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Well it has been awhile. The Sons blog kind of got me in the mood to jot down a few thoughts – not sure where to start as it has been an eventful summer just full of stuff going on.
* Nate and his pal logan were here for a few days – stayed with us while they got their stuff together to go to College here at Casper College. They have moved into the dorms now and Nate seems to be doing okay. I havent seen or heard from Logan since he left so imagine he is good too. They both have new roommates – Logans from Colorado and nates from The Left Coast. Nate is working close to 40 hours a week and doing twelve credit hours of college. I am really proud of him – seems to be adapting and has scored a few new friends.
* B is working two jobs right now while he goes to school. Luckily he took a light load at school this semester – in fact a banking class that I think his employer pays for. He is transitioning from his current position in Credit at the main branch of the bank into his new position as a branch supervisor over at the Safeway branch. Remarkable young man – amazing actually how well he is doing. Anyway – works credit cards from 8 – 4 or so then heads over to the branch and works til 6 or 7.
* B’s BIG news right now is he is heading for London on his birthday (9/12) for a week of vacation and exploration. I think he has already paid for the trip pretty completely – just working on spending money now. Hope he gains a few Pounds (LOL…play on words there….I am really clever sometimes).
* Vickie’s Dad is in California. Tough decision for the family but the correct one I feel sure. He is doing well out there and Lynda is keeping a pretty close eye on things. Miss him around here but know that where he is is where he needs to be. God Bless him and God Damn his disease. Alzheimers —— can’t think of anything I would like to endure less!
* I will be traveling quite a bit this month – some work and some pleasure. Will spend half of the coming week in Kemmerer, WY for meetings. If you don’t know where it is look on the map – it’s over on the west side of Wyoming somewhere – but it is NOT Jackson Hole.
* Rebecca and Ryans baby boy due soon. Due date was 9/23 I believe, but scheduled to induce labor on the 18th if he isnt here sooner. All reports are he will be here sooner! I am scheduled to fly to Overland Park on the 16th and there appears to be a really good chance that he will already be there waiting for me. Imagine Reba is past ready …… pregnant through July and August cannot be glorious eh?
* We went to our annual church picnic today – the Liberty Quartet in the Park – what a nice afternoon respite. They do such a good job – have their own rendition of “In God We Still Trust” and then they put tears in my eyes with their version of “Battle Hymn of The Republic”. man I hope we can retain some PRIDE and PATRIOTISM through current times – it is really important to me and I hope to many.
* Just took a break from typing – BGE called in on ICQ so we just finished talking to her. She was showing off her skinny jeans lol. What a cutie…….will be really fun to see her again in a couple of weeks.
* Let me brag on Courtney for a second if you don’t mind. Freshman at Fossil Ridge HS in Fort Collins and STARTING on the VARSITY Softball team. She is a kick-ass ballplayer folks – remember her name!
* I’m looking down the barrel of retirement now. Am set in my mind that it is close. Starting to try to think about what I am going to do next. I know for a fact the first thing will be some traveling around. Have alot of places left to see and experience and plan to be started on that process by this time next year! Yep ….. I “think” I have made the decision.
* Okay – so not much new in this novel but it seems like something is new just about every day. We put a new roof on the cabin, I just had the trees marked for thinning so we can comply with fire insurance standards, things are good up there. My Mom is chugging right along – taking her to dinner later today as she likes to get out of there “with family” whenever she can, Vickie is revving up her Bible Study classes for Fall – I think the community group she leads starts tomorrow night. Darrel Manlapig and i have Fantasy Draft on Tuesday 9/6 – just a couple of days before the season starts. Ashley is dating the HS Quarterback, living the dream eh.
I think that covers most of the last few weeks – Oh …. most of you heard me scream I was so happy – WE SOLD the motorhome! I wasn’t sure that would get done the way the economy seems to be slogging along but we got it done!

I wish each of you the very best. You deserve it…..just for having to put up with me. I already have it …. I am blessed.
God Bless!

The Dad


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