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Thursday morning. My eyes opened at around 3 AM and i havent been able to close them again…..random thoughts & observations running through my mind…………

* Saw BGE via video call last night – she is saying alot of stuff now ….. I’m just curious as to what? She got to say hi to both Nate and B last night. That was cool. And Sophie too — but Sophie just got cranky because The Mom picked her up. Sophie is a grump about that.

* Hosted an Economic Development briefing yesterday. About 50 in attendance. Worked on it for about 6 weeks getting ready and coordinating all of the speakers. I was pleased – great attendance, perfect timing, I think it turned out great.

* Nate & pal Logan came in yesterday morning to do some stuff. Nate got a job offer and Logan got most of his college registration done. Nate has to wait for his transcript – should finish registering next week. They departed for FC last night LOL – they have but one gear in Logan’s car but they made it. B had to give them a push to get them up to speed. Ahhh – to be young again.

* Been really busy around our house. Actually been nice to see alot of our relatives – some here for vacations – some for funerals (not so good) – but we have had alot of good visits.

* Work travel has been kind of slow but a glimpse of my August calendar tells me to fill the gas tank – things are picking up! I like traveling the State in the August – October timeframe. Beautiful.

* I gotta go to work now – a paperwork kind of day – only one meeting on my calendar. Oh well ….. takes all kinds.

* Please keep the USA in your prayers…….we need them …. we need to reinvigorate the “U” in USA somehow …. in spite of our political leadership.

The Dad


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  1. Damien on December 12th, 2015 12:41 pm

    Carol Ward – Shawna,Please tell me how I can order this picture. (oh maybe I sholud wait until you post all of them!) I love the artistic angle, the picture tells so many stories, I love the space between the baby Salinas and the tender kiss.You are an amazing artist, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures.Carol Ward[]

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    I suspect the government's water will be like the government's (King's?) wildlife. That deer belongs to them and if you shoot one out of season or without a license, they can fine or arrest you or both. The exact split second you hit that deer on a public road and smash in the front end of your car, however, ownership instantly reverts back to "nature".

  9. http://www./ on November 1st, 2016 3:35 pm

    Hej Key! Ja det var längesedan nu men kul att du är tillbaka Ja eller något för svår huvudvärk, vilket också är lätt att få i dessa tider

  10. http://www./ on November 14th, 2016 3:25 am

    Una pena no haber estado allí para sacar las fotos, pero con la ayuda de la red se encuentran siempre buenas fuentes. Un ambiente algo tenso pero que al final tuvo buen desenlace.

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