I have not been here for a long time

May 10, 2009 by  

I remember lots of mother’s day weekend in the past…1st day of baseball season…Well it happened again yesterday. Stevie played his first little league game. He did awesome and was excited to be in his REAL uniform. Baseball and softball have been going on for weeks in Colorado so it is old hat for Courtney and Keegan already.
Graduation is in a few weeks. Good job Nate. Ashley went to her first formal last week, Nate went to Prom twice recently. Brandon went to the new Star Wars showing the other night with a friend. He says it was great. Brae has been busy this weekend with grandma and grandpa Bradshaw and she is going to be a big sister soon to a baby brother. She and Spencer will be great with having a new brother in the family. Hoover is recuperating nicely or so I hear…getting a bit bored though.

Just had a lovely Mother’s day brunch with Steph, Mike, Stevie and Ashley, Dorothy, Steve and I. Very nice… good food. Now I have to go tackle working on the rose bushes in our front yard.. That is always a not so fun undertaking.
Just spoke to Wendy. They are spending the balance of mother’s day at Softball.. Good luck girls. Brandon will be heading back to Casper soon I suppose and Ryan and Rebecca are probably enroute to KC from Las Vegas.
Love you all


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  1. Sophia on December 12th, 2015 11:50 am

    sounds like a really good time to intcdoure you to DUKE! check out your reg docs and interview requests you are going to LOVE this dog!

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