Note to self ………………

May 6, 2009 by  

* Looks like The Dad’s own personal blog site! Everyone else either too busy or their fingers are broken! Oh well …..

* Flew to Chicago & back in a King Air – 6 of us. I never want to get on a commercial flight again! No security, no missing luggage, no lines, no being treated like cattle, nice flight, etc. etc.
I am hooked! If anyone wonders what I would like as a retirement gift when I pull the plug ….. enough said!

* Today I drive to Cheyenne and back this evening. Long day! But I kind of like it – weather is nice so the travel ain’t half bad.

* Looking forward to the weekend. Last one a little hectic with Daddy DayCare Duty with Em. God bless him – that illness is depressing.

* A boy Elledge in the hopper! What could be more exciting than that? Wow – works out nice – each of our children has the pleasure of at least one of each – a girl in each family is really special and of course they rule – one or more boys in each of their families is also really awesome. If our family is any indicator then twice as many boys as girls are being raised in current generations? I think I did my math right? The girls can be really picky eh? Remember that granddaughters!

* Really nice day out there. Guess i will get out into it. A few things to do at the office before I head for Cheyenne.

* Peace & Love to all.

The Dad


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