2012 Musings – Just feel like rambling

September 8, 2012 by  

Been alot of water under the bridge since I blogged last – don’t know if I remember how.
Here is a stab at what has been going on – hope I get the dates correct and hope I don’t leave out anything major!

* Had a heart attack in August of 2010. Received a Stent in my WidowMaker artery. Working great thank God!
* Retired from State of Wyoming in October of 2010. Vickie and I took an awesome trip to East Coast, including New York City, a short cruise to Bermuda (beautiful island), Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, Nashville, and then wandered back home checking in with some of the kids and grandkids.
* Spent a week in a great little condo in Lahiana, Maui in January 2011. Some great whale watching. Ryan and Rebecca were there at the same time and a good time was had by all.
* Lost my mother in April of 2011 after a series of moves between the hospital and nursing homes and assisted living facilities. God bless her soul, she gave it all she had.
* Lost a fantastic son-in-law in July, 2011 after a heroic battle with cancer. Tragic times for the entire family.
* Took the “interim” CEO job with CAEDA in Feb. of 2011 when they experienced a few issues. Stayed with it until November 2011 when they finally selected a new CEO.
* Second retirement – this time we went with the whole family(minus one grandchild) to Cancun for as week in December. What an awesome time.
* Vickie and I took back to back cruises out of Fort Lauderdale in late Feb & early March of 2012. Enjoyed some great Caribbean ports.
* Came home from the cruises and took the position (again interim) of Business Director of Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. What a great organization and a necessary cause. Very fulfilling but the actual accounting work was a bit of a grind for me. Did that until 10 August, 2012.
* Lost Father-in-law Emmet in April, 2012 to Alzheimers. What a terrible disease – he gave it hell but it won, with the assistance of old age.
* Day before I left the Mission I was elected to the Board so get to keep my hand in. The best of all worlds. 🙂
* Vickie and I drove down to Laughlin, Nevada for a couple of days and then on down to Phoenix for 3 days. Met my brother and sister-in-law in Laughlin and stayed with them in Phoenix. Very enjoyable.
* Kind of chilling at this moment – weighing my options and looking forward to some great trips in the coming months. So far on the calendar: Sept 20-22 fishing with my old friend Ray Sarcletti at Flaming Gorge and staying at his place in Manilla, UT; Family cruise with everyone over Thanksgiving week in November, followed by a couple of days at Disney World in Orlando.
* Back to Maui for a week in January, 2013. Got the same condo in Lahiana – exciting!

Right now I am entertaining working on a project down the highway in Douglas. Will know alot more about it in the coming week – praying hard for the right decision. The work is my passion but I would really like to consider myself “retired” for a few months at some point.
Oh – and one last highlight for now – I have lost 51 pounds in the last 4 months and am feeling much better and very proud. Big challenge, as with any weight loss program, is to keep it off. I am nervous about that but gonna give it a try!

Peace and love to all. Things just ain’t that bad right now! 🙂 If we can just get past this election season B.S. that is. I have a bad feeling about the big one …… just hope I am as wrong as I have been before regarding elections. My big issue is I am not looking forward to either one – guess everybody is out of step but me!

The DaD


2 Responses to “2012 Musings – Just feel like rambling”

  1. Ryan on November 8th, 2012 8:00 am

    Wow, pops, good to see you posted again… even if it was almost 2 months ago and I just saw it!

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