March 21, 2010

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I guess later tonight I will have been on this earth for 38 years. Holy cow, that seems like a long time. The age 38 also seems old, but weirdly enough, I don’t feel that old. I definitely have a little gray in my sideburns (thanks, work) and I’m packing some extra luggage, but other than that, I don’t feel much different than in college. Ok, ok… it does take me longer to recover after a night of beverages. That does make me feel old.

Would like to start by saying thanks to all of those on facebook and who have sent me texts already a big thank you for the birthday wishes. It actually makes me feel bad, because despite what some people may think, I am not on facebook that much. Most of my status updates come from me sending a tweet, and my facebook ap on my iPhone is where I respond to most facebook things… and thus, I do not see when everyone else’s birthdays are and thus don’t go post nice messages on their birthdays. I guess I really need to start checking that facebook birthday announcement section and doing it, because it is nice to receive the birthday wishes.

Only one political paragraph today, but I just have to do it. Sadly, my mom shares her birthday with the worst act of terrorism against the US in its history: 9/11. I fear that after today, I will share my birthday with the anniversary of the Obama health care plan passing (no thanks to a bunch of special favors) — something that we will all pay for over and over again. Oh well, March has sucked thus far (work issues and weather), might as well add that to the mix. End of birthday political rant.

It was so cute waking up this morning and lying in bed. I could hear Braelyn out in the kitchen practicing saying “Happy Birthday, daddy!” Too, cute. Of course, I heard her practice it yesterday, too, but it is awesome to hear over and over. Probably the best birthday present I could ever get (second place would be the HC plan failing today). So when I came out of the room, there she was, watching Chicken Little and she said “Happy Birthday, Daddy”. Awesome….

Had Brody been born three days later, he and I would be exactly 6 months apart. Yep, my “little” boy turned 1/2 last Thursday. He is growing fast… likes to make noises (he’s grunting/talking right now) and he always has a smile on his face. I have been extremely fortunate to have two awesome babies… only cry when there is good reason to. I hear Braelyn over coloring me a picture right now… in fact, here she comes to show me. She just brought over a little spiral notebook with the most awesome one color crayon scribble ever! Other parents should be jealous… Her artwork is multiplying. At daycare she painted three pictures for the first time, and they will sell for millions!

While I referred to March as having been a crappy month thus far, some good has happened. I reconnected for an hour plus on the phone with Robert Conley, who I grew up playing baseball with and who I roomed one year in college with. He also helped me coach baseball. The next night (and well into the morning after), Casey Peterson and I met up for dinner, drinks, and who knows what else. I hadn’t seen Casey in almost 20 years, since we graduated high school. I also just got back from Oklahoma where Spencer and I had a guys trip (sorry, Brody, maybe in a few years you can join) to watch some NCAA basketball and some Oklahoma State baseball, where Dusty Harvard is the starting center fielder. Dusty (@dharvard24 on twitter) played center field for the Casper Oilers the last year I coached, and he’s the last player I coached still playing college ball today (as far as I know, anyway). He is off to a solid start, and hopefully he’ll get drafted again this year. The Cowboys were supposed to play 1 on Friday, 2 yesterday, and 1 more game today. With the weather, they ended up playing a double header on Friday and cancelling yesterday. I bet they cancel today, as well. Anyway, Spencer and I headed home a day early, in the snow, just one day after wearing shorts and a t-shirt to a 70+ degree double header.

The weather this winter has sucked. Global warming my ………

Well, I am going to go help Braelyn color a bit and get Hoover outside. Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes. I will try and do better checking out whos birthday is when on facebook and sending messages back.

Thirty-eight down, hopefully many more than that remain…


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