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April 24, 2010 by  

First, let me say that when you sit back and really think about it, it is truly amazing that at this precise moment in time, I am riding in the passenger seat of my vehicle, traveling at 80 MPH, and typing on a computer which is plugged in and connected to the Internet. The technological advances in my 38 years have been amazing. Even more amazing is to think about what has transpired over the past 92 years of my grandmother’s life. Truly amazing the things she has witnessed.

On Wednesday evening at about 8:00 pm CDT, Rebecca, Spencer, Braelyn, Brody and I set out on a top-secret trip to Casper, Wyoming to pay a surprise visit to my 92 year old grandma, who was just recently put into a nursing home, and to my mother, who had it not been for my grandma’s situation would have been travelling through Overland Park this weekened to visit us. We drove all night under the cover of darkness, leaving shortly after Braelyn and Brody visited my mom via a web cam session before “going to bed”. Well, they did go to bed, but in the car seats of our vehicle.

We drove all night, stopping three times for gas and beverages, and we arrived at my parents’ house at 6:30 am MDT on Thursday morning. Our 11.5 hour trip concluded with me placing Brody in his car set under a blanket with a sign reading “Please take care of our baby. God Bless.” I rang the doorbell numerous times and ran around the corner. My pops answered the door (he was the only one to know we were coming) and hollared at my mom to come help. After a short look of shock, she realized that the baby left on her doorstep was her grandson… and soon the rest of us came around the corner. Surprise number one: complete success.

Surprise number two came later that day, when Spencer, my dad and I went to visit my grandma. She, too, had no idea we were coming. She was very excited to see us, too, and I was impressed with how good she actually looked. She is in the nursing home after suffering a fall a few weeks ago, and they found her heart rate to be down around 42 beats per minute. Better news came that same day when doctors confirmed her heart rate was back to normal, and they say if they can get her kneww rehabilitated, she can get out of the nursing home and into assisted living. That would be a great outcome.

Braelyn and Brody got to spend some time with Grandma as well, as we visited with her several times over the last few days. Today’s visit was the best — her spirits seemed better and she looked really good. We sat outside and visited, snapped some pictures of her and the kids, and had a great time. I am so thankful that we had the ability to get back and see her, and I know she was thrilled to see Braelyn and Brody again.

Now, after spending a few hours back at the baseball park watching the Casper Oilers come up short (quite a bit short, I might say) against the Gillette Roughriders, we are back in the car heading home. If all goes well, we’ll be in Overland Park at about 9 in the morning. A day of recovery on Sunday, then back to the normal grind on Monday.

Always nice to be able to spend time with the folks and my oldest sister and her family. And seeing my grandma, especially as good as she looked today, made the 24 hours we are spending in the car well worth it. Now, hopefully my parents will get to come out our way in a couple of weeks for their makeup trip, and Brae and Brody can get a little more attention from the grandparents.

Now I am going to put this technology to use and watch a movie. Or maybe take a nap, since I’ll be in the driver seat soon.

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