Summer ??

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* Yesterday and today can be definitely categorized as “summer”! Very warm – I screwed up by not hooking up the cooler this past weekend.

* Went to Cheyenne for a meeting yesterday morning and drove back yesterday afternoon. One of those trips that was awesome – no wind, blue skies, green hills & plains, majestic mountains. Perfect day in Wyoming.

* Looking forward to this weekend. Off to Fort Collins for Nathan’s graduation. Nate’s all growed up now ….. wow …. very hard to imagine. Have a picture here on the wall in front of me of Nate & The B when they were probably 2 & 4 or 3 & 5? Cute kids! What happened LOL? Actually they are what the girls likely call “hotties” now eh? LOL

* Going to work now. Have lunch today with an area politician. Nice guy – interested in what I am up to so I committed to brief him quarterly. Whooppee!

* House painters are starting the scraping and caulking to paint our house today. I am happy it is finally our turn in the rotation. The place is starting to look a little shabby. It has been a few years.

* Next week is our Board meeting in Jackson – I am driving home next Thursday night and we are heading out for a week of adventureous vacation on Friday. Rockies game in Denver – overnight in Oklahoma City – peek in on Mike & Judy in Memphis for a couple of days – spend a couple of days in Branson, Missouri, then stop by and check up on BGE & Hoove & Spencer for a day on the way back. That’s the plan – always subject to modifications of course. Will be nice.

* God bless you allo – have a great day!

* Still waiting here – I forget – when does life with Obama at the helm start to get better? Maybe we changed the definition of “better” too?

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