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I am sitting here not sure what is quite going on here. I seem to be just lounging around lately with no sense of direction or purpose. There has been a lot of “growing up” that I have been having to do lately and it seems that in life you never stop these changes. Well enough about that…lol. So tomarrow I step into the world of Banking one more time as I have just recently accepted a position with Hilltop National Bank. I will be a Revolving Credit Representative, which means I will be involved with approving and denying credit card applications and such things. I think I am really going to enjoy it, but what the hey, if I dont love it, I am in LOVE with the hours, Monday thru Friday, 8-5. You cant beat that as a 19 year old college kid! Speaking of College I guess that I should start taking a look at the those classes at night and online. This should be interesting, I have always wanted to try online classes so I think this could be fun! My trip to England is still in the works, I have found a place and the airline, now I just have to find the money! lol. I am really excited about this, I think that I am going to have blast over and also have a lot of fun. I have always wanted to do something like that. Well Mom turned 40 yesterday, wow Ma your old!!! Speaking of her, gets me thinking how truly blessed I am to have such great parents. My mother is the most caring and loving person I have ever met in my life! I as a child have had to go through some stuff that know child or family should ever have to go through. Luckily for me there was a woman by my side every step of the way! From my very first surgrey to the most recent in December. This woman was my mother and without her I know I probably wouldn’t have made it through so much. Mom has always been my rock and she has always tried to guide me in the right direction, even if it just made me mad! I LOVE this woman with everything in my heart! My father IS the greatest man alive, I say that with all that these two have given me. Lord knows that I have given these people their punishment (for their acts as children, lol) and more. We have gone through some pretty serious things over the years, but I have just recently realized that there are no two other people I would want to call Dad and Mom, besides Tony and Wendy Lecher. They are my favorite two people in the entire world. Well I am kind of hungry so I think I will go make a wrap and then maybe, just maybe I will try to organize my room! Love to all!


piecing back together

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ok so after a loss in the lecher house my heart is slowly piecing back together. all my friends have been so nice about it and they are all giving me destractions to do. that is good. but as i sit here typing thinking about what to do i remembered that grandma and lil b are suppose to be here. there is the knock. got to go bye love you all.


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Cayse Cayse

Well, as I sit here I don’t even really know what to say. I watched Courtney blog this morning and was in awe that she could write anything. When I questioned her about it she answered it was a good way to express her feelings. What an amazing young lady!!!! As you all are aware of our family had to say good bye to an important part of our family last night, Casey Dumbdog. Dumb she was not. That little girl brought more joy and happiness to us all, she will be greatly missed. It is crazy to think of all she ment to all of us. I am not sure I could even put into words what I am feeling right now. But I do want to share with all of you how extremely proud of my children I am right now. They all were here when Casey left this world and they all were more mature than I could have ever imagined. I know each of them is greiving, we ALL are but the way they handled the situation is beyond explanation. Makes me realize how grown up they really are. It also shows me that God was with this family last night(and always). Wow, I am sure any of you reading this are thinking I have lost my mind. I am sure I have been rambling, cause I really can’t figure out what to say, so I guess I will be done. Thanks for all the love and support everyone has shown. You can’t even begin to imagine how much it means. We miss our little white puppy sooooo much!!!!! Love you Casey Casey!!! So glad you are not in pain anymore. Love to all, I will try to be more coherant next time I attempt to blog. Love, Wendy

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So sorry for the pain you all are feeling right now. Casey has definitely been a great dog. I am reminded of a prayer I see everytime I take Hoover to the vet. The last lines of the prayer, titled A Dog’s Prayer by Beth Norman Harris, reads:

And, beloved master, should the great Master see fit to deprive me of my health, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest–and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

You can rest assured Casey lived a great, long life knowing the whole time how much she was loved. I remember feeling so sorry for her as you and your brothers would lug her around, by the neck as you indicated, but she loved every bit of it. One couldn’t ask for a more loyal, caring, good dog. We will all miss her. But, as the Dog Prayer said, she leaves this earth knowing that her fate was always safest in your hands.

Love you Courtney, and all the Lecher’s. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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heyy…ryan so i just read your post and since you were to lazy to go back and count my lols i did. HAHA. i changed it. i had 16 lols tho. i think that i just have a great sense of humor…HAHA…not. but the weather sure has droped since tuesday right know it is 24 and i have 3 softball games so that needs to rise a little bit. oh look at the time i only have 5 more minutes to blog cause then it is off to play some ball in the freezing cold. bbbbbbuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr. i am looking forward to it just not in the cold tho so that should be freezing. haha i hope the temp rasies. well i have no clue what to talk about for 5 more minutes so i will go and get ready for this freezing game… :( and :) haha. ok time to go.
LoVe YoU <3

Another day

February 27, 2009 by  

Well all is going well in Lecherville. Tony stlill has a job, for this we are very thankkful. Brandon is still planning on coming back to Casper in the very near future, we are glad about that, but on the other hand we are not so sure. We will miss him lots!!!!!! Best of luck to you Big B, hope everything goes as planned. Nate, welll your guess is as good as mine. He always has something up his sleeve. I sure hope he realizes how inmportant it is to have a plan. But not sure he does!!! Natie had an awesome year at wrestling this year, he just has not figured that out yet! I understand that when you don’t do what you are expected to do it is very difficult, but he will see the light soon, I hope! I believe he will have many oppertunities to wrestle in college if he so choices. We hope he does, so it won’t cost so much. Well, little sis is doing just great. She has been very busy with volleyball try-outs. She is an amazing athelet, so we are sur she will make the team. (varsity if I am guessing).Keegan is getting ready for all state wrestling, he has to weigh in tonight. All seventy four pounds of him. He is such a great kid, we are very proud. Everyone sy a prayer for him to do well. We apperciate all the help we can get. Well our neice Ashley is dancing ing Billlings this weekend, we wish her the very best! Although she really does not need it, because she is awesome as it is. Good Luck Ashley!!!!!! Well it has been very nice talking to you all I better get going now. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

I Feel Like I Should Have Something To Say

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Laying in bed, watching TV. I have become addicted to The History Channel and National Geographic of late. The past few days, I have watched hours of programs related to the Presidents of the United States… a bunch about Abraham Lincoln. In fact, just got done watching a two hour special on how many times Lincoln’s body has been moved since he died. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention during history classes growing up. Oh well, the Boob Tube makes up for that now.

Speaking of Presidents, I must say that (hold your breath, this will likely be a huge surprise to you) I am not impressed with the first few weeks of the Obama administration. After watching last week’s press conference during prime time TV, I think America witnessed just how unsmooth Obama is without a teleprompter. Sure, he sounded his normal eloquent self during the prepared remarks, but the Q&A session that followed actually became very painful. Long, drawn out responses full of “ums” and pauses show that the savior isn’t so swift on his feet. Add to that the botched nominations of tax evaders, the pushing for the American Bailout of 2009 (without the 48 hours of full text disclosure before the vote, as promised)… I know we’re in for a long four years or perhaps eight. I just don’t get why Letterman dropped his feature on presidential speeches where he always made so much fun of W Bush (pretty easy task). Heck, the press conference would have kept Letterman busy for a week, as would Obama knocking his head on the Marine One helicopter … that made lots of news when Bush did it. Oh well, as I well know, it’s all Bush’s fault we’re in the mess we are… I just wonder how long the honeymoon period will be for Obama. At this pace, it can’t be too much longer… can it? Oh, probably so.

Haven’t been feeling the best for the past few days. In fact, stayed home from work today. I think I should be heading into the office tomorrow. I kept up with e-mails and everything, so it shouldn’t be too hard to catch up. It’s my favorite week of the quarter… board meeting week! Ah, I just can’t wait for Thursday.

Friday, weather pending, I may be heading down to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dusty Harvard, a former player of mine, opens his junior year with a four game set beginning Friday evening. Spencer and I may be making the journey to watch a few college games. I certainly hope D-Town has some successes this year… he deserves it. He will potentially get drafted this year. Sure hope so. Hopefully the pressure doesn’t get to him so he has to juice up like A-Rod. What a shame that America’s (former) past-time has become the mess that it is. Oh well, I will be watching the Royals on their home opening day at the “new” Kauffman Stadium this year take on the (once) mighty Yankees, courtesy of my CEO Phil Spencer. Should be good times. I bet A-Rod won’t quite hit it as far…

Moving from the diamond to the wrestling mat, I am so proud of my second oldest nephew Nathan Lecher, who on Saturday won the regional tournament in Colorado at the 152 lbs weight class. He will compete for the final time at the State Tournament in Denver at the Pepsi Center later this week. He had a pretty good State Tournament as a junior last year, coming out of nowhere and taking 6th. Hopefully he will wipe the mat with his opponents and take home the title. Good luck, Nate. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the clan when you graduate in May.

Cold front heading our way. I am so ready for spring… or summer. I am anxious to get out on my boat, Wastin’ Time, and waste some time relaxing on the water.

is doing great. She is officially walking. Not all the time, mind you, but she is definitely walking around. It all seemed to click last Thursday. It is cute to watch her moving around, desperately trying to get where she is going without dropping down. At times she appears to be running, though that is quickly followed by a head first slide. It is definitely a monumental step in her development. Now, if we could get her to speak a bit more and quit screaming in that high pitched squelch when she wants something. Oh, I long for that monumental step to come.

The Big Dawg, , seems to have mostly recovered from his limp. He went from not very active to too active a week or so ago as I took him for a lot of walks and from playing with Parker Hashmi in the back yard. He is still a little ginger on that back right leg, but doing much better. If I still see any signs of it late this week, we’ll take him into the vet to have it looked at.

My thoughts and prayers are still with mom and dad as the continue to cope with the loss of one of their two Pugs, Maggie. She died unexpectedly about two weeks ago when she went in for a teeth cleaning session. She went into cardiac arrest and they couldn’t save her. Devastated my mom and dad. I loved that little girl, too. She always kept me warm when I was back in Wyoming coaching.

Still can’t believe that the Crappys, I mean Grammys, failed to include LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band in their tribute to lost musicians last week. I guess despite being nominated 12 times and winning one, that just isn’t worthy to be remembered. Screw the grammys. I certainly won’t watch again. I am anxious for May, though, when Rebecca and I will journey to Las Vegas and watch Jason Mraz open two nights for the Dave Matthews Band at the MGM. Good times, they are-a-coming!

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for one sleepless night. Yeah, I have been having a hard time sleeping lately. Too much on my mind, I guess. Sad thing is I don’t remember half the stuff on my mind. My memory sucks, to say the least, and it is frustrating. Sometimes I think my 90 year old remembers better than I do… and perhaps even my , who is suffering the horrid Alzheimer’s Disease. That is right up there with cancer as the most horrible things in the world. Maybe Obama our savior will bring out the cure for both of those… I’m sure many expect him to.

Signing off from Overland Park, KS,


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Vickie & I headed south for Fort Collins at 6:00 AM on Saturday, February 14, to watch grandson Nate’s senior year appearance in the Colorado High School Regional wrestling tournament – hosted this year by Fossil Ridge High School (Nates school) in Fort Collins.
* Nate won by pin his first match in the tournament on Friday the 13th so wasn’t scheduled to wrestle again until Saturday morning.
* We felt it would be easier on Sophie if we went down & back the same day so that she did not have to stay with a dog-sitter. The Lovato’s checked her often while we were there and even stayed with her a few hours. She played on their sympathies a little bit with her crying – Sophie knows the ropes! 🙂
* While en route we learned that Nate wasn’t scheduled until 11:30 AM so we were able to spend a little bit of time with Keegan and Courtney which was a nice bonus valentine for Grandma and Grandpa.
* Nate stuck the dude in his first match and advanced right away to the Championship round since he was the top seed. He is really a polished young wrestler and fun to watch – kind of like a technician, just get’s it done.
* Wendy & Tony were working concession and helping with the Tournament so during afternoon break Vic & I were able to spend some time with The B and Courtney, another bonus valentine for Grandma and Grandpa.
* Then came the big match – and Nate was up to it! He virtually manhandled his opponent. If I am not mistaken I believe that his was the first match on the championship mat that did not go a full three periods. The technician schooled his opponent and won the Regional Championship at 152 Lbs. WOW – another great valentine for Grandma and Grandpa. Seeing him on the championship platform during awards ceremony brought tears to this old boy’s eyes. He has sacrificed alot to get to this point. Next week is State in Denver – I know he will do fantastic – but regardless – there is no doubt Nate is a “winner” and a “champion”.
* BONUS valentine – seeing the pride and elation in both of his parents and his siblings. Great family unit – happy to have been a contributor in some small way! 😉
* Fossil Ridge is a relatively new High School in Fort Collins and I “believe” that Nate has the distinction of being their first Regional Wrestling Champion in their history.
* Trip back to Wyoming interesting. Weather “iffy” all day. Left a few minutes after 8 PM – 12 miles North at Wellington we were turned around. I-25 was closed from there to Wyoming line – “slick roads and multiple accidents”. I asked the Fireman who was directing traffic how long they anticipated – his response was “several hours”.
* Drove back to Fort Collins – shot east to Ault – and headed up US 85 to Cheyenne. Slower obviously – but open and we made it. Cut back over to I-25 at Cheyenne and saw that the gates were still down – it was still closed heading South. We – turned North and got through all of the bad weather by the time we hit Chugwater (50 miles into Wyoming). The rest of the trip home was sweet & clear and the detour only added about an hour on to the trip.
* Sophie was very very glad we decided to come home. Cried like a baby (tears of joy I am hoping!) lol
* All in all – a super day! God Bless the Lovato’s for providing the dog care we needed and the Lecher’s for a fun day.

—– On a different note, on Friday the 13th I went by the vet and picked up Maggie’s remains. She was cremated as most of you know. I cannot believe how difficult that simple act was for me to do. The ashes are in a nice little can and there is a swatch of her hair under plastic on top of it. We will keep it here until Spring and then likely find a nice spot in the sunshine in the backyard she loved so much, and bury her there. Still tough to even write about – hope it always will be because I hope I never forget what we lost with her passing.
Well – I have gone on for quite awhile here so probably time to bring it to an end.

***** BY THE WAY —- WHEN DOES MY FIRST STIMULUS PAYMENT GET HERE FROM MR. OBAMA? I could use a booster shot in the wallet – but my guess is they’ll miss my wallet!

Peace & love.

The Dad

YeeHaw Courtney!

January 25, 2009 by  

Congratulations to Courtney Lecher on being invited to the 2009 All-Star game for softball.
Quite well done Lovie!
Hang tough and do your best at volleyball tryouts also. You will do fine.
Snowing like the devil here in good ole Casper, Wyoming. I was supposed to leave early for Cheyenne tomorrow but got lucky and it was cancelled on Friday! All good.
Nate, Stevie, Keegan, and Courtney all had really good sports weekends for sure. Ashley danced, Braelyn squeaked, B had a good phone interview, and havent heard from Spencer but expect it’s all good.
God Bless!
The Dad

watching tv

January 17, 2009 by  

Hey!!! i am just sitting here at one of keegan and my’s friends. and we are

watching icarly. haha. keegan and i may go bowling tonight. i dont think i

will go because i have school tomarrow. so does keegan but he doesnt care

if he is tired. and he does not even have to wake up at 6 tomarrow i do!!

Just talked to grandma for a lil bit. she was talking about getting my familys

picture done in nebraska so she can get a BIG picture. also just watched bray

a lil bit! she is so cute. i love her to death. Tomarrow is my last day of school

tell monday!!! :) So far no homework!!! Yea!!! I cant wait to see all of you at

christmas i hope it is before but probably not. :( ok i wanted to change colors haha.

These colors go together. LOL ok i am off topic. so who is all ready to eat some yummy

food i am!!! I really want my mash potatos haha. Those sound… Yummy to my tummy

lol. but how is everyone??? i am doing fantastic. it sounds like i have 2nd base locked

up! go courtney go courtney!!! lol and i have a good batting average!!! My grades are

fantastic. i have a 4.0 go courtney go courtney lol. well got to go love you all!!!

Have an amazing thanksgiving!!!



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