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Wow — we are getting pounded again this morning. Second blizzard this week.
Miserable out there! My timing has been both good and bad ….. the good thing has been that I pretty much scheduled this week in Casper – no highway trips – and a good thing because I would have had to cancel a couple of days this week. The bad is …… I don’t have any tradeshows scheduled for this week in Orlando, or Anaheim, or St. Lucia! Bad timing Steve.

Well, the big O did his press conference night before last and moved American Idol to last night & tonite. I did a comparison and in my humble opinion the worst performance on Idol last night was far superior to anything I heard on the Big O Show. Side note – Did you realize that if Oprah was wed to Obama her initials would be O – O (as in Oh Oh). LOL – I’m on top of it today arent I. I was awake most of the night so need your forgiveness for my poor humor. I sure have had my share of sleeping problems the past few weeks – I wake up for a trip to the bathroom or a restless dog or whatever – and there is no way I can get back to sleep. Mind wanders all over the place. I got up last night and did a little Facebooking around 2. How come none of my “friends” were on line?

I am also just a touch bored with being in the office all week. BUT – not so bored that I am going to venture out in this weather.

Time for me to do something constructive – sorry for just taking up space today – really no big issues to blog about.

The Dad


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