another day of spring break

March 18, 2009 by  

Ok so just to think that last year today i was in the grand canyon or somewhere around there. well i think that we were hiking today but who knows. i wish i was there or on a cruise cause this spring break is kind of boring. but i guess it is ok just to sit down and relax. and to try to recover from my loss. well nate finally came home. wow i havent seen him for ages lol jk. he is turning in to a bee lol. and me i have ran and taken some walks just to keep in shape since volleyball is not going on after school. i have softball today and tomorrow. on sunday we are suppose to be scrimmaging lol. the colorado stars joy. they are the ones that we went into over time for the championships and i scored the winning run. that was fun. i cant wait till april 11 that is our first tourney of the 2009 season. hope it starts out well. i bet it will. well i am gonna go outside. it is beautiful day. love you all and have a great rest of the day.
cant wait to see you all in may. hopefully i will be there for a little i have a tournement and we dont have many kids so i need to be there well love you all.


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