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* 2084 miles since last Friday ….approximately 900 left to Casper. Currently sitting on Rebecca and Ryan’s patio in Overland Park……Thursday evening……….got here a couple of hours ago.

* Started our trip at Denver with a Friday evening at Coors Field. Coach Tracy’s first game as head coach and the Rockies got a win over San Diego. A really nice evening with Wendy, Tony, Nathan & Anna, Courtney & Keegan.

* Saturday a long drive – 600+ miles to Oklahoma City. We arrived Saturday evening tired – stayed at a Residence Inn there. Nice evening.

* Sunday we visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial – what a nice memorial and what a sobering experience. Then we went to “Bricktown” – refurbished part of downtown – really neat with an awesome ballfield (all kinds of memorials to hometown hero Mickey Mantle).

* We then drove to Memphis, TN on Sunday – 400+ miles and then to SouthHaven, MS to Mike and Judy’s place. They have a really nice home on a bit more than an acre of land – very comfortable home and a very nice music studio addition. Vickie and I stayed in Jennifer’s room under the second floor studio. It was perfect.

* Miledge Studio is impressive. Not too much imagineable that Mike couldn’t do in there with all of the equipment he has! Started our stay with a nice BBQ – met some of Judy’s family and a few of their friends. It was a good time with good food.

* Monday we toured around that part of Mississippi and Tennessee. Visited Graceland – Elvis was not in the building. However, we did locate him in the backyard, 6 feet under! I didn’t realize that he had been buried in his backyard. Also checked out Mike’s former homes and visited Beale Street, home of B.B. King. Andrew, Mike & Judy’s son, plays drums in a band that plays at Wet Willy’s on Beale Street. Didn’t get to see him do his thing as he only plays 3 nights a week and it didn’t work out. However, I am confident he is very good just to be playing down there!

* I am really happy we had the opportunity to visit Cousin Mike and crew in Mississippi & Tennessee. Great people, great time! Ate grits two mornings in a row – first two times in my life and I LIKE them!

* Tuesday we drove to Branson – took a trip on the Branson Belle Showboat Tuesday night – good dinner and a nice show. Stayed in a so – so motel I booked on line. Looked like it had about 150 rooms and only 2 or 3 were rented. Kind of spooky – thought maybe something was wrong but seemed alright. I think Vic & I and one other couple were the total occupants in the entire building we were in (there were 3 total buildings). Economy appears to be slowing Branson quite a bit. A couple more cars there the second night but not enough to pay the bills!

* Wednesday in Branson we were planning to go to Silver Dollar City, the Disneyland of Branson. However, rainy so just took in a couple of shows there, “Red, Hot, & Blue” in the morning and “Pierce Arrow” at night. Both good shows – both variety offerings. In between we checked out the Factory Outlet Mall on recommendation of Rebecca and we did a winery tour and bought a couple of bottles of thier wine. Highlight of the day for me was the Comedian at the Pierce Arrow Show! Totally laughed myself to tears several times. Also an impressive Christian vocalist at Pierce Arrow named Kim Boyce. Bought her CD. Like her voice!

* Branson wasn’t what I expected – kind of spread out more than I imagined. However, the 3 shows we saw really renewed my faith. In all three the artists weren’t afraid to express their faith and their feelings. Alot of patriotism displayed – something I fear is weakening in America. The other thing was their witness – laid it all out and if you didn’t like it I guess you didn’t have to stay. Biblical references and Christian songs were no problem, and American pride with Christian reference was plentiful! It was kind of nice given what we see and hear on television and in the newspapers. “Kind of nice” did I say? It was awesome actually!

* Drove from Branson to Overland Park today. Braelyn is a doll and Hoover is recuperating nicely. Gonna hang out here until Saturday evening then start back to Casper. Don’t know where or if we will stop but by leaving Saturday we will have that option!

* Ryan just grilled dinner. Gotta go! Peace and love!

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