Raise your “Left” hand ………

June 21, 2009 by  

Friends and Family:
I would like to share with you a Letter to the Editor from our local newspaper.
This folks is the kind of “knowledge” that scares me silly:


Your columnist Steve Chapman wrote (June 15): “The administration would pretend we can get generous government-sponsored coverage without higher taxes, higher insurance premiums, or rationing of health care. In short, it refuses to treat us like grown-ups. I wonder why.”

So for the last 50 years, the Canadians have had free health care financed by a seven-cent sales tax. The Germans have had free health care for the last 50 years, based on a small monthly tax. So does England, France, Italy, New Zealand. etc. The reason we don’t have it is because insurance companies want you to pay a thousand dollars a month to provide medical insurance for yourself and your family. And if you complain, they say, “Grow up! Adults know that medical care costs money.”

Well, I am an adult, 86 years old. And I know that if Canada and England and Germany have free medical care, we can have it too.


Talk abour blatant contradiction! “Free” to this gentleman means “tax-financed”? And thus – we are where we are.

Raise your “left” hand if don’t get it.

I feel queasey-

The Dad


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