The Speaker Changes, but Little Else

January 6, 2011 by  

Pelosi is out

My favorite moment of the week, though purely symbolic.

Yesterday began the 112th Congress of the United States, and with it came a change in the Speaker of the House. Yes, Nancy Pelosi is out, and Republican John Boehner received the gavel. This coming after a sweeping victory for the Republicans in last November’s election. While the Speaker of the House has changed, little else has. A new party (yes, the party I am a member of) took control. But despite the promises to the contrary, only the party changes when it comes to dirty politics. Now, the embarassement of how our government operates today continues. Business as usual….

The first two days of the new Congress has already yeilded the following:

  • Multiple members of the new Congress vote, despite not being sworn in.
  • A nothing more than symbolic effort to repeal the health care reform begins.
  • Republicanss figure out quickly that the promises of the campaign season won’t become reality.

What does that mean for us? Well first, since Texas Rep. Pete Sessions and Pennsylvania Rep Mike Fitzpatrick decided to be at a party when the oath was delivered, yet proceeded to vote on legislation later, votes that took place may have to be redone. Wasting time (and money)… business as usual. Now, Republicans have to spend time drafting a rule to allow the duo’s “TV” oath to count, but it is unlikely Demcorats will agree, so it’s likely after the posturing is over, the votes from the first two days will get redone. Oh, and by TV oath I refer to the fact that the dynamic duo saw that the oath was being given while seeing it on TV, so they participated virtually. Yeah, that’ll do it. Time to repeat the oath and votes.

Once the full Congress is finally legally sworn in, the leaders of my party have decided it is time to try and repeal the health care reform. Hey, I am all in favor of this being repealed, but even if some sort of repeal happens in the House, it’s highly unlikely it will in the Senate, still controlled by the Democrats. So in the end, I believe it will be just a big waste of time. This, coupled with the fact that the Republicans appear to be headed down the path of using the same underhanded and dirty tactics we whined about when the Democrats used them to pass it in the first place, it once again will be business as usual. It is a complete and utter joke. And yes, I am talking about “my” party. Why not get down to real business; real reform. Cut spending (eliminate pork). Quit wasting time (and thus money). Do something real.

And seriously, are we not going to be able to do those wonderful campaign promises we made to assist in regaining control? Really? We’re not going to be able to cut spending by $100 million like we said we would. Go figure, right? And using an up-down vote, denying the Democrats (or Republicans, for that matter) to propose ammendments to the repeal health care legislation being drafted is yet another broken campaign promise. Two wonderful examples of how “my” party is hypocritcal and how little more than the person holding the gavel has changed.

While I love the symbolic change of one of my least favorite political figures office sign coming down, just two days into the 112th, I am embarassed and disgusted at the whole thing. I wish there was a realistic option of government reform, but in reality, little will change besides the faces. So excited it’s time for 2012 election promises to begin. So excited… For what? The only thing I can think of that will be worse than the start of this Congress would be my party offering me this….

No Palin, Please

Please, please, please, not Palin

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