January 2, 2011 by  

wow okayy so i havent been here for ever. i have been to caught up in facebook haha. oh and i must say softball and school. oh guess what 8.5 more days till i am out of that drama filled school! YES! cant wait. well guess what nate graduates in almost a week. wow where have all the days gone. i sure will miss him! NO JOKE!
Just like bee! wow keeg and i will be the only ones here…boring! jk keegan and i are mostly the only ones home with my mommy and daddy! well that will be fun i guess! and i like how nate is staying here in ft collins…wait i remember last night he was talking about chadrien and dickson college that is cool i guess. but another brother out of the state.. well i guess bee is this huge successful guy now! look at him. well i got to go!
~Life is a highway!~


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