Screw the grammys. I certainly won’t watch again. I am anxious for May, though, when Rebecca and I will journey to Las Vegas and watch Jason Mraz open two nights for the Dave Matthews Band at the MGM. Good times, they are-a-coming!

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for one sleepless night. Yeah, I have been having a hard time sleeping lately. Too much on my mind, I guess. Sad thing is I don’t remember half the stuff on my mind. My memory sucks, to say the least, and it is frustrating. Sometimes I think my 90 year old remembers better than I do… and perhaps even my , who is suffering the horrid Alzheimer’s Disease. That is right up there with cancer as the most horrible things in the world. Maybe Obama our savior will bring out the cure for both of those… I’m sure many expect him to.

Signing off from Overland Park, KS,


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Comment on I Feel Like I Should Have Something To Say by rrostie

February 17, 2009 by  

Give Hoover some Glucosamine and Chondroitin suplements. The ones we got from Dresslers are called Nutri-Vet Hip & Joint Veterinary Strength
Beau had a limp in one of his back legs for a few days. The vet said it might be a torn ACL.
We gave him pills and kept his activity a little lower (hard since he was less than a year old,) and he was fine after a couple weeks.

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