Gradummmuation (sp?)

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* Nathan Taylor Lecher is a HighSchool graduate …. or as he so proudly proclaims “he has gradummmmuated”. I can say it sometimes – don’t know if I can spell it like he says it.

* Vickie and I were in Grandparent heaven – all of our kids and all of our grandkids at the same time. What a family – we are truly blessed.

* Tony’s parents and all of his siblings also there. Good to see them all also. His mom makes outstanding cinnamon rolls – thank you Lily!

* Found a really nice haven in Littleton called Fat City or Bigg City or something like that. There was something there for everyone and i believe all who came had a good time. All indoors so was great on a sparodically rainy day.

* Was a happy weekend but today i have been thinking quite a bit about “Little Taters” and I get a little teary-eyed. Where does time go? Brandon & Nathan are both young men now – I’m not positive but I am afraid that would qualify me as an old man! Even if Vickie and I were married as gradeschoolers??? LOL

* One day at the office this week – then two days at Jackson for Board meeting – then off on our adventure: Denver to a Rockies game – then Oklahoma City jusy because we haven’t been there – then Memphis to visit Mike & Judy – then Branson, MO (again because we have never been there) – then a quick stop at BGE & Spencers place in Kansas (though Spencer is dogging us in favor of Florida – go figure) – then home. Lotta miles in a week but I am pumped for it. Going to be fun to spend a little time with Vic!

* Peace and love to family and friends. I feel pretty damned lucky to be a part of this group.

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