Message to Sarah Palin

July 7, 2009 by  

Dear Sarah Palin,

I am writing you this letter today [yes, the letter you will never see], to respectfully ask that you do not run for in 2012. You see, you proved that you are a quitter, not a fighter, despite your statement of the contrary. While you claim you are trying to do what is best for the State of Alaska by leaving office because of all of the ethics and legal challenges, you are proving that you are not capable of being in the highest position in the world– of the United States. What you and your state have been going through is nothing compared to what it would be if you were . And, the last thing our nation and the Republican Party would need is someone who can’t deal with difficulties and chooses to run from the issues instead of tackle them head on. You have proven what kind of a “leader” you are.

I think your stepping down and out of the political arena should be a final decision. Please don’t be a Brett Farve who thrives on retiring and coming back… please, please, please…. stay retired. And, feel free to get yourself out of the headlines and quit being a distraction for the Republican Party. That, Mrs. Palin, is how you can help the Republicans in 2012.

Thank you,

Ryan Elledge

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