Happy Day

June 17, 2009 by  

Happy Birthday Courtney, Happy Anniversary Ryan and Rebecca.
Hope all of you have a wonderful day, filled with sunshine, fun and the love of the Lord.
Waiting today or the next few days for niece Jamie to have her new baby boy. Kaylee will be a Big Sister soon. Tomorrow Rebecca is having the 3d ultrasound so hopefully we will have new pictures soon of baby boy Elledge (Brody).
Brandon is supposed to be getting his braces off today and will go to the dentist to be fitted with a permanent retainer. Happy Day for him…(he is in Colorado now awaiting all of that).
Bummer the Rockies winning streak ended last night. Hope they will be able to start a new one tonight. 11 wins in a row was great.
Nate started a new job on Saturday. Dont know how he likes it, but when the first paycheck comes he will be happy I am sure. Courtney and Wendy are back from a softball tournament in Vegas. They did have a good time, and the weather was HOT. Guess Keegan, Tony and Nate survived without the girls, at least we have not heard anything to the contrary.
Spencer spent a week in Florida on the beach. He went with his Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bill.
Ashley is taking drivers education this next 2 weeks in summer school. The 1st day was boring (or so she said) sitting in class all day in the summer. Stevie’s team played baseball last night and he had 2 very good hits. Stephanie and Mike are running running running keeping up with the kids this summer. Ashley and Steph will be going to Vegas in July for nationals in dance for Ashley. (another mother daughter bonding trip).
Steph, Stevie, Steve and I are going to Overland Park for a week to visit Ryan and Rebecca at the end of the month and over the 4th. That should be fun. Cant wait to see Braelyn again and her mom and dad.
Well that is about all the news here, so I will go fix some lunch for Steve. Happy Day….Love you all


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