Good athletic day yesterday

January 25, 2009 by  

Stevie tested yesterday for his brown belt at Karate. He passed. He is very young to have that high of a belt. We watched him. He did Awesome. He broke a real board with is foot. I know I am staying away from his kicks..
Nathan won his meet yesterday in Denver. He won in really short times pinning his opponents and won the final 16-3. Another Awesome.
Keegan wrestles today in the Denver area also. Hope he does as well. Good Luck Keegan.
I will upload pictures of Stevie soon. I have a video of him breaking the board, unfortunately it is too long to post in the gallery.
Well it is Sunday morning and I am about to be off to church.. Last week of our current sermon series. It has been awesome. We got to say good morning to Ms Braelyn this morning while she was eating her donuts and driniking her milk. She actually waved and threw some kisses. Thanks Brae.. love you

Love to all
The mom


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