snow day

March 27, 2009 by  

Yesterday it started to snow but we ended up having to go to school. there was one point that i looked out the window and i saw nothing but white. it was a white out! and then around 9:50 the principal came on and anounced school was going to end at 11:35. so we stayed in our third period class tell the bell and then i went to lunch for like 10 minutes. and nate came to get me. today at 5:30 the district said that there was no school today so we have a snow day today. it is my third one of them. one in first at my old house and then 2 here.
Ok so my phone was ringing and so i looked at it and it was bee! i answered and it sounded like something was wrong so i asked him if something was wrong and he was no…he was happy…he got the job at hilltop in casper. i just thought it was funny cause he called me and asked for mom. hey thanks for showing the love lol. well i havent really been on here for awhile cause it has been a hard couple weeks.
It is so different now. so i was out shoveling and i opened the door and i was like wait shut it before casey gets out and then it hit me that my little baby is in a box:( she wont run away. i think that was the hardest time during this snow experince is knowing that casey wasnt coming out to play.
Anyways on to some good news. volleyball i am playing jv setter and i am starting everygame and havent came out yet. and so varstiy is playing a 6-2 and jv is playing a 4-2 and the varsity coach came over to me and he said that varsity isnt doing good with the 6-2 and he said they may go to a 4-2 and if they do he wants me to be the main setter for varsity cause i have the skill and i am athletic and i can dump the ball over if i need to. i thought that was some really good news.
well everyone in this household is doing good. got to go and finish getting ready


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