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Well – looks like it has been over a year since I last rambled. A lot on my mind and this seems like a good venue to vent. Probably time to get it out of my system.
It appears to me our Country is in the toilet. Our President ran on a “Change” platform and we are getting what he promised —- ‘Change”. The problem for me is I can’t see where everything needed changed? There are always issues and there is always room for improvement but we are going all the way back to the Constitution and attempting to fix a lot of stuff that isn’t broken. Currently trying to change gun ownership laws (which track back 200+ years to the Constitution) yet steadfastly against changing the Affordable Care Act, because it is a 3 year old law. LOL “Change”, for the sake of “change”, doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems like we are ignoring what was broken, breaking more stuff, and fixing very very little.
The two-party system seems to be a thing of the past. The Republican Party has broken itself into a bevvy of small factions, many extremely radical. The Democratic Party has become the catch-all for everyone else. I do not think a true Democrat, by original definition, could define their current platform and make any sense of it.
Values, Patriotism, Loyalty, and Pride have virtually vanished ( or have been changed beyond recognition??). It’s kind of like every person for themselves, no sense of duty, no sense of direction, no sense!
The Media has changed! They have abolished all of their old standards and rules. They are so busy “creating” news they likely could not define “news”. Little is validated – little is proofed – little is for sure! Sensationalism sells – and its really not just their fault. It sells because “we” buy! Once again, values and integrity have disintegrated. There is so much data (who knows how much of it is substantiated?) at out fingertips that we can easily find “backup”, or “proof(LOL)” of anything we want to say. Dummies like myself don’t stand a chance of knowing what is real and what isn’t. Even pictures aren’t real anymore! Photos have been edited and processes developed, that make it virtually impossible to look and see what is real and what isn’t. I feel sad for future generations ( assuming….. oh well we wont go there) as they try to make heads or tails out of “history”. Wow – can you imagine looking back at the archives we are presently creating in, say 150 years? And people question the Bibles validity? Wow.
Was just thinking about names and name calling. I guess I am guilty in this rant, when I refer to “media” as a whole, or Republicans and Democrats. Every “word” or “monicker” has different connotations to different folks. I know there are some good, honest, well-meaning individuals with pride and honor that fall under each of those definitions. But – as a whole, we are such a sensitive people in this country, that we take offense at everything. I know, for instance, that I have friends on FaceBook and other venues that irritate and offend me by the way they use terms such as “Christian”, or “Republican”, etc. etc. We are such a sensitive people! I just read where Bob Costas has determined that the Washington “Redskins” should change their name because it is offensive. Give me a break! I am proud of the American Indian heritage in my family but that name certainly does not offend me. It’s not the name – its the way it is received, or perceived. Poor sensitive Bob – trying to get some press I guess. If American Indians are persecuted or maligned by the name of a football team our country is in a sorrier state than even I perceive. Should I be whining about the Chicago “White” Sox?? Come on people, let’s look at serious stuff for awhile. Anybody notice that our “employees” aren’t working? Anybody notice that we seem to be working for our “employees”? Oh – clarification – there I go again using a word without clarifying – by “employees” I mean ” our President, Congress, Senate, and Federal employees”. Try to remember that in the U.S. blueprint – they actually are supposed to be working for us!
Racism rants crack me up also. Everything is “racist” all of a sudden. Can you believe we elected our first perceived black President just 6 years ago, and now we are all racist? I just don’t get it! I said “perceived” black President for a reason. In the early 70’s, when larger employers were given quotas to protect minorities in the workplace, my employer tried to qualify me as an American Indian because I have some of that blood in my family tree. Problem was, it was on my fathers side of the tree and Federal Govt. guidelines (at that time anyway, don’t know if or when it changed) stated clearly that “race” was to be determined by the mother’s lineage. True story. However, having said that – that should really not matter one iota, or even be a topic of discussion, but we are so damned sensitive it is apparently a big deal.
I know I am going off on “rabbit trails” (no offense to any rabbits who might read this – I am not prejudiced against you) and am missing a lot I would like to address but it is really hard to put my frustrations down on paper and convey my feelings and opinions. Probably because I’m getting old eh?
I have children and grandchildren I truly love and I would certainly hope for them to have opportunity similar to, or better than that which my generation has enjoyed. I am heartsick to think that it likely will not be the case. We have screwed it up pretty good – we have “changed” it. I am not advocating changing it back – we cant go backwards. But I am advocating looking out the front window and seeing how we can build on what we have rather than totally changing it and ultimately destroying it. None of us “deserve” anything in this world – we are given Grace and direction by our Lord and Savior, and we have inherited a strong heritage from our forefathers. God Bless us all!


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