Another one of those days…. Friday the 13th

March 13, 2009 by  

I mentioned a while back less than 39 days ago that I have a hard time dealing with changes. That was when we lost Precious Magnolia. Well here we go again. Yesterday the cutest little white dog I have ever known also ended her life. Casey Casey as I used to say to my girls when we knew she was on her way. Casey suffered for a while with cancer. She was on some pretty strong pain meds for several months, but if I walked in the door to her house she ran to meet and greet me. I loved that crazy little girl as I do all my grand dogs.
God has blessed our family with some pretty terrific companions and best dog buddies… They are our children almost as much as our biological children. Tony, Wendy and family loved that little girl so much and she brought them all such joy. She is no longer suffering, and that is the good thing. Her family will miss her desperately for a long time, but can know that they gave her a wonderful home, and she was deeply and dearly loved by each of them and by her extended family. Good bye Casey, I will miss you as I miss my Maggie.


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  1. Ashley on March 14th, 2009 3:22 pm

    it’s so sad to think about maggie & casey. I thought those two would live forever, especially casey. I remember that day that i saw Retro for the last time. I thought about him from the moment i saw him last till now, as i do with casey & maggie. God Bless to all!!!

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