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Wow — we are getting pounded again this morning. Second blizzard this week.
Miserable out there! My timing has been both good and bad ….. the good thing has been that I pretty much scheduled this week in Casper – no highway trips – and a good thing because I would have had to cancel a couple of days this week. The bad is …… I don’t have any tradeshows scheduled for this week in Orlando, or Anaheim, or St. Lucia! Bad timing Steve.

Well, the big O did his press conference night before last and moved American Idol to last night & tonite. I did a comparison and in my humble opinion the worst performance on Idol last night was far superior to anything I heard on the Big O Show. Side note – Did you realize that if Oprah was wed to Obama her initials would be O – O (as in Oh Oh). LOL – I’m on top of it today arent I. I was awake most of the night so need your forgiveness for my poor humor. I sure have had my share of sleeping problems the past few weeks – I wake up for a trip to the bathroom or a restless dog or whatever – and there is no way I can get back to sleep. Mind wanders all over the place. I got up last night and did a little Facebooking around 2. How come none of my “friends” were on line?

I am also just a touch bored with being in the office all week. BUT – not so bored that I am going to venture out in this weather.

Time for me to do something constructive – sorry for just taking up space today – really no big issues to blog about.

The Dad

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My favorite was when he was asked why it took him two days to come out with an opinion on the AIG Bonuses and he said “I like to know what I’m talking about before I open my mouth”! LOL
That pretty much indicates he didn’t know what his package had in it when he pushed it’s immediate passage eh?
This is scarey stuff!

DAD Thoughts 3/14

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* Slept in this morning until almost 7:30 – it was awesome as I haven’t been sleeping well.
* Alot of activity around here – B is back, BGE is visiting, today we watch over Em for a few hours.
* Life is good – when you look at what is happening to our Country daily – it is hard to imagine.
* Totally depressing to watch the Big O rip the heart out of what I have always believed was “unrippable”. Every single day he pulls apart another fiber or two of the country I love. Some days it’s suttle, some days it is huge.
* I used to wonder what Big “O’s” agenda was – now I am reasonably sure he probably wonders that also. It can’t make any sense can it?
* Hey — brighten up Steve —— God is Good and He works in very very very mysterious ways. He is working now – I can see it every time I look at my grandkids – from Big B to little B there is hope!
* I think we will take Em up to Menard’s or Home Depot and wander around for awhile when he gets here. He seems to like “field trips”.
* I am still pondering a retirement strategy. Change daily seems like. Some days I’m good for a couple of years. Right now I am flipping a coin: One side says work a couple of more years to increase the stipend a little bit; the other side wonders if the stipend will still be available in a couple of years. Common sense (is there such a thing anymore) tells me that if they have to pull in their reigns with the State program it will be by modifying and reducing plans for employees that havent yet retired and they will likely try to maintain what existing retirees are getting since that is finite and will reduce as the retirees croak! Sooo – if I stay am I actually risking benefit reduction? Hell – I don’t know. It’s a crap shoot for sure. Right now news says State Retirement System investments down over 30%. I would be comfortable with the thought that there will be a rebound as there has been in the past IF things were just different at the top of the Nation.
* I think our Income Taxes are filed and we should actually be getting some money back. That irritates me because that just means that Queen Pelosi has been flying around in big jets on money she is using of mine with zero interest. Or perhaps First Lady O has been using my measley stipend to import caviar?
* Okay – good news here is that Brae is just about to get up from her nap and it is almost time for Em to arrive. That will get me away from reading all of the B.S. on-line that I have been reading this morning that has been cheering me up so much.
* Monday will be a big change day for Big B and I. Vic & Brae will depart – Brae to OP and Vic to LA. Will be a quiet week.
* B has an interview Tuesday with Hilltop Bank – I am excited for him. Hope they can pay him well enough for him to make the transition. Seems like there could be a nice future in banking – if you like working for the Government! 🙂
* My thoughts are with all of you – there have been a few trials and tribulations of late – but we are still a richly blessed family.

The Dad

The Number 43

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* 43 is the 14th smallest prime number

* The checmical element with atomic number 43 is technetium

* Former major leagure Dennis Eckersley wore number 43 for the Oakland Athletics, and they have retired that number

* 43 is an Interstate in Wisconsin

* You use country code 43 if you’re dialing Austrailia

* Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon is 43 minutes long

* George W Bush was the 43rd President of the United States

* 43 years ago, my mom and dad said “I do” and apparently, they meant it!

Yep, today, March 11, 2009 is the 43rd anniversary of my parents, Steve and Vickie. That makes the number 43 special today, and why I chose to blog about the number. Thanks to Wikipedia for some factoids on the number… sadly, they didn’t have the most important one. To my mom and dad, congratulations and thank you for all you have done for me and our family. Thanks for watching this week. I love you both and am so thankful that you two are who you are, and that you have made it so long. Enjoy the rest of this special day and know I love you and miss you both.

Happy Anniversary!



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Guess It Is My Turn

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I have not been here in a while..I have started several times but just never finished. My emotions have been raw for weeks. I think I am at the point I can write a few words so I will try again. My life has been very different since Maggie died. She really was a hightlite of our life. I know God protected us from having her die at home, or from being very sick, but the shock of the situations still has my head swimming at times. This is the first time that Sophie has been an only dog, and I think she is enjoying it. We have mentioned several times recently how truely funny she is even though she she has a hard time getting around most of the time. She has her beloved turtle and even lets us play with her occasionally.

I want to congratulate Nathan. He has truely had a remarkable year in sports and school. He and his dad finished the summer as coaches of the city champs in Fort Collins Baseball Keegan’s age group. That was great for all of them especially since this was his 1st outing at coaching. Sr in high school and coaching sound familiar Ryan. Nate has also had a great year in school, taking some classes at Front Range College as well as at his high school. That is pretty impressive in itself. Wrestling has always been his main sport. He had rolled around on the wrestling mat since he was a really young child (7) I think. He has really matured and this year has been terrific for him, winning many honors and representing his sport and his school with pride. We got to see a few matches, but both his mom and his sister kept us posted each week on his remarkable year. Nate knows as we all do that God has some pretty important things for him in his life. Jeremiah 29:11 [show]ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'
This text is from the ESV Bible. Visit www.esv.org to learn about the ESV.
Open Link in New Window comes to mind. “You know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God is in control and Nathan knows that. Congratulations to him and to his family for enjoying his sport and being extremely supportive of him and all their precious kids. Steve and I feel so humbled that we have 3 remarkable adult kids and they have wonderful spouses each of them. We love you all so much. One of the best things about our kids is that they have given us absolutely incredible grand kids. We are so blessed. Thanks to all of you.
Well I made it through this and I think I will actually get it posted. I love you all.


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Thanks for the video Hoover!

2009 so far

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For those who were really glad that 2008 ended, well for me anyway 2009 is more of the same so far. Less than an hour after the new year started a very close friend of my parents died. Floyd Wilmes was a very good man, devoted to his family. He will be missed. The next day, my friend Karan lost her father in law. Mike (son in law) has also been dealing with a very ill father. Floy has been hospitalized for a few days and now is in a nursing home in Evanston. Elaina, who works for Steve, got a call on the weekend that her mother suffered a stroke and massive heart attack. The prognosis for that is not good. So… I really have not noticed that things have changed… Have you? Oh yes I guess change wont happen until after Jan 20th.
Yesteday morning we woke to our wonderful Wyoming wind. And the day before we had been blessed with over 8″ of snow…SSOOOO guess where all of that ended up….right…you guessed it… our drive way and front yard. Oh yes… the next door neighbors got their share also. Fortunately a very nice young man who works with neighbor Scotty came by with a 4 wheeler and a blade and by 5:30 he rescued us. So see no change there either. More of the same.. Oh yes I forgot… change wont happen until after Jan 20th. My bad.
Lets see, it is now January 6th.. so I guess we have to wait another 2 weeks to see if things can get any better.
Baby Braelyn has a birthday already. I can hardly believe she is going to be 1 already. Happy 1st Birthday Precious Princess. It is very hard knowing we can not be there to help you celebrate. Wish you were closer baby girl.. Love you very much. Hope you have a wonderful Princess Party.
Brandon is doing well after the surgery. Nate is busy wrestling again starting this week as school started again in Ft Collins Monday. Wont start here until next week.
Belated Happy New Year everyone.
The mom

My First Christmas!

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Boy did I get a good night sleep last night!  Finally, because I have been so tired having had so much to do for the past week.  I flew to Denver on the 19th with my mommy and daddy, and we rented a car and drove to Fort Collins and picked up my cousin Courtney who rode to Casper, Wyoming with us.  We got to grandma and grandpa’s house where we spent almost a whole week.  It was really fun, but there were so many people around that I didn’t sleep much because I didn’t want to miss out on a thing!

While in Casper, I got to spend time with a lot of my family that I never get to see, so it was so much fun!  I played at Great-Grandma Hotshot’s house with all of her Christmas toys.  They play music and I like to dance to it.  I also like crawling around her house and exploring all the really fun stuff.  I got stuck a few times!  Daddy is going to put some pictures up on his website, maybe on mine, too.  I loved seeing my great-grandma.  She loves me so much and I love her, too!

I also got to see my Great-Grandpa Carlen.  This funny guy just keeps kissing and loving on me.  He gave me so many kisses this past week that I won’t know what to do without them.  He is so lucky… he is going to spend a whole month in California.  I haven’t ever been to California, but my mommy and daddy said we’ll go there sometime and go to Disney Land and see our family out there.  I can’t wait!

I also got to see my Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Mikey and my cousins Stephen and Ashley.  They all love me, too!  It was really fun spending time with them and going over to their house to party like the rockstar I am!  When I grow up I hope I can dance as good as Ashley.  Ashley and Courtney both tell me how hot Zac Efron is.  He is cute, but I don’t like boys yet.  I also am going to learn karate like Stephen so I can keep all the boys away from me!

Of course I also got to spend a lot of time with my Grandma Vickie and Grandpa Steve.  Boy, I sure love them and wish I could see them a lot more.  I have been lucky to see them a lot this first year of my life, especially considering how far away they live from me.  They love me lots and it was sure fun seeing them in person instead of on the computer like we always do.

I can’t forget to mention that my oldest cousin Brandon “Big B” was there for some of the time and so was my cousin Keegan.  They were fun to hang out with, too!  I just wish that Big B, Nathan,  and my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Tony could have been in Casper for Christmas Eve with us.  It’s ok, though, because I got to go see them on Christmas Day in Fort Collins.  It was weird to see them all at the hospital because Big B had surgery on Christmas Eve morning.  His surgery went well!  He looked different with a bandage all over his head, but I got to see him after they took it off and he had cheeks just like me!  Big B loves me lots and kept holding my hand.  He is so special, I love him so much.  Nathan thinks I’m pretty cool, too.  He always likes to hold me when I see him.  I can’t believe how big he is now!  I will get to see him in May when he graduates from high school.  It was really fun seeing all of the Lechers, even if it was at the hospital.

Besides seeing everyone for Christmas, I had a lot of firsts while in Casper.  I went to church for the first time and I was such a good girl.  I really liked it and want mommy and daddy to take me to church more often.  I think God is pretty cool!  I also took two steps on several occasions.  Everyone clapped and told me how big I was — they are so weird!  And, I got lots of presents!  Aunt Stephanie cheated and gave me one of my presents a few days early.  It was a really neat play purse full of fun stuff.  I also got a coat and a bunch of clothes from my grandma and grandpa.  I got a really pretty (even if my daddy doesn’t think so) leopard print outfit from the Lovatos and Ashley.  The Lechers got me some really cute purple overalls and matching shirt.  Great Granpa Emmett gave me one of my great-grandma cookie’s collector beanie babies, and my great-grandma hotshot gave me money that mommy and daddy are putting into my savings account for me.  While all of the presents were neat, I really loved playing with the wrapping paper and bows!  I also loved dancing to all the music that was played.

On Christmas Day we flew back home where I got even more presents.  None topped seeing my Bubba again!  I really missed him but was happy to see him when we picked him up from his Daddy/SD’s house.  When we got home, I got to open more presents from Santa, Mommy, Daddy and Bubba!  I got a big kitchen to play with, a really neat musical stand with a computer just like daddy’s, an awesome Dave Matthews Band shirt and more!  It was a great first Christmas, that’s for sure.

This morning when I woke up after a long, really great sleep in my own bed, I got to see my Hoover (and the other dog) again!  I really missed them, too.

Well, I think I need to go take a nap.  I am exhausted just thinking about all of the wonderful time I got to spend with my family and all of the fun and pretty presents I got.  I can’t wait for Sunday because I get to have another Christmas with my Grandma and Grandpa Bradshaw, my uncle Chris, Aunt Sandy and my cousins Cayse and Wyatt.  I bet more people will be there, too.  And then, in just a couple of weeks I will get MORE presents because it will be my First Birthday!  Oh, the excitement.  I am tired.  Watch for pictures and probably even some Hoover videos coming soon!


Braelyn Grace

Well I think it’s time for me to take a nap.  I am so exhausted just thinking about all of the

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Good to see a blog from you again. Enjoy them. I need to talk to your mother and the Pug sisters – I only get the 1 foot! I’m envious of your extra .5!
The Dad

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I don’t understand this?

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